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Pink Vibrating Cock Ring


This Vibrating Cock Ring is the perfect little package to add additional pleasure to you and your partner's most intimate moments.

Worn on the penis (with the vibrating unit pressing against the clitoris) each ring allows for 20 minutes of continual use.

Each ring is a single use item and is the perfect solution for couples who want to try toys in the bedroom but don't want to spend a lot of money.

Disposable Vibrating Ring


The Skins Vibrating Ring is great for couples to dial up the intensity excitement and pleasure of intimate encounters! This one-use ring will last for 30-40 minutes and is made of stretchy TPR to will fit most sizes.

Colour Pop Quickie Vibrating Cock Ring


The Screaming O Colour Pop Quickie Vibrating Erection Ring keeps him harder longer with powerful vibration for her pleasure for better more satisfying sex.

This powerful vibrating cockring helps prevent premature ejaculation and promote stronger erections by restricting blood flow to the penis while its vibrating motor provides clitoral stimulation that helps get her closer to orgasm with every stroke! Simply stretch the ring around the base of the penis and testicles - it will fit tight and snug with the vibrating motor on top and switch it on for instant vibration! The ColorPoP Quickie Screaming O Plus is a great couples ring for beginners first-timers new couples or men looking for a quick 'boost' in the boner department but powerful enough for experienced couples and cock ring connoisseurs.
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Linx Word of Mouth Vibrating Masturbator Wired Remote Control


Get a blow job that leaves you completely pleasured and fulfilled, whenever you wish! The Linx Word of Mouth Vibrating masturbation device for men is a mouth style masturbator that feels just like slipping into a soft, inviting mouth eager and willing to suck you to satisfaction.

The Linx Word of Mo

Male Vibrator Prostate Massager


Give yourself into the pleasure and come harder with the Male Vibrator Prostate Massager! This vibrating prostate massager is uniquely designed to pleasure you with the sensation of anal beads as well as being dramatically curved to target and massage your prostate.

Dont forget that this butt plug also comes with a 1-speed bullet that really hits you with targeted vibrations that are really powerful and can be felt all the way to the tip of the anal bead shaft! The base of the butt plug also has a group of bumps and nodules that stimulate the perineum for an even more fulfilling pleasurable climax! When you are craving the indescribable feeling of a prostate climax then this is the toy for you!
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Linx Miss Laura Vibrating Masturbator Wired Remote Control


This masturbation device for men is so realistic you will think you have a real vagina to enjoy whenever you wish.

The Linx Miss Laura Vibrating Pussy Masturbatorlooks real and most importantly, feels real.

Slip inside this welcoming, tight vagina and enjoy the height of sexual st

Big O Vibrating Cock Ring


With Screaming O's Big O Vibrating Cock Ring you are right in the driver's seat of an unfathomable sexual experience.

Being the world's only automatically changing nine speed vibrating ring you now have the ability to harness 80+ minutes of erotic vibrations longer and firmer erections and raging orgasms simply at the push of a button.

The Big O is waterproof and offers intense pulsing pleasure easily activated by an on/off switch to save every valuable moment of the ring's lifetime.

Its what everyone really wants the big orgasm.

The Big O is designed with a specially enhanced silicone gel ring easily placed around the base of the penis.

It stimulates the female clitoris with extended ticklers for reaching orgasm and also effectively prolongs the duration and firmness of the male erection.

The Big O's batteries can easily be replaced with common watch batteries so you can have the ability to scream over and over again! Multiple use.

(Other colour than shown may be delivered)

7 Mode Vibrating Prostate Stimulator Massager Male Vibrator


The 7 Mode Vibrating Prostate Stimulator Massager Male Vibrator is an amazing vibrator that targets your prostate for a sensation overload! The vibrator is made from a gorgeously silky, silicone material and it features a wide base with long arms to give you peace of mind while it is inserted.

The vibrator has an insertable length of 3.75 inches and a girth of 3.8 inches at its widest point.

It also has 31.8 inches of wire length on the remote so you have total control over the remote or you can hand it over to your partner for some extra spontaneity! The prostate stimulator is waterproof so you can use it in the bath or shower but do keep the remote away from water.
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Linx Miss Lolita Vibrating Masturbator Wired Remote Control


Get pleasured by the tight juicy pussy you've been craving.

This vaginal masturbator for men is made with real feel flesh style material which wraps around your member and massages you to a fantastic orgasm.The Miss Lolita Pussy is also vibrat
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Miss Lucy Muli Speed Vibrating Pussy


Now you can enjoy taking her for the first time - every time.

Miss Lucy Muli Speed Vibrating Pussy is a male masturbation device which features incredibly powerful vibrations combined with a tight inner chamber to massage and tease you to the heights of sexual bliss.

Get yourself comfortable, add a

O Yeah Vibrating Cock Ring


Hit the spot and with the newest addition to the vibrating ring family the Screaming O O Yeah Vibrating Cock Ring! The O Yeah is a unique design with a vertical head design intended for maximum clitoral contact where some horizontal rings cant reach.

The O Yeah also offers the extended vibrating contact zone for uninterrupted pleasure.

This unique design is perfect for cowgirls who really want the ride of their life.

The O Yeah features a removable waterproof wireless replaceable bullet for extra fun out side of the ring.

This ring will stretch to fit most sizes.

(Other colour than shown may be delivered.)

Rocks Off 4 Us Cock Ring Vibrator in Blue


A treat for yourself and your partner...

The Rocks Off 4 Us Cock Ring Vibrator in Blue is a unique vibrating ring that is worn at the base of the penis to provide pleasure to the wearer and receiver.

The position of the bullet within the cock ring provides perfect clitoral stimulation whilst sending vibrations down the length of the penis to stimulate you both.

Soft flexible and very comfortable to wear this is one little sex toy that's a must-have in your bedside draw.

Plus it's 100% waterproof so you can have fun wherever you choose...

Clear Vibrating Penis Sleeve with Stimulators


A great portable and easily concealed toy to take away.

Made from eco-friendly materials this toy slows down the blood back flow making the penis stronger and giving her a powerful orgasm.

Wow Vibrating Cock Ring


The Wow Vibrating Cock Ring has been designed to provide the user(s) with maximum stimulation by utilizing its enhanced super-powered motor.

Place ring at base of penis with bullet at the top and press button to turn it on.

The batteries last for 60+ minutes and can be replaced with common watch batteries.(Other colours than that shown may be delivered.)

Sex In A Can - Vibrating Fake Pussy Male Mastrubator


Sex In A Can - Vibrating Fake Pussy Male MastrubatorWith this visually and physically pleasing sex toy, you can deliver yourself to a dizzying orgasm! This Sex In A Can Masturbator is a great solo toy that you can use anytime and anywhere! It has an insertable length of 4.25 inches with a vaginal opening.

This flexible waterproof sleeve is set in a hard cup styled case that keeps it safe from dust and fluff while being discreet enough for you to hide away.

The cup also has a handy suction hole which allows you to control the degree of suction.

It also comes with a tube of lube and a 1 speed bullet that can be placed into the sleeve directly for added vibration sensations with your stimulator! You can also pop the sleeve into some warm water to gently heat it up to body temperature for enhanced play.

We recommend that you use a high quality water based lubricant with this masturbator to enhance your pleasure.

Primo Tux Vibrating Cock Ring


The Screaming O Primo Tux Vib Ring in purple is a premium vibrating ring designed for sex toy shoppers with a taste for luxury at an economical price.

The Tux is made of 100% premium silicone that stretches for a tailor-made fit and features our most powerful 4-function vibrating motor yet for enhanced and intense pleasure.

In a vibrant purple this product is perfect for anyone who wants to dress up their sex play.

Suit up with the PrimO Tux and bring a sense of formality to your sexual play!
Simply Pleasure

Linx Stealth Vibrating Male Masturbator Stroker


The Linx Stealth Stroker has a 6 inch canal and a stimulating textured interior for intense pleasure.

This male masturbator features a vibrating bullet and a covert opening and offers unforgettable solo or partner fun.The Stealth Stroker has a TPE sleeve with an ABS case
Simply Pleasure

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey UR3 Deep Throat Vibrating Pocket Pal Masturbato


The Sasha Grey UR3 Deep Throat Pocket Pal is moulded directly from Sasha’s mouth and mimics the real deal, for a dirty date night with a pornstar.

This pocket masturbator is compact enough for discreet stor

Vagina & Ass Vibrating Double Ended Male Masturbator


The Vagina & Ass Vibrating Double Ended Male Masturbator is the perfect personal masturbator when you want more than one option.

This masturbator is unique in that it is double ended, with a vaginal and anal opening on either end! The full length of this masturbator is 7.25 inches and has an insertable length of 6.5 inches.

The openings are both realistic and amazingly textured on the inside to provide realistic pleasure.

It comes with a 1 speed bullet vibrator that is easily inserted into a convenient pocket on the sleeve; when turned on, your anal or vaginal session comes to life! To use this toy, simply coat the inside of the sleeve with a water-based lubricant, insert your penis into the opening of your choice and work away to your ultimate climax! When you have finished, remove the sleeve and clean it with warm soapy water or spray it with a sex toy cleaning spray and wash it off with warm water.

Let it air dry fully before you put the sleeve into the cup and putting it into your hideaway space.

Mouth & Ass Vibrating Double Ended Male Masturbator


This is the ultimate male masturbator that gives you double the choice! With an ultra realistic mouth opening on one end and a supple anal opening on the other end, you will have to battle out the choice of which one will pleasure you tonight! The masturbator has a full length of 7.25 inches and an insertable length of 6.5 inches.

The sleeve has the choice of a mouth opening or an anal opening.

It also has a small pocket for the 1 speed bullet to be slipped into for the amazing sensation that only a vibrator can bring! For ultra realism, coat the inside of the opening with a water-based lubricant, insert your penis and stroke away! Once you are coming down from your pleasure high, we recommend you clean it immediately.

Simply remove the sleeve from the case and wash both the sleeve and case out using warm soapy water or by spraying it with a sex toy cleaning spray and washing it off with warm water.

Leave to air dry completely before putting the sleeve back into the case and store it away for the next rainy day!

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