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Transparent Female Mask


Did you see the Channel 4 documentary, Secrets of the Living Dolls? Are you curious about becoming a ‘masker’ or ‘rubber doller’? Our Transparent Female Mask is the perfect beginner’s stepping stone to help you experience this popular fetish before you shell out the money on an expensive rubber mask.

The low cost of our mask means it’s a low risk investment.Feel free to transform yourself into a living doll for just the night with our transparent female mask.

It comes with bright blue eye shadow, blush and ruby red lipstick to bring out your features.

This mask is also great for forced transvestitism, or forced sisification when you don’t want to worry about removing the last traces of makeup when you’re done playing.
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Satin Love Mask


Delight in your dark side with this luxurious Fetish Fantasy satin love mask.

Perfect for plunging your partner into darkness, this mask heightens sensation and adds mystery and magic to lovemaking.In soft satin this mask is an opulent additio
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Leather Love Mask Blindfold


This super chic leather mask is the ultimate bondage accessory.

It looks dramatic thanks to the black leather and we love that the elastic fabric strap keeps it firmly in place while you play.


Plain Black Face Mask


Be Anonymous Keep a stoic face with this plain black mask.

This face mask allows you to remain anonymous and show no emotion while you carry out your dirty deeds.

This mask can also add mystery to your costume when you go to your next fetish ball! What better way to express yourself.

Soft Eye Mask


Don’t let your slave see what’s coming! This Soft Eye Mask will keep them in the dark.

Make their anticipation go sky high as they tremble in fear.

Just what will you do next? This soft blindfold will keep your sub guessing.

Every lash of your flogger, every bite, every breath on their skin will feel 10 times more intense.

Choose from five gorgeous colours to match your dungeon walls.

Bristol Novelty Dog Mask with Ears and Sound


A little bit wet behind the ears when it comes to pet play? Well, this dog mask will ensure that it is anything other than ‘ruff’!Made from top quality materials, that are designed to look and feel incredible, this mask can be worn comfortably for long periods of time, ensuring that you really get the most out of your play.

Treat your pup to some nice new gear or demonstrate obedience to your Master/Mistress by showing up in this marvellous mask.

Perverted pups will play dead, beg, fetch and pander to every whim...

after all, a dog’s life wasn’t supposed to be easy! So naughty doggies will obey every command and be left begging for more.

Plus, complete with sound, now you can add a little realism to your recreation.

Tops will definitely want to keep a tight leash on their pups!

Black Flyaway Mask With Feathers


Prepare for a hair-raising time with this Black Flyaway Mask With Feathers!Boasting innovative style that looks and feels superb, this mask features stunning black feathers for a punishingly good time.

So, however you dress it up, there’s no denying that this mask is the perfect attire for doling out some well deserved punishment, or indeed making dutiful submissives look pretty.

The innovative design is simple, yet intricate, and will transform the wearer into either a dangerous Dominant or sexy sub.

Punish or please in this mischievous mask and you’ll be well on your way to perversion perfection in no time.

Cleverly crafted from top quality materials that feel incredible against the skin, this feathery mask promises to really make you smile.

A brilliantly beautiful eye mask; isn’t it time you saw the light?

Fetish Fantasy Fur Lined Love Mask Blindfold


Keep your sub in the dark, with this stunning Fur Lined Love Mask from Fetish Fantasy! Enabling you to put in a blinding performance, the Fetish Fantasy Fur Lined Love Mask will keep your playmate guessing when it comes to what pleasure/punishment is coming their way.

Caressing the skin gently, this silky soft faux fur lined blindfold is an absolute pleasure to wear.

Heightening all other senses for greatly intensified stimulation, every tantalising touch, lick and kiss is mischievously magnified as their body trembles with anticipation.

Complete with two elasticated head straps, this bondage mask is held comfortably and securely in place for the duration of your play, while the cleverly contoured shape moulds perfectly to the face.

Boasting intricate needlework and made from fine quality materials, this beautiful BDSM accessory looks just as good as if feels.

For even more amplified pleasure, try pairing it with restraints or other sensation play items.

Sex and Mischief Blackout Mask


Create a sultry air of mystery with the Sex and Mischief Blackout Mask.

This form fitting blindfold moulds to your submissive’s face.

This means less light is likely to creep in around the edges.

Without sight, your sub will find that their other senses heightened and that it is easier to slip into that wonderful floaty nirvana feeling called subspace.

Once their remaining senses are turned up even the touch of a soft, fur mit will be amplified through their nervous system.

This elegant looking blindfold is tied at the back with a long ribbon for a truly custom size fit.

The faux leather look will surely fit in with your existing gear for an irresistible bondage look and feel.

Diamond Net Crystal Eye Mask


The perfect final piece of the puzzle for that special outfit you've been putting together!

Leather Blindfold Eye Mask Red


It's time to get kinky with this striking and strong red coloured blindfold including silver stud detailing on the sides and black trim.

Explore the pleasures that come from sight deprivation an absolute must-have item for anyone looking to get extra frisky in the bedroom.

Perfect for submissive BDSM scenarios you can keep your submissive waiting in anticipation for your next move and assert your dominance with the power of giving and taking pleasure unexpectedly.

The elastic strap fastening tightly secures the blindfold to the wearer but also ensures a comfortable fit.

Leather Blindfold Eye Mask Black


It's time to explore your senses and a new kinkier side to your sex life.

Grab yourself this traditionally styles leather blindfold and discover new sensations during your play time.

Deprive yourself of sight and you'll discover your other senses heighten giving you a more focussed and pleasurable experience.

An absolute must-have item for every kink fanatic.

Use this blindfold over and over again to keep your submissive under your control relish in the power of suspense and keeping them on their toes.

The elastic strap fastening tightly secures the blindfold to the wearer but also ensures a comfortable fit.

Pumpkin Morph Mask Halloween Hood


Squash into this.

Our favourite of the root vegetables the Pumpkin Morphmask is a guaranteed success at Halloween parties this year.

Just don't try to make soup out of it.

Black Lace Mask with Silver Rose


Be mysterious with a touch of elegance Our beautiful lace and sequin masquerade mask will finish off your look with beauty and style.

Finished to perfection with a silver rose and exotic feathers, this mask adds a bit of mystique.

Great for wearing to themed fetish events, masquerade balls, erotic photography and swinger's parties.

The soft support from the padded headband will keep this mask securely in place, no matter how frantic the action gets.

PVC Eye Mask


Stunning fetish wear eye mask in classic kinky coloursAdd a hint of glamour and mystery to your bedroom (or dungeon) with this simply sublime PVC eye mask.

Available in classic UberKinky black and red, this eye mask beautifully complements any erotic lingerie or fetishwear.

Perfect for masquerade and fetish events, the classic design can be worn again and again.

Shaggy Dog Mask with Ears and Sound


Here at UberKinky, we’re barking mad and proud of it! So, we’re dogging with a difference, and we want to help you get in on the action.

As such, we’ve sniffed out the finest selection of perverted pet play goodies to enable you to fulfil your animalistic desires, and this Shaggy Dog Mask is one of our very favourites.

This mischievous mask is constructed using the finest fabric that both looks and feels supremely soft against the skin, and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

So naughty subs will be fetching and carrying, as they obey every little command.

Who said a dog’s life was easy? They may look sweet and innocent, but every doggy needs to be trained! So, trust us; when it comes to pet play, this mask is a stroke of genius.

Think it’s the perfect addition to your pet play? You’re doggone right it is!

Black Velvet Mask With Tall Feathers


Bring them to their knees whilst wearing this exquisite mask! Black and silver make the perfect combination when it comes to this magnificent mask.

Intricately designed and stunningly stitched, this is a fine example of how to add a little beauty to your BDSM.

Decorated with jewels and sewn into elegant patterns, this mask is designed to sit just below the top of the nose and follow the cheekbones upwards.

The beautiful black feathers that protrude from the top of the mask add a level of sensuality to your play; how you choose to take advantage of this is up to you.

Fastening to the head with ease, you won’t want to take this mask off! So, if you enjoy doling out some well deserved punishment every now and again, you may as well look good doing it! Or indeed, if you want to be a really sexy submissive, this is the perfect mask for you.

Black velvet if you please...

Red and Black Mask With Feathers


Spread your wings with this remarkable Red and Black Mask With Feathers!Beautifully designed and intricately crafted, this stunning red and black mask boasts supreme quality and superior craftsmanship.

With a jewel central to the forehead, this is a bondage/bedroom mask you can really treasure.

For those that enjoy the more brutal BDSM scenes, the colours provide perfect symbolism for danger and punishment, while the feathers add a touch of sensuality to your play.

Supremely soft and perfectly contoured, it has been designed in a glasses style so that it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

This is one of our more luxurious masks that lends itself to being worn by a daring Dominant.

With lace trim and black beads, it promises to add an air of beauty to your brawn.

You won’t be able to keep your eyes off it!

Black Velvet Mask With Feathers


Sensuous seduction with an air of elegance.

This graceful black velvet masquerade mask is adorned with sequins and beads, finished off with a frame of feathers.

It will certainly add a bit of mystique to any situation.

Finish off your fetish wear with this exquisite mask, it's perfect for themed fetish events, masquerade balls, luxurious erotic photography and swinger's clubs.

Fifty Shades Darker Secret Prince Masquerade Mask


Fifty Shades Darker Secret Prince Masquerade Mask Fifty Shades Darker masquerade mask based on Christian's mask Stunning moulded leather fits the contours of your face Classy and sophisticated semi-patent finish Finished with black Fifty Shaded Darker ribbon for tailored fit Features: Discreet Fifty Shades Darker branding on inside surface Approved by E L James

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