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Romping Rosy Inflatable Mini Sex Doll


If you're lusting for big pleasure in a small package, you are going to love the miniature marvel that is Romping Rosy.

This is the smallest inflatable sex doll you'll ever see or experience.

At only 26 inches tall, Rosy is the tiny temptress of your dinky doll dreams.

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Simply Pleasure

Alecia King Inflatable Sex Doll


Alecia King is here to lay back and let you ride her to the peak of pleasure all night long!This inflatable sex doll has three welcoming love holes for you to enjoy - vaginal, oral and anal.

Ride your favourite one or have an epic session combining all three.

This life size love doll is ready to sed
Simply Pleasure

Envi Inflatable Sex Doll


Beautiful Envi will leave you thoroughly fulfilled, time after time.

She's always willing and eager, never says no!This sexy love doll is easy to inflate and has a gorgeous printed on face which will seduce and arouse you from the first moment you lay eyes on her.

Simply Pleasure

Banging Bonita Inflatable Sex Doll


Banging Bonita is ready to go all the way, all night long if you desire!This beautiful inflatable sex doll is wearing provocative sexy lingerie just for you.

She has skimpy panties and patterned stockings and has really made the effort.

Get yourself comfortable and grab the water based lubricant -
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Tereza Barkley Doggie Style Blow Up Doll


Now you can enjoy a night of rampant sex with porn star Tereza Barkley whenever you wish, with this deluxe blow-up doggie style sex doll.Our amazing prices mean you can have doggie style blow up doll sex for less.

The Tereza Barkley doll featu
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Naomi Night Nurse Inflatable Sex Doll


Oh my! You definitely have a fever and it's going to require a very special kind of medication...Luckily, Naomi the Night Nurse is on duty and ready to attend to your every need.

This gorgeous sex doll has huge, voluptuous breasts, a tight welcoming vaginal entrance and an anus ready to be penetrate
Simply Pleasure

Pipedream Travel Size Male Blow Up Doll


John is the ultimate inflatable fantasy - he’s the perfect size for travel and makes a great date for on-the-go fun or a cute mascot for a night on the town.

John is your very own blow-up boy toy - don’t be fooled by his mini s
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Dianna Stretch Deep Penetration Blow-Up Sex Doll


There is only one way to ensure the deepest, most intense penetration: with one leg in the air.

That's why Dianna the stretch deep penetration sex doll is the best choice when you need to penetrate a beauty as deep as possible.

Dianna boasts beautiful face with eyes to lose yourself in and she's a b
Simply Pleasure

Ivanna Russian 3 Hole Inflatable Sex Doll


This gorgeous Russian lady is waiting to be your sexual Soviet choice for the night - well in fact, for many nights to come, whenever you wish!Ivanna the Russian 3 hole sex doll is inflatable and has many alluring features that make her the perfect randy Russian beauty for you.

Choose to enter her v
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Veronique Inflatable Sex Doll


This dark haired beauty is ready to take your manhood and thrill it with her offers of three love holes that will submit to your every desire.

Veronique Bonita is an inflatable sex doll which is absolutely stunning with a beautiful printed on face that will capture your heart.Her large, round breast

She Aint No Beyonce Love Doll


I don't think you're ready for this jelly as her body's too bootilicious for you babe! Well that's all about to change as now you can spend the whole night and the day kissing touching and loving Beyonc
Simply Pleasure

Just-In Beaver Male Love Doll


Indulge your innermost fan fantasies when you spend an evening with the Just-In Beaver love doll.This blow up doll has two tempting love holes for creative play and his unisex design makes him great for play with men or women.

Whenever you’re in the mo
Simply Pleasure

J-Ho Popstar Inflatable 3 Hole Sex Doll


Get the Bronx bombshell that has the most envied ass in the business.

This babe wants to be your Puerto Rican princess and is begging to be taken around the block.

This inflatable, PVC sex doll is beautiful and durable for the best combination for your pleasure.

She has three loves holes for you to
Simply Pleasure

Brandy Big Boob Inflatable Sex Doll


Brandy is the sex doll you will love to love - regularly! This love doll has 3 entrances to explore and enjoy (mouth, vagina and anus) and is stacked with the biggest boobs we've seen on a love doll.

You're going to love grabbing and fondling them during your intimate moments with your new best frie
Simply Pleasure

Mayumi Valentine Love Doll Missionary Position


She might boast a missionary position, but Mayumi is no ordinary inflatable love doll.

She features 3 love holes for intense play And her curvy body adds extra sensation that really sends your senses over the edge.

Mayumi is your perfect date for varied play.

3 Holes off
Simply Pleasure

Janice Japlin Valentine 3 Hole Love Doll Missionary Position


With three tempting love holes, Janice Japlin is just the ticket to a night of naughty adventure.

This brunette beauty satisfies with her killer curves and each hole offers it’s own pleasure possibilities.

The Janice Japlin inflatable love doll is made from body safe materials and she’s
Simply Pleasure

Kelly Carmell Valentine 3 Hole Love Doll Banana Split Position


Kelly Carmell is sweet and sassy – she’s a brunette beauty who loves to fulfill every fantasy.

With three love holes, this inflatable doll does the trick when it comes to varied play with plenty of pleasure potential.

This brunette love doll features a banana
Simply Pleasure

Becky The Beginner Babe Female 3 Hole Love Doll


Becky the Beginner Love Doll is always a treat for first time pleasure seekers.

This blow up doll has three love holes, giving you plenty of room to get creative with your date.This doll is the perfect doll of beginners, she’s simple and easy to set up and we lo
Simply Pleasure

Nichol Lunetta Love Doll With Dreamy 3D Face


Busty brunette Nichol Lunetta is always amped for a dirty date night.

She comes with a smattering of make-up on her 3D thermoplastic face and we love her realistic hair for a lifelike encounter.

Nichol Lunetta loves a naughty night in and comes with a vibrating bullet fo
Simply Pleasure

Madlin Moon Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll


The Extravaganza Madlin Moon love doll is a bit of a free spirit.

This girl loves to give as good as she gets and her perky breasts make her a curvy companion.This inflatable sex doll delivers pure pleasure when it comes to solo play.

She has a realistic anus and vagina and is fr

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