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Fleshlight Fleshjack Renewing Powder 118ml


Roaming with fingertips over your beloved Fleshlight or FleshJack masturbator, it is easy to see why they are the world's most popular and best selling sex toys for men.

The patented SuperSkin material is soft, supple, lifelike and velvet to the touch.

After cleaning however, you may notice the silk
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Fleshlight Fleshjack Bullet Vibrator


Fleshlight Bullet vibrators are designed for use with the Fleshlight and Fleshjack Vibro masturbators, but they can also be used independently for erogenous zone stimulation, either alone or with your partner.A fantastic addition to any sex toy collection, these petite, r
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Fleshlight Fleshjack Phonestrap Phone Holder


The Fleshlight Fleshjack phonestrap phone holder is designed to give you hands free pleasure for easy play.

This strap secures your smartphone or even a mini tablet to your leg, adding a comfortable element to your solo play or your partner pleasure.This Fleshlight Fleshjack phon
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Fleshlight Fleshjack Shower Mount


If there’s just one thing better than a one-on-one experience with your favourite Fleshlight toy, it’s all of the above - done IN THE SHOWER.

We think water makes for a wicked session, so the Fleshlight Fleshjack Shower Mount adds even more magic to

Fleshjack Boys Pierre Fitch Dildo


For all the fans of Pierre Fitch, Fleshjack Boys Pierre Fitch Dildo is an opportunity to get hands on their favorite gay pornstars penis.

The Fleshjack is molded from the anatomy of Pierre Fitchs male member and is exactly same in size, girth and structure.

With an insertable length of 17 cm and a girth of 14 cm, it is enjoyable to every inch.

Insert it, play with it or get into a couples play, it is safe for internal use with its medical grade silicone construction.

The dildo looks and feels like the real deal with its realistic flesh color and comes with a signed postcard by Pierre Fitch himself.
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Fleshjack GO Torque Ice


The Fleshjack GO Torque features a clear sleeve and case for added visual impact.

This male sleeve delivers incredible transparent play and the butt orifice in Superskin promises a realistic encounter every time.The Fleshjack GO Torque gives y
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Fleshjack GO Surge Pink Butt


The Fleshjack Go Surge Butt is the ultimate in compact, portable pleasure.

Delivering all the sensation you get from your regular Fleshjack encounter with the benefit of a lighter, more compact experience.The Go Surge features a flesh coloured
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Fleshjack Pink Butt Original


The Fleshjack pink butt is pure bliss when it comes to anal play.

This toy is a treat for your senses and you’ll love the detailed anal design for a realistic feel.This Fleshjack is ideal for partner or s
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Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan Dildo


The Brent Corrigan Dildo made by the pleasure masters at FleshJack lets you enjoy every inch of Brent's porn star manhood however and whenever you wish.

This gorgeous replica cast from the man himself is made from top quality silicone for a firm but flexible experience that will thrill you to orgasm
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Fleshjack Ice Mouth Crystal


The Fleshjack Ice Mouth Crystal masturbator is designed to add an extra pop of pleasure to your partner or solo play.

This gadget features a mouth to the front for oral ecstasy and we love the translucent material for an ultra modern addition to the toy box.
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Fleshjack GO Torque Ice Combo


Fleshjack Torque Combo
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Fleshjack Boys Brent Everett Dildo


The Brent Everett Dildo from the ingenious gay sex toys crafters at FleshJack gives you every inch of Brent's porn star member to enjoy at any time you desire.

This stunning replica cast from the man himself is made from top quality silicone for a firm but flexible experience that will take you to
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Fleshjack Boys Cody Cummings Dildo


He loves South Park, reading and rap – but if there’s one past time Cody Cummings just can’t get enough of – it’s pleasure.

The Cody Cummings dildo is perfectly lifelike thanks to the fact that this toy has been modelled on the pornstar hims

Fleshjack Boys Colby Keller Lumberjack Masturbator



Fleshjack Boys Allen King Majestic Masturbator


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FleshJack Boys Brent Corrigan Butt


Realise your long time craving for the firm, tight back door opening of porn star Brent Corrigan with this fantastic male masturbator from FleshJack.

The FleshJack Boys Brent Corrigan Butt has a screw top which opens to reveal the perfectly round behind of Brent, cast from the actual man himself.

Simply Pleasure

Fleshjack Ice Jack Ass Crystal


With its translucent design and pleasurable dimensions, we love the Fleshjack Ice range for raunchy play.

The Ice Jack Ass Crystal is perfect for bottom bliss and the soft, pliable butt detail makes it a favourite.

FleshJack Ass Endurance Masturbator


Our most realistic and visually stunning butt masturbator is an indulgence for for all your solo play fantasies.

Designed to replicate the intense tight sensation of anal penetration this is an experience not to miss.

Fleshjack Boys Brent Everett's Ecstasy Butt


Imagine having award-winning porn superstar Brent ready and waiting for sex whenever you feel the urge.

Imagine no more when you get hold of this realistically-detailed Fleshjack with its appropriately named Ecstasy texture.

This butt includes all the hallmarks of what makes Fleshjack so incredibly popular.

There's the exact-replica opening for realistic sensations, the tight Super Skin canal to grip and pleasure your cock, and the tough, discreet casing to keep your toy in tip-top condition.

Intriguingly, the design of the texture is inspired by Brent's armband tattoo.

Place the sleeve in warm water before to max out your fun, and don't forget to enjoy Brent with plenty of water-based lube.

Fleshjack Boys Levi Karter Explosive Butt


If you love what's lurking in Levi's err, Levis, then you'll love this super-authentic replica of his muscular butt.

With ripples, nubs and ribs ready to pleasure your peen, his exclusive Explosive sleeve offers a mind-blowingly realistic anal experience.

Offering intense lifelike sensations, with an entry hole so tight it'll take your breath away, the toe-curling textures will have you feeling like you're getting it on with Mr Karter himself.

Just like the rest of the Fleshlight toys, the super-soft insert is made from real-feel Super Skin and closely emulates real skin for undeniably authentic sensations.

Give the sleeve a quick dip in warm water before play and use lashings of water-based lube to enjoy Levi to the max.

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