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Fleshlight Renewing Powder


Keep your favourite Fleshlight in tip top condition with the easy to use Fleshlight Renewing Powder.

When you're done satisfying your most primal needs, simply wash your favourite Fleshlight and allow it to air dry.

Once it's completely dry sprinkle it liberally with Fleshlight Renewing Powder.

This keeps your Fleshlight from feeling sticky and tacky.

Add a little lube and she's ready to go once again!
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Fleshlight Fleshjack Renewing Powder 118ml


Roaming with fingertips over your beloved Fleshlight or FleshJack masturbator, it is easy to see why they are the world's most popular and best selling sex toys for men.

The patented SuperSkin material is soft, supple, lifelike and velvet to the touch.

After cleaning however, you may notice the silk
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Fleshlight Fleshjack Bullet Vibrator


Fleshlight Bullet vibrators are designed for use with the Fleshlight and Fleshjack Vibro masturbators, but they can also be used independently for erogenous zone stimulation, either alone or with your partner.A fantastic addition to any sex toy collection, these petite, r
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Fleshlight Fleshwash Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaner 100ml


Keep your Fleshlight toys in tip-top shape with Fleshwash.

This anti-bacterial toy cleaner keeps your sleeves in excellent shape and makes your post-play clean effortless.Fleshwash contains Triclosan to keep bacteria at bay.

While this sex toy

Fleshlight - Fleshlight Renewing Powder 1 Unit


Keep your sleeve feeling like it did during your first Fleshlight experience Maintaining your Fleshlight has never been easier than with Renewing Powder.

With time and repeated use, the hyper-realistic Super Skin sleeve of your Fleshlight may begin to naturally lose some of its softness.

By regularly using the Renewing Powder, you can keep your sleeve feeling like it did during your first Fleshlight experience.

For best results, first remove your Fleshlight sleeve from its case.

Dispense the powder onto your Fleshlight sleeve until it is completely coated with a thin layer.

Then simply replace the Fleshlight sleeve in its case and enjoy as usual.
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Fleshlight Mr Limpy Extra Small Packer Penis



Limpy is a little guy with big potential, and you’ll find a hundred uses for this pint-sized pal.

Measuring just 3.5 inches, this penis is perfect for solo or partner playtime, or as a playful prop.Th

Mr. Limpy by Fleshlight


Don’t expect to pitch a tent with Mr.

Limpy! Weather you stretch it, swing it, pull it or pack it… the Mr.

Limpy soft packing dildo will never cease to amaze with how lifelike he feels.


Limpy is made from the same SuperSkin as Fleshlight sleeves and are very popular with Female to Male transgender men (FTM) as a very lifelike ‘packed’ piece.

Use this limp dick as a paper weight, a book end or a door stop.

Grab him by his balls and swing him around pretending you’re some weird helicopter.

Or use him to cock slap your BDSM sub when they’re all tied up.

The possibilities are endless with the Mr.

Limpy soft packer dildo! Mr.

Limpy comes in 4 sizes which measure: X-Small: 8.9cm (3.5 inches) Small: 12.7cm (5 inches) Medium: 16.5cm (6.5 inches) Large: 21.6cm (8.5 inches)

Mr Limpy Fleshtone Range


With just one look, they’ll say, “Ohh what is he packing?” Your secret is safe with the Mr.

Limpy soft packing dildo in their fleshtone range! Now with a more realistic skin colour, the Mr.

Limpy Fleshtone Range of packers still comes in four lifelike lengths.

This soft packer for FTM transgender people has a very lifelike look and feel; he sits naturally in your pants giving you a realistic looking bulge.


Limpy comes in 4 sizes which measure: X-Small: 8.9cm (3.5 inches) Small: 12.7cm (5 inches) Medium: 16.5cm (6.5 inches) Large: 21.6cm (8.5 inches)
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Fleshlight Fleshjack Phonestrap Phone Holder


The Fleshlight Fleshjack phonestrap phone holder is designed to give you hands free pleasure for easy play.

This strap secures your smartphone or even a mini tablet to your leg, adding a comfortable element to your solo play or your partner pleasure.This Fleshlight Fleshjack phon
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Fleshlight Mr Limpy Small Packer Penis


With limitless uses, the Mr.

Limpy range is top of our list for bedroom fun.

The Fleshlight Small Mr.

Limpy is the perfect size at 5 inches – you can gift it, play with it, or spend your time drumming up uses for your lovely limp penis.&
Simply Pleasure

Fleshlube Fire Fleshlight Warming Water based Lubricant


Fleshlube Fire heats up your sex sesh, adding heightened feeling and plenty of hydration.

This clever bottle of lube adds an extra element to your play and you’ll love the warm feeling as it washes over your sweet spots.

This warming lubricant is made from medical grade ingredients and the der
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Fleshlube Ice Fleshlight Cooling Water based Lubricant


Fleshlube Ice adds an instant chill to your solo sesh or your coupling.

This lubricant is designed to feel luxurious and you’ll love the tingle that occurs as soon as it touches your skin.

This cooling lubricant is made from superior quality ingredients and can be used for a cool
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Fleshlube Fleshlight Water based Lubricant


A water based lubricant is an essential when it comes to keeping your toys in tip top shape as well as increasing pleasure in leaps and bounds.

The Fleshlube Fleshlight Water Based Lubricant is bedroom basic that boosts your play.This water based lubricant feels sleek and
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Fleshlight Mr Limpy Medium Packer Penis


The Mr.

Limpy Medium is the perfect in-between size.

It’s larger than the Mr.

Limpy Small, but not as bold as the Mr.

Limpy large – we think it’s just right.&l
Simply Pleasure

Fleshlight Mr Limpy Large Packer Penis


If you’re looking for something that feels like the real deal, the Fleshlight Mr.

Limpy range is right up your street.

This Large Mr.

Limpy is a lavish pick that adds a pop of pleasure to your box of tricks.This Large Mr.

Limpy by Fleshlight is a playful piece t
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Fleshlight Fleshjack Shower Mount


If there’s just one thing better than a one-on-one experience with your favourite Fleshlight toy, it’s all of the above - done IN THE SHOWER.

We think water makes for a wicked session, so the Fleshlight Fleshjack Shower Mount adds even more magic to
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Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Open Ended Male Masturbator


The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage offers unsurpassed portable pleasure! The Quickshot is an open-ended male masturbator that’s the smallest so far in the Fleshlight range.

This toy is easy to clean and easy to maintain while delivering incredible results for minimal effort.

The cle
Simply Pleasure

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost Open Ended Male Masturbator


Fleshlight fans are in for the ultimate quickie! The Quickshot Boost offers quick and easy fun that’s fuss-free and easy to clean – and delivers the same amazing intensity that you’ve come to expect from the Fleshlight collection.

This sleeve has a black case a

Fleshlight - Shower Mount Fleshlight


Suction-based, adjustable attachment Secure your Fleshlight to your shower wall Best hands-free Fleshlight session youll ever experience This rigorously tested, high-quality add-on is sure to please! Shower Mount is compatible with the standard Fleshlight case in all colors but clear and is now compatible with all Flight cases as well.

You already use your favorite Fleshlight product in the shower, so why not get a boost? This suction-based, adjustable attachment lets you adhere your Fleshlight product securely to your shower wall for the best hands-free Fleshlight session you'll ever experience.

This rigorously tested, high-quality add-on is sure to please!

Fleshlight Torpedo Male Masturbator


This clear masturbator torpedo is perfect for solo masturbation.

Just unscrew the cap and base to reveal an inviting vagina entry with nodules all down the tube.

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