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The Sexually Dominant Woman


For the woman who wants to take charge...

and the man who wants her to! Ideal for beginners, this friendly, non-threatening book is the perfect starting point for any woman who has fantasized about erotic power play, avoiding any sleazy cliches as portrayed in top shelf magazines.

It covers the basics of bondage, sensation and control games -- even a script to support her through her first scene.

Aimed at couples, this is also a great way to introduce a novice in a gentle, and fun way.

A must read for couples who have ever thought of enjoying erotic power play.

Sex In A Can - Vibrating Anal Sex Simulator


Could an anal sex simulator get any better? With the Sex In A Can - Vibrating Anal Sex Simulator, you can lead yourself to new heights of pleasure by embracing the vibrational thrill of this toy! Why not place the 1 speed bullet that comes with the toy directly into the flexible sleeve to give a whole new sensation to your masturbator? Along with the free tube of lube, it will feel incredible! The can has an insertable length of 4.25 inches with full bum cheeks and an anal opening that is housed in a hard cup style case; this keeps it safe from dust and fluff while being discreet enough for you to hide away.

The cup also has a handy suction hole feature that allows you to control the amount of suction you want.

You can also pop the sleeve into some warm water to gently heat it up to body temperature for enhanced play! We recommend that you use high quality water based lubricant with this masturbator which will enhance your play session.

Sex In A Can - Vibrating Ultra Realistic Blowjob Machine


Sex In A Can - Vibrating Ultra Realistic Blowjob MachineWith the added bonus of a 1 speed bullet and a free tube of lube, you can turn this sensational male masturbator into a luxurious and thrilling blowjob simulator! The masturbator is designed with beautiful full lips to mimic the unmistakable feeling of a great blowjob, with added extras that you can use to treat yourself! For instance, the 1 speed bullet can be inserted into the base of the flexible sleeve to turn what was a great blowjob into a mind blowing orgasm! It has an insertable length of 4.25 inches with a realistically designed mouth opening.

The sleeve is set in a hard cup styled case that keeps it safe from dust and fluff while being discreet enough for you to hide from curious eyes.

The cup also features a handy suction hole which allows you to control the amount of suction in your play session! You can also place the sleeve into some warm water to gently heat it up to body temperature for enhanced play! We recommend that you use a high quality water based lubricant with this masturbator to make this play session even better!

Sex In A Can - Vibrating Fake Pussy Male Mastrubator


Sex In A Can - Vibrating Fake Pussy Male MastrubatorWith this visually and physically pleasing sex toy, you can deliver yourself to a dizzying orgasm! This Sex In A Can Masturbator is a great solo toy that you can use anytime and anywhere! It has an insertable length of 4.25 inches with a vaginal opening.

This flexible waterproof sleeve is set in a hard cup styled case that keeps it safe from dust and fluff while being discreet enough for you to hide away.

The cup also has a handy suction hole which allows you to control the degree of suction.

It also comes with a tube of lube and a 1 speed bullet that can be placed into the sleeve directly for added vibration sensations with your stimulator! You can also pop the sleeve into some warm water to gently heat it up to body temperature for enhanced play.

We recommend that you use a high quality water based lubricant with this masturbator to enhance your pleasure.

Sex and Mischief Spread The Love Bar


Spread the love!Whether you're a BDSM beginner or an experienced hand, you're sure to love this fantastic spreader bar by Sex & Mischief.

Use to bind their wrists or their ankles, or if you're feeling naughty, bind both - and no matter whether the're on their feet, knees or back, they'll be in just the right position for perfect penetration...


Womens Sex Toys Kit


The clitoris, G-Spot or anus when stimulated individually gives a pleasant sensation and if done for long enough will lead to orgasm.

Many women, for example, masturbate focusing exclusively on their clitoris and the climaxes are explosive.

Our Sensory Tsunami bundle has been so named as it has been designed to drench these 3 ultra-sensitive erogenous zones in pleasure.......simultaneously.

This will be a totally new, life-changing experience if you haven't experienced it before.

The shaft of the vibrator stimulates your g-spot while the anal shaft kisses you internally while the finger vibrator is hald to your clitoris.

If this wasnt enough (and believe me, it is!), we decided to add some Durex Tingle lube to the proceedings to add yet more stimulation where none was needed! The result is a total overload of pleasure that will leave you totally shocked and utterly overwhelmed by the intensity of the climax, the likes of which you are unlikely to have experienced before.

If you want to come harder than you ever thought possible, this bundle will not disappoint!

Faux Leather Look Sexy Garter Lingerie Basque


Faux leather-look stretch knit halter bustier with strappy buckle neckline with velcro closure zipper front attached adjustable garters and stretch mesh back.

Matching g-string included.

Rimba Leather Electro Sex Cock Sling


Shock your cock with the Rimba Leather Electro Sex Cock Sling.! Slip into this luxurious leather cock sling and adjust the fit at the back with the dual popper studs.

Now plug yourself into your favourite Rimba electro sex power box and crank up the power.

You’ll feel scintillating electro sex stimulation coursing through the base of your cock and balls for a sadistically satisfying sensation.

The ring of electrodes around the base of the penis provides maximum contact for optimum stimulation.Made from top quality and supremely soft leather, the Rimba Leather Electro Sex Cock Sling looks and feels incredible.

Not only will your cock experience the unique delights that electrostimulation has to offer, your package will get a real lift too.

For added conductivity, use with a specially designed electro sex gel to get the best out of you electro sex cock sling.

It’s shocking...

for all the right reasons!

Doc Johnson The Hand Fisting Sex Toy


Give yourself a helping hand on the way to orgasm-ville with this Fist of Fury Fisting Sex Toy from Doc Johnson.

Made from Doc Johnson's own special blend of extremely durable PVC material, this weighty life-like hand is ideal for anal and vaginal fisting.

The tapered fist position with long, slender fingers provides for a gentler insertion.

It's great for beginners or for those who prefer this hand position with their fisting.

You'll be fisting the night away before you know it.

We also offer a quality range of fisting lubricants to complement your choice of fisting sex toy.

Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Electro Sex Sack Strap


Got the balls to give this Shock Therapy Sack Strap from Fetish Fantasy a go? Trust us; it will turbo charge your sex life! Perfect whether beginner or pro, the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Sack Strap fastens simply around the top of the balls to deliver gratifying electrostimulation right where you need it the most.

Tantalising and teasing the sensitive nerve endings located in the ball sack and at the base of the cock, it promises intense stimulation that varies from a sensuous tingle to an extreme tap.

Additionally making the balls swell and enhancing sensitivity, this electro sack strap offers greatly intensified gratification and promises a remarkable rush.

Ergonomically designed, the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Sack Strap fastens around the balls with a simple buckle strap.

2 electrode pads are strategically placed underneath each ball and offer unbeatable hands-free stimulation.

The vinyl ball strap connects to a small electro power unit that directs the strong pulsations through the device and into that sensitive sack.

Incredibly simple to operate, the power unit features a twist dial to control the intensity of the pulsations, while the frequency of the shock can be switched between ‘Slow’ or ‘Fast’.

In addition, this versatile electrosex power unit can be used independently as a hand massager.

Simply switch it to ‘In’ mode and the oval centrepiece will deliver a shock once your palm touches any other part of the metal.

Switch to ‘out’ mode when you want to use it with the straps and connect the plug-in jack.

Constructed using fine quality materials, the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Sack Strap is durable and built to last.

You’ll even find a blindfold included, so you/your playmate will be in the dark as to what to expect next.

Be sure to use plenty of electrosex gel to reduce irritation and ensure optimum results.

Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Series The Incredible Sex Stool Ultra


Take the strain off of your thighs and enjoy weightless sex! Bounce up and down on your partner with ease, try new positions, and enjoy moves you never though were possible! The Fetish Fantasy Incredible Sex Stool Ultra is designed to play hard: it holds up to 300 lbs.

and is constructed out of a heavy-duty tubular steel frame.

The seat is flexible, easy-to-clean, and made from high-strength TPU.

But what really makes this Sex Stool Ultra special is the phthalate-free dildo attached to the TPU sheath in the middle of the stool.

The firm dong stays in place when the action heats up, giving the user incredible stimulation while they bounce up and down.

REMOVE THE CENTER TPU SHEET FOR EVEN MORE POSSIBILITIES! The opening in the seat's center allows you to get closer and go deeper than ever before for maximum penetration and maximum pleasure! Best of all, it's discreet enough to pass as a normal chair or stool in your bedroom.

Be creative, explore new techniques, and do it all wi...

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Shock Therapy Cock Strap Electro Sex Cock Rings


Want to engage in some seriously shocking behaviour? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Shock Therapy Cock Strap is designed to deliver thrilling electrostimulation directly to your man meat.

It features two straps; one designed to be worn around the base of the penis behind the balls, and the other around the shaft.

Not only do these cock straps transmit powerful and gratifying electrostimulation throughout the entirety of the cock, they also restrict blood flow, thereby keeping you stronger for longer and able to experience the prolonged effect of those satisfying sensations.

Ergonomically designed, this impressive electrostimulation device comes complete with an easy to operate Luv Touch control unit.

The multi-function unit will deliver powerful and varying electrostimulation with the mere twist of a dial.

Simply switch between SLOW and FAST to control the frequency of the shock! Once the cock rings are plugged into the controller, it is able to send electrical impulses directly through them.

However, the versatile control unit can also be used on its own as a hand massager.

Switch to ‘In’ mode and the oval centre piece delivers a shock once the palm touches any other part of the metal.

Switch back to ‘Out’ mode when you want to shock your cock.

Made from fine quality, pliable silicone, the cock bands will stretch to fit your manhood with ease and offer a gratifyingly restrictive feel.

Body safe, hygienic and easy to clean, they have been constructed with safety and satisfaction in mind.

In addition, the soft silicone may fit snugly around your junk, but it will remain completely comfortable whilst you play.

Trust us; your cock is in for one hell of a shock!

Satisfyer Pro G Spot Rabbit Vibrating Sex toy


Satisfyer have created a rabbit vibe with air wave technology.

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit combines technologies making for a truly orgasmic experience.

The pro G spot Rabbit has both air pressure clitoris stimulation, as well as two motors that can be controlled separately.

An incredible 10 vibration settings in total (3 speeds and 7 patterns) and 11 air pressure speeds.

The Satisfyer Pro G Spot is completely waterproof and is made of soft and smooth body-safe silicone.

It comes with a magnetic USB charging cable for quick and easy charging.

Clean the toy before and after use with water and toy cleaner for a hygienic use and to keep this exciting toy in as new condition.

This rabbit vibrator is available now and comes with 1 year warranty as standard.

E Stim Systems The Deviant Electro Sex Probe


Here come the Deviants! The rippled electro sex electrode from E-Stim Systems.

The E-Stim Systems Deviant electro sex probe features scintillating ridges designed to tantalise as it enters.

The smooth tapered tip helps with easy insertion and can be enjoyed by both men and women.

Once your Deviant has been inserted, the multitude of ridges provide ensures contact with your body for an out of this world electro sex experience.

Crafted from highly polished aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel fittings, the combination of electro conductive head and base together with an insulated neck creates a highly effective bi-polar electrode, it’s a must have electro sex toy!Choose from three different sizes, they all come with 4mm sockets at the base for use with your electro sex power box.
Simply Pleasure

Madlin Moon Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll


The Extravaganza Madlin Moon love doll is a bit of a free spirit.

This girl loves to give as good as she gets and her perky breasts make her a curvy companion.This inflatable sex doll delivers pure pleasure when it comes to solo play.

She has a realistic anus and vagina and is fr
Simply Pleasure

Lexi Tyler Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll


If you love lashings of luxury, it’s time to meet the lovely Lexi Tyler.

This Extravaganza love doll is a delight when it comes to delivering pure pleasure and you’ll be smitten with her super sexy curves in seconds.This love doll is made from phthalate free materials

The LoveArc Self Propelled Sex Machine


Introducing the revolutionary erotic pleasure product of the future – The LoveArc! The LoveArc is a sleek and sophisticated sex position enhancer and self-propelled sex machine which breathes new life into your favourite suction cup sex toys.

Used alone or with a friend the luxurious LoveArc gives you the freedom to perfectly position dildos, butt plugs and more in just the right spot for your body’s natural size, shape and personal preference.

You’ll be spoiled for choice as you use The LoveArc in a rocking position for self-thrusting or in the riding position for different angles or double penetration.

Because it’s portable, you are now free to roam and enjoy self-love wherever the mood strikes.

Enjoying The LoveArc The LoveArc is fun for everyone to enjoy: Men, women, couples, singles, Dominants, submissives… even those with mobility issues can find a multitude of pleasure with this ingenious device.

Couples can enjoy the choice of their own individual suction cup sex toy perfectly positioned at the right angle for their personal pleasure.

You now have complete control over rhythm, thrust, depth and speed.

Just to get those juices flowing (creative and otherwise); here are some examples of ways to use The LoveArc.

In the Rocking position: Place a dildo on the small end of LoveArc and use the handles to thrust the dildo at your own pace Place two dildos at the small end for self-propelled double penetration Place a dildo on either end of the LoveArc for two people to enjoy In the Riding position: Place a dildo anywhere along the LoveArc for the perfect angle to ride With two dildos perfectly positioned couples can enjoy simultaneous penetration leaving hands free for each other Two dildos placed close together provide the perfect angle for double penetration In any position, it’s always fun to sit back with a glass of wine and watch your partner enjoy themselves with The LoveArc.

In the Doggystyle position: Lean the LoveArc against a wall or on another piece of furniture for a more upright angle Get on all fours and enjoy self penetration from behind Place a dildo higher up on The LoveArc and lower yourself onto the perfectly positioned dildo Lean The LoveArc on a chair and use the chair arms to steady yourself as you thrust The science of love with the LoveArc The precision design and shape of The LoveArc provides optimum versatility when it comes to enjoying your favourite suction cup sex toys.

Enjoy the this erotic innovation flat on the floor or bed in a squatting or kneeling position or lean the small end of The LoveArc up against a wall, on the bed, on the side of the bath and enjoy the ride.

The non-slip grip of the rubberised rings keep The LoveArc in the perfect position until you’re spent while the solid turned aluminium handles provide optimum stability and control.

The expertly engineered size and shape of The LoveArc means you can quickly and easily move your chosen sex toy quickly and easily to a multitude of new positions.

Each position provides a whole new different angle for a different sensation.

Mix this with the various shapes and curves of sex toys there are and you now have an infinite amount of erotic possibilities to enjoy.

The LoveArc is virtually silent in its operation and because this love machine is self-propelled there are no lead wires or cables to get tangled up or lost.

You can quietly enjoy The LoveArc without alerting people in the next room of your pleasurable endeavours.

Enjoy the LoveArc indoors or outdoors and never have to worry about finding a mains socket for your sex machine again.

Beautifully conceived – exquisitely engineered The LoveArc was lovingly designed by lovers for lovers and is manufactured in the UK with 100% aluminium material.

The solid turned handles administer balance, stability and control while the gentle rounded edges provide optimum comfort during use.

The pure aluminium build is light weight weighing in at just 3kg and is an excellent conductor of temperature.

The LoveArc quickly warms up to body temperature or you can leave it cold for some chilling sensations.

You can even gently warm The LoveArc before use so you can concentrate on the pleasure at hand.

Safe use and storage of the luxurious LoveArc Because the LoveArc is made from 100% aluminium it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and non-porous.

Be sure to cleanse your LoveArc with a mild detergent and toy cleaner after use to keep it pristine.

There is no need to use bleach as this could spoil the satin soft anodised finish.

The LoveArc was not designed to support your entire body weight, please be sure to keep your knees or feet on the ground for optimum stability.

When not in use, the LoveArc can be stored under the bed or in a closet until the next play session begins.

The LoveArc’s unassuming appearance means that even if it were found or it was lying about in the open it could easily be mistaken for a piece of exercise equipment.

Don’t just take our word for it From the initial design through research and development, the LoveArc has been thoroughly tested time and time again to provide you with the ultimate luxurious pleasure product on the market today.

Here’s what some of the UK’s leading sex toy reviewers thought about the LoveArc: Cara Sutra said – “If you love using suction cup sex toys and have been struggling to find places to use them then you’ll love the Love Arc.

Give the side of your bath a rest and get yourself some proper kit… 9/10” Gritty Woman said – “For some, I think the arc will be the answer to their fantasies; a device that allows them to achieve hands-free penetration and a thrusting sensation that somehow feels more real because your hands are not actively doing the thrusting between your legs” Nymphomaniac Ness said – "Overall, I like the LoveArc and all its possibilities.

Before, I basically never really used the suction-bases of my suction-cup toys as it was too annoying to find an adequate environment for comfortable play, but this device has resolved these issues." The Big Gay Review Said - "Admittedly it all felt a little comical for a moment as we’re rocking backwards and forwards like we were at some erotic playground – but as we were face to face, both getting pounded – I don’t think I’d ever been more aroused...

Simply Pleasure

Penthouse Reality Girl Nicole Aniston Warming Vibrating Luxury Sex Dol


If you’d like a pornstar for a playmate, this Reality Girl toy promises less begging and more ‘beck and call’.

With a lifelike design this Nicole Aniston doll is your all-night delight and the realistic feel fulfils your fantasies.&
Simply Pleasure

Penthouse Reality Girl Jenna Rose Warming Vibrating Luxury Sex Doll


As 2012’s Penthouse Pet of the Year, Jenna Rose is has a pretty packed schedule.

But this bouncy brunette will always take a little time out for you.

This Penthouse Jenna Rose Reality Girl toy is your ticket to on-demand fun – the perfect fantasy ful

LoveBotz The Saddle Deluxe Sex Machine


Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own Sybian sex machine but they just seemed too expensive? Now you can enjoy all the thrills and excitement that a Sybian can provide with the Master Series Saddle Deluxe Sex Machine.

Giddy up! This high-powered piece of vibrating sex machinery will certainly take you on the most orgasmic ride of your life! The Saddle Deluxe Sex Machine comes with five incredible vibration speeds and 5 deeply satisfying pulsation settings.

You can use the control unit while it’s attached to The Saddle to pick your perfect pleasure setting or you can give the control unit to a friend and let them tease and torment you with pleasure.

Grind yourself into the Saddle’s clitoral stimulation texture or simply lose yourself in bliss while the motor thrums powerfully against you.

How many orgasms can you handle? The dildo attachment is made from phthalate free TPE material and measures 6 inches and length by 1.75 inches in diameter.

Once installed, the dildo can be bent to the perfect angle to reach those deep-seated pleasure centres with exhilarating precision.

The textured pad vibrates to stimulate the clitoris as you sit on The Saddle.

You may find yourself grinding into its soft texture to help intensify your clitoral stimulation.The Master Series Deluxe Sex Machine comes with the Saddle unit itself, the dildo and clitoral stimulation attachment, UK lead wire, screwdriver and details set up instructions.

Within minutes of receiving this exquisite fucking machine you’ll be riding high in the saddle experiencing powerful orgasms like you’ve never experienced before.

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