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Bamboo Cane


It's back to school with this Bamboo Cane.

Have you been naughty? Go to the head's office.

Wooden Master Cane


Made of high quality bamboo and shaped with a classic U-shaped handle this cane is a staple for your BDSM kit! This product measures 75cm from the end to the top of the handle.

Kink Industries Natural Rattan Cane


All natural rattan cane, it packs a powerful sting for such a small sizeWhen you’re looking for authenticity, look no further than the Kink Industries Natural Rattan Cane.

This naturally finished cane fits perfect in your hand and cuts through the air like a hot knife through butter.

What’s the best part of this spanking cane: The sting or the mark it leaves? You decide!

Manila Unskinned Cane with Wooden Grip


Get a grip on your twist of cane with the Manila Unskinned Cane with Wooden GripLong, slender and full of sweet stingy goodness, this Manila Unskinned Cane comes with a nice chunky handle which will fit perfectly in Master’s hand.

Your corporal punishment will have stinging precision with each stroke.

Use this spanking cane to leave your mark and give your sub something to remember you by.

Manila Skinned Cane with Rubber Grip


Corporal punishment with a kick! Our Manila Skinned Cane with Rubber Grip gives sweet painHave the best of both worlds when you’re topping a spanking scene, a swishy, stingy pain bringing cane and an easy to handle rubberized grip.

If your sub is gaging for a spanking, reach for this beast.

Tickle their bottom with a few light strokes to engorge the flesh.

This prepares the skin to take more punishment.

The rubber grip stays put in your hand no matter how hard you sling it.

Silver Plated Show Cane


This silver plated show cane is designed by Honour.

This beautiful accessory puts on one hell of a sexy show which really commands an audience!

P.M. Body Leather 85cm Cane with Leather Grip


Bring the pain with this leather wrapped grip cane.

If you’re after a serious caning with impact toys specifically designed for heavy duty play then reach for the P.M.

Body Leather 85cm Cane with Leather Grip.

This beast of a bamboo cane was built to play hard and will certainly leave the thick bright red welts you’re after.

The long and slender bamboo cane shaft cuts through the air like a knife with a glorious swishy noise as it seeks out its target with precision.

The flexibility of this cane means you can dial in the impact with not much effort at all.

Because this cane is made from natural bamboo material it can dry out and become brittle.

To care for your new weapon of arse destruction soak your cane in the bath for about 10 minutes then use a bit of kitchen roll with a drop of oil and rub it into the grain of the wood.

Do this about twice a year and this will keep your bamboo cane in tip top condition for long lasting lashings.

Crook Handle Rattan Cane


This expertly shaped rattan cane from The Stockroom is the perfect tool for intense caning sessions.

The lightweight rattan material means that this cane is easy on the wrist, effortlessly cuts through the air and finds its target with ease.

This hand crafted crook handle rattan cane has the perfect amount of flex to it and it leaves behind an amazing mark.

The smooth shaft has been lovingly sanded down to remove the knots leaving you with a perfectly smooth surface to play with.

If you’re serious about caning then you’ll love having the Crook Handle Rattan Cane in your cane collection.

Rattan Cane with Suede Handle


A satisfying swat on a naughty behind, punishment is fun with the rattan cane with suede handleGet your slave to bend over and give them a swift caning with this ultra-lightweight spanking cane made from rattan.

Take your corporeal punishment on the go with you, this cane is small and weighs next to nothing.

It cuts through the air with a mighty swish as it leaves its mark on your slave’s naughty botty.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Insane Cane


The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Insane Cane guarantees to drive them crazy! Whip naughty slaves into shape with this sadistic piece of kit from the Fetish Fantasy Extreme collection; it will certainly make its mark and promises to leave a lasting impression! This extreme cane boasts a lightweight build that slices through the air and lands on their sweet spot with an almighty sting.

Designed for rough play, it really is a heavy-duty impact implement.

Featuring an unforgiving metal core, the Insane Cane from Fetish Fantasy Extreme strikes fear into all those that have been on the receiving end of it.

Even the sadistic sound that this cane makes as it cuts through the air will be at home in the most torturous of scenes! Crafted using the finest quality, lightweight materials, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Insane Cane boasts intricate attention to detail and looks just as gratifying as it feels.

Encased in polyurethane, the long rod has a beautiful BDSM look to it and the needlework is second to none.

Ergonomically designed, with a long metal handle and lanyard to be worn around the wrist, it ensures optimum grip and maximum control whilst you play.

That means you can be sure of ‘spot’ on spanking.

Trust us; with one little crack of this cane, they’ll know who’s boss!

The Leathermans Cane


For a Master with refined tastes – The Leatherman’s Cane is a stylish spanking tool for the discerning disciplinarianLong, sleek and chic’! The Leatherman’s Cane is made with a glass fibre core covered in fine leather.

The flexibility of this cane leaves an impressive mark on your willing subbie’s delicate hide.

The brushed stainless steel fits so perfectly in your hand; it actually feels like an extension of your dominating hand.

This Leatherman’s Cane is impeccably weighted through the handle and shaft will keep you in the swing of things all night long.

This is designer corporal punishment!

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