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Cat Claw with Pin Wheels


This claw pinwheel ring is designed to add an extra sadistic twist to your sensation play.

Two pin wheels with 22 pins each will caress your partner as you run your finger down whichever part of their anatomy you so choose.

The rings measure 1" in diameter.

Stainless Steel Anal Speculum



Bondara Large Stainless Steel Vaginal Speculum



Triple Wartenberg Pinwheel


Triple your pleasure with the three headed Wartenberg Pinwheel Prickle your lover with our triple headed Wartenberg wheel.

This classic nerve stimulator just got better; it delivers both pain and pleasure so the choice is yours.

This pinwheel has become a very versatile BDSM sex toy as it’s great for sensation play or a little CBT.

Roll it over delicate nipples or sensitive labia.

Tickle it over feet and napes of necks.

You control the pressure so the level of stimulation is completely up to you!For more information about safe pinwheel play, be sure to read our UberKinky Essential Guide to Wartenberg Pinwheels.

Bondage Boutique Steel Vaginal Speculum


Take medical fetishism to the next level with this authentic steel speculum.

Perfect for erotic medical examinations and humiliation scenarios, it offers easier access to internal pleasure points such as the G-spot and Cervix.

The Doctor will see you now! Enhance Doctor and Nurse role play by getting your hands on genuine tools of the trade.

Made from steel and built to last, this vaginal speculum satisfies all the senses, from the way it looks, to the sound it makes as you adjust the blades.

Experiment with its temperature responsive qualities to further enhance your experience.

Don't forget to use a generous squeeze of water-based lubricant to aid insertion.

Not intended for anal use.

Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel


Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel Features: Simple design, perfect for all levels of sensory experimentation 22-spoke Wartenberg metal pinwheel for thrilling sensory play Designed for couples Comes with a satin storage bag Logo eteched on handle Specifications: Material: Metal Barcode: 5060462633968 Waterproof: 100% Country of Origin: China Harmonised Code: 9019.




Bondara Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel



Anal Speculum


A strong medical grade anal speculum made of stainless steel.

This speculum opens to a width of 1.

5", is spring loaded and has gripping ridges on the handle for extra security.

Perfect for any anal or medical fetish collection.

Master Series Transfix 10 Reel Dual Pinwheel


We tempted you with our single pinwheel, then teased you with our double pinwheel, then came the excitement of our three, five and medieval headed wartenberg pinwheels.

Now we’re happy to announce the stunning design and innovation of the Master Series Transfix 10 Reel Dual Pinwheel.

This unique pinwheel comes with two reels of 5 pinwheels for the overwhelming sensation of ten rows of tickly-prickly spikes.

The dual wheel design spins and rotates on an axel so that as you roll this delightfully torturous device over the skin, all 10 rows of spikes never loose contact.

You control the pressure with the ergonomic handle which feels right at home in your hand.

Try blindfolding your partner and rolling this spiky device over nipples, inner arms, the stomach or over feet to guarantee a shivery response.

With the Master Series Transfix 10 Reel Dual Pinwheel, sensation play will never be the same again.

Five Head Wartenberg Pinwheel


Great for a tickle or a prickle, the five headed Wartenberg Pinwheel is five times the pleasure (or pain) This essential sensation play bit of kit features five spiked rollers for stimulating larger parts of the body, or to really stimulate the smaller ones! Rolling with gentle pressure will produce a tickling sensation while pressing harder will create sweet pain on your subs skin.

Dragging the Wartenberg pinwheel sideways will scratch their skin.

How do you like your sensation play?For more information about safe pinwheel play, be sure to read our UberKinky Essential Guide to Wartenberg Pinwheels.

Bondara Basic Stainless Steel Anal Speculum



DOMINIX Deluxe 5 Row Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel


This beginner's pinwheel might look fierce, but its bark is far greater than its nibble of a bite.

Amazing for first time sensory play, its 5 rows disperse delicate tingles across a wide area of skin to leave you super sensitive to subsequent touches.

Unlike single-row pinwheels which concentrate sensation to a tiny area for intense, precise stimulation, this 5 row version spreads the feeling across a 1-inch wide area for reduced intensity.

Spreading the sensation this way treats the receiver to a diluted, more-tingly-less-spiky experience that's gentle and inviting.

Move onto a 1-wheel pinwheel, feather ticklers or spankers to discover the fun you can have with your lover's newly enhanced sensitivity.

Medieval Pinwheel


It’s time to get all medieval on their ass!This small, hand held medieval pinwheel is a pocket sized sensation overload machine.

As it rolls over your subject’s body, each spike bites into their flesh with every turn.

You control the pressure: the harder you press, the deeper the spikes dig in.

Try this dastardly looking pinwheel over freshly flogged flesh or on the arches of ticklish feet.

It’s even better as a temperature play toy when your medieval pinwheel has been chilling in the freezer.

If you love pinwheels then you’ll love our Medieval Pinwheel.Made from fine quality durable stainless steel, this perverted pinwheel is free from phthalates and easy to care for.

The unique, yet ergonomic handle ensures optimum control and pinpoint precision, while the heavy duty spikes will really get on their nerves...


So, show them how you roll, with the UberKinky Medieval Pinwheel!

Kink Industries Collins Speculum


Spreading far and wide, the Collins Speculum is a simple to use speculum for erotic investigative medical play.

A must for any medical play enthusiast! The Collins Speculum is made from lustreless surgical stainless steel with a high gloss finish.

The gently rounded edges are kind to delicate skin and the blades glide effortlessly at the turn of the adjustment screw.

Use the Collins speculum for either anal or vaginal examinations to peer deep within your partner.

This stainless steel Collins speculum certainly leaves you open to so many new possibilities.

The non-porous material makes clean up a snap and it's safe to share with more than one person with proper cleansing.The maximum stretch of this speculum is approximately 10.5cm from the exterior of the most internal portion of the arms.

The opening which sits outside the body is 5cm.

Medical Grade Anal Speculum


Anal Speculum the unique tool that opens anything nice and wide...

Our anal speculum is crafted in high quality stainless steel and offers the user many options including stretching, observing, easy cleansing and douching and fabulous prostate stimulation using UberKinky anal sex toys.

Bondara Stainless Steel Collins Speculum



Seven Head Pinwheel


Seven spiky wheels for a sadistic good timeThis is one serious Wartenberg Pinwheel! Each wheel of the seven head pinwheel is lined with sharp spikes.

Roll this over your blindfolded submissive for a sensation play supererogation.

They will squeal with delight as you run this very erotic BDSM sex toy over their eager body, prickling their nerves while delivering pain and pleasure.

Keep this stainless steel pinwheel in your play kit! The Seven Head Pinwheel is the perfect tool for sensation play or even a little CBT.

Roll it over delicate nipples, lips or sensitive labia.

Tickle it over feet and napes of necks.

You control the pressure so the level of stimulation is in your hands!For more information about safe pinwheel play, be sure to read our UberKinky Essential Guide to Wartenberg Pinwheels.

Rectal Speculum


Explore every nook and cranny with this stainless steel Rectal Speculum! This is a great toy that will help you get inside those tight, tiny places and spread them to new limits.

Once you're opened up, the lever on the side locks into place, securely holding your anal cavity wide open! Great tool for fetishists.

ElectraStim Single Uni-Polar Pinwheel


Want sadistic sensation play? Well, that’s how we roll here at UberKinky!This is electro sex stimulation with a twist.

Wartenberg pinwheels have always been a great tool for kinky BDSM sensation play but now you can increase the fun ten-fold with the ElectraStim Single Uni-Polar Pinwheel.

Fitted with a 2mm socket, attach one lead wire to your pinwheel and the other to another uni-polar accessory such as an electro sex cock ring, electrode pads or uni-polar electrode probes.

You’ll feel the pin-pointed electro stimulation as you glide this prickly wheel over your skin.

Made from solid steel, it is durable and built to last.

The large ergonomic handle allows for optimum control and pinpoint stimulation.

For more information about safe pinwheel play, be sure to read our UberKinky Essential Guide to Wartenberg Pinwheels.

10 Wheel Wartenberg Pinwheel


Get right to the point with our 10 wheel Wartenberg Pinwheel.

Used in sensory play, electro sex and cock and ball torture, Wartenberg pinwheels are an important staple of every kinkster’s toy bag.

Each needle sharp point on each of this sadistic pinwheel’s stainless steel wheels will send intense shock waves of pleasurable pain through the central nervous system.

The mighty Wartenberg Pinwheel is a staple in any medical play gear bag and can be enjoyed during sensation play, genital torture, medical scenes and even during electro sex and violet wand play.

You control the pressure so the level of pin prick stimulation is up to you.

Medical examinations will come alive with the first run of your pinwheel! Try running this 10-wheel pinwheel along the inside of the elbow, just under the bum cheek, the arch of the foot, the nape of the neck or any hyper sensitive area to be sure and get a rise out of your ever-eager patient – don’t forget the blindfold to keep them guessing!

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