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Simply Pleasure

Rouge Garments Single Head Wartenberg Pinwheel


Rouge Garments Single Head Wartenberg Pinwheel

Wartenberg Pinwheel



Pussy Opener Speculum



Bondara Stainless Steel Anal Speculum



Bondara Stainless Steel Wartenberg Pinwheel



Bondage Boutique Vaginal Speculum


This speculum may look like a duck's bill but trust us, it'll make you anything but a quack! Quite the opposite in fact.

Take medical role play to the next level and add professional realism to your fun with this labia spreader from Bondage Boutique.

What's up, Doc? Well, take a look and find out.

This beginners speculum is transparent, easy to insert and features just one adjustable section to make use supremely straightforward.

Plus it's made of plastic for zero chills during insertion.

When closed, the insertable section has a 3.

75 inch girth at it's widest point, and length of 3.

5 inches that's comfortable for the patient.

Once inserted, the Doctor (your partner) simply needs to twist the red toggle to gradually crank the 'duck bill' open for a greater view.

Achieve anything up to a 4 inch opening that enables easier access to internal pleasure points, such as the G-spot and cervix.

Just make sure you always use this spreader with plenty of water-based lube to help insertion and stretch.

Please note: This speculum is not suitable for anal exploration.

Master Series Beginner's Mini Sensation Pinwheel


Introduce sensory experimentation to your playtime with the Master Series Mini Sensation Pinwheel.

Featuring 20 plastic spikes on a rotating wheel, this simple toy delicately prickles the skin and awakens the senses for increased sensory response.

Mini in size, but not in pleasure, this petite pinwheel measures just 3.

2 inches in overall length, making it ideal for naughty nights away from home.

Unlike other Wartenberg Wheels which feature metal spikes, this beginner's wheel offers a less intense type of sensation for first time play.

Not just for BDSM fans, run the wheel across various parts of your lovers body to see where they like it most, and experiment with different levels of pressure to discover a whole new range of exciting sensations.

Round Ended Medical Scissors


If you're into rope bondage then these scissors are vital! Features specifically designed round ended blades for safe cutting, these scissors are ideal for cutting at rope, clothing, bondage tape etc without cutting the skin of your willing and vulnerable submissive!
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg Wheel


Another fine fetish essential from the fabulous and kinky Fetish Fantasy range.The Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg Wheel was named after famous neurologist, Dr Rober Wartenberg.

Now you can deliver or discover the addictive physical and psychological stimulation that this ingenious device can provide.


Bondara Stainless Steel Finger Double Pinwheel


Simply Pleasure

Rouge Garments Triple Headed Wartenber Pinwheel


Rouge Garments Triple Headed Wartenber Pinwheel

Pinwheel - Wartenberg Wheel


The Pinwheel, also known as the Wartenburg wheel is a "must have" for anyone into fetish, medical, or sensation playIt was originally designed by Dr Robert Wartenberg to test nerve reactions as it glided across the skin.

The pinwheel is a versatile sex toy that can be used in a variety of ways, use it lightly to tickle and stimulate or add more pressure to make your lover squirm.

Dragged across the skin, as opposed to rolled across the skin the Wartenburg wheel feels like claws.

Used with normal pressure the pinwheel can be very lightly run across the skin for a stimulating tickling sensation.

Add more pressure and you can achieve the sensation of light pain, which can be varied with the pressure.

The use of the pinwheel after a spanking is thrillingly prickly giving a new range of sensations and stimulation! If only Dr Robert Wartenberg knew how deliciously thrilling we would find his simple pinwheel!For more information about safe pinwheel play, be sure to read our UberKinky Essential Guide to Wartenberg Pinwheels.

Bondage Boutique Tease Me Silly Wartenberg Pinwheel


The quickest and easiest way to have more fun during foreplay.

Roll the pinwheel over your partner's body and see them squeal and squirm as the 22 teeny tiny pins prickle across their skin.

Don't tease them too much because it's your turn next...

Revolutionise foreplay and make your lover's heart rate spike with the Bondage Boutique pinwheel.

The only prick you'll want in your bedroom, its 22 pins provide distinct prickles that increase overall sensitivity.

Wheelie good times are yours.

A tool that looks scarier than it actually is, the Wartenberg pinwheel is great for enhancing BDSM fun, medical fetish play and romantic lovemaking alike.

Its 61g weight enhances sensation for the receiver without any additional pressure, whilst the curved, easy-grip handle gives the user added control and precision.

For a toy that makes such little contact with the skin, you'll be amazed at how overwhelming the results are.

Metal Duo Pinwheel


Lightweight with a long handle this Metal Duo Pinwheel has two single wheel heads which promise to bring an intense experience.

Torment Black Fine Wartenberg Pinwheel



Torment Gunmetal Wartenberg Pinwheel



IOB-Spec Speculum With Light


Explore within and make everything brighter with the IOB Spec Speculum with Light.

This easy to use fully adjustable vaginal speculum allows you to have a front row seat to the wonders of the vagina.

Great for self-examination or for a little bit of medical play; this speculum has a main attraction you’ll adore.

Simply slide the speculum into your favourite vagina with plenty of water based lubricant.

Now adjust the height and opening with the easy to use ratcheting adjusters.

Now press the red button in the base of the speculum to light up the interior of the vagina for an in depth examination.

Whether you use this handy Perspex speculum for self-examination of your cervix or for a great medical play scene, you’ll love the IOB Spec Speculum with Light.

Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Metal Wartenberg Pinwheel


One of the few sensory toys you can use anywhere on the body, add this beautiful pinwheel to play to tease each and every one of your lover's nerve endings.

The result? A super-sensitive plaything who'll be left begging for your undivided attention.

"He runs the wheel over my palm.

'Ah!' The prongs bite into my skin - there's more than just pain.

In fact, it tickles slightly.

'Imagine that over your breasts.'" – Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele A toy which looks much scarier than it really is, this Wartenberg wheel creates a real adrenaline spike with its prongs, hard shine and weighty feel.

however is nothing to be afraid of in reality.

Designed to roll over any body part effortlessly, 22 prickly spikes dapple your partner's skin, awakening nerve endings and leaving them extra receptive to further play.

Part of the Fifty Shades Darker The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James.

UberKinky Double Wartenberg Pinwheel


Make your slave squirm with delight with the Double Wartenberg Pinwhee!For a tantalising tickle or a prickly delight, the double Wartenberg pinwheel is a very versatile sensation play toy you’ll reach for again and again.

Use after impact play for an exceedingly heightened prickly stimulation.

Drag this pinwheel across the skin to scratch your sub or use it to gently tickle your slave.

You can even use this multifaceted tool for reverse or indirect violet wand play.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the Double Wartenberg Pinwheel.Made from body safe stainless steel, the Double Wartenberg Pinwheel is durable, phthalates free and easy to clean.

Supremely shiny, it looks as good as it feels and will get to work immediately tantalising those nerve endings.

Ergonomically designed with a long handle, it allows for optimum grip and control so that it can get to all of those hard to reach areas.

The two wheels will prick and please whilst making pretty patterns as it goes.

For more information about safe pinwheel play, be sure to read our UberKinky Essential Guide to Wartenberg Pinwheels.

Vaginal Metal Speculum


Our Vaginal Speculum is one of the most diverse sex toys you'll ever use.

It's the unique tool which opens everything nice and wide.

Our Vaginal speculum is crafted in high quality body-friendly stainless steel and offers you many options including stretching, observing, easy cleansing, douching and allows easy access to the cervix for those of you who love to have your cervix caressed and stimulated.

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