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Sportsheets Feather Tickler


Tempt, tease and tickle your sub with a touch that’s as light as a feather!This handy Feather Tickler is small enough to fit in any gear bag, and possibly even your hand bag, for a quick and easy to use sensation play tool.

It may seem small and unassuming but when your submissive is bound and blindfolded the sensation it produces is amplified.

Graze their neck with the soft, tickly feathers or slowly drag it across the skin of their stomach, you’ll leave them guessing as to where you’ll strike next.Made using soft feathers that feel simply sensational against the skin, this tantalising tool will have them on the brink of ecstasy as they relax into the gentle waves of pleasure.

Of course, for those of the more sadistic amongst you, you can use this Feather Tickler as an implement of tickle torture...

whatever tickles your fancy!

Tickler Set of 6 Textured Rings


The Linx Tickler cock ring set provides pleasure in all the right places! This set features 6 cock rings with differing textures that never miss the mark - from spikes to barbs blades and bumps! These cock rings are super stretchy for a comfortable fit and are designed to pleasure both partners.

The wearer gets a firmer erection that lasts longer as well as an intensified orgasm.

His partner will enjoy extended pleasure plus - the varied textures add extra excitement to shared play.

These rings are waterproof and perfect for adventurous lovers that can't resist naughty novelty fun!

Pecker Tickle Whip - 10 Inch



Dare Feather Tickle and Tease - 17 Inch



Bondara Black Feather and Ribbon Tickler - 22.5 Inch



Lovehoney Oh! Feather Tickler


Tickle your fancy (or your partner's) with this feathery beginner's bedroom accessory.

Topped with fluffy marabou feathers, this mini tickler awakens nerve-endings all over to heighten sensitivity and build through-the-roof arousal and anticipation.

Add some spice to your fun, and tease your lover's skin with the plume of feathers, awakening nerve endings and building anticipation of sexual excitement.

Switch things up by alternating between light tickles, lingering strokes and swirling patterns for irresistible sensations.

Want to amp things up a little? Slip a blindfold over your lovers eyes before play to instantly heighten tickle-power.

Lovehoney Oh! is a fun and flirtatious collection of gifts and games, designed to inspire and delight you and your partner in the bedroom - and beyond.

Dare Slap and Tickle Teaser - 19 Inch



BASICS Tickler Cock Ring Multipack (6 Pack)


Enjoy a wide choice of stimulating textures with the Tickler Cock Ring set.

With unique bumps and nodules, the 6 rings may help couples to achieve longer-lasting pleasure and maximum stimulation.

Choose from 6 different stimulating styles or mix and match for an assortment of pleasurable sensations.

Great for at-home or on-the-go usage, each stretchy ring is covered in nubs, spikes and nodules to tickle and massage her clitoris during foreplay and sex.

Apply your choice of textured tickler with a water-based lubricant to enhance sensations and comfort.

Results may vary.

Dr Joel Support Master Triple Ticklers Cock Ring


A little support can go a long way.

Slip this 4 ring cock ring over your parts and you may experience a firmer, harder erection that lasts longer.

Textured with thin ticklers and ribs for clitoral stimulation, you can enjoy this sex toy together or alone.

"When I put it on him I was instantly aroused and just wanted to make love to him, and WOW did we make love.

It made him harder and the feel of it inside me was amazing." - Lovehoney Customer review The flexible triple tickler gives both pleasure and support to your shaft and balls.

Stretching to accommodate your big boy John Thomas, it acts as a support system while simultaneously giving you extra stimulation and potentially a stronger erection.

Use with a few squirts of water-based sex lube to enhance the experience.

Results may vary.
Simply Pleasure

Easy Toys Feather Tickler Pink


This bondage accessory will literally tickle you pink! This pink tickler is the perfect addition to your bondage drawer.

You can use it to tickle your partner into submission, or to stimulate their senses as you lightly stroke it over their skin.


Bondage Boutique Feather Tickler


Build anticipation and discover new ways to arouse your lover with this versatile, non-intimidating feather tickler.

Small in size and great for all sorts of play, tickle, tease and awaken your partner's senses for a multitude of happy endings.

Your new best feathery friend, this tickler proudly displays a plume of red feathers that are eager to trail over sensitive nerve endings and up the tempo in a fluttery instant.

Trace your lover's body with the fluffy feather top and they'll experience instant tingles that run from head-to-toe.

Follow up with licks, nibbles and light-spanks to take advantage of their newly awakened nerve-endings and treat them to touches they'll feel with new, intensified vibrancy.


Bondage Boutique Feather Tickler


A toy box without a feather tickler? Words we do not utter.

Oh-so versatile, ticklers enhance romantic evenings, soft bondage and role play in an instant.

The plume of soft black feathers ensure tickle fights with this tickler always turn naughty.

Trace your lover's body from head-to-toe to treat them to all-over tingles and leave them feeling extra sensitive to subsequent touches.

After you've teased them with feathery stokes, try experimenting with other tactile fun, like tapping, licking and kissing their skin, and watch as they wiggle with delight.

We've made this mini feather tickler extra easy to use for sensory play newbies.

Even if you're not into bondage, a feather tickler is an absolute essential for any toy box due to its wonderful flexibility.

Try it out during foreplay or role play sessions to test its versatility to the fullest.
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Frisky Feather Duster Tickler


The Fetish Fantasy feather duster provides light, luxurious fun when it comes to foreplay.

This duster is soft and playful - the perfect accessory when you’re in the mood for a kinky clean-up.

This feather

Bondara Tickle Me Senseless Feather Tickler - 6 Inch



Bondage Boutique Tickled Kink Feather Tickler


An elegant feather tickler topped with a spray of coque feathers surrounded by fluffy down.

Soft and sensual, this bedroom bondage accessory enhances your sensory awareness to accentuate every touch, tickle and pleasurable stroke.

Gently trace the feathers of this fluffy bondage tickler over your partner's skin to awaken their nerve endings and leave them feeling more sensitive to touch.

Follow with an erotic massage, foreplay or just a good spanking.
Ann Summers

Tickle Crotchless Shorts


These crotchless shorts are made from gorgeous floral lace and feature a lace-up design at the sides.

The elasticated waist ensures a perfect fit and has a thong cut to reverse.

Lovehoney Tongue Tickler 7 Function Finger Vibrator


Say it 3 times fast: 'Clit-Quivering Tickles'.

Your oral technique is about to get a whole lot better, thanks to the Tongue Tickler.

Slip it on a digit, and deliver 7 powerful speeds and patterns straight to its tip to send you or your lover into raptures.

Just slide the stretchy silicone ring over one of your digits, use the push button to buzz it into life, and direct the tongue-like tip to your chosen pleasure zone.

You can even remove the bullet vibrator if you want to use it on its own.

Slick some water-based lube along the length of the stimulator for extra silky sensations.

Sportsheets Whipper Tickler


Double your sensation play possibilities with the dual ended Whipper Tickler from Sportsheets Tickle your slave with either end of the Sportsheets Whipper Tickler for a soothing, pleasing and erotic sensation.

The flogger end features soft, rubber strands while the tickler end is made with delightfully soft feathers.

Tickle Her Pink Clitoral Stimulating Gel 30ml



Bondage Boutique Slap 'n' Tickle 10 Inch Rubber Flogger


Tickle and tease, and all things that please: your beginner sub will love the delicate fronds of this rubber flogger.

Build up from soft strokes to a sharp and satisfying sting, delivering tantalising sensations with every swing.

The gentle intensity the rubber fronds offer is ideal for couples taking their first steps into sensory play, fulfilling BDSM fantasies without overstimulating nerves.

Begin by trailing the fronds over your lover's skin, building up to light flicks.

Gradually grow the intensity of each stroke, varying where each swing falls, whether directed to your lover's bottom, genitals or thighs.

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