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4 Re-Usable Electrodes


Cheap electrodes can give you 'hot' spots or even 'nip' you.

But, have no fear because our skin electrodes have carbon wire - this means that the current is dispersed evenly over the electrode with no interference or 'hot' spots.

By using carbon wire you can be assured that the current is delivered more effectively to the muscle for a more effective electro sex experience.Featuring a long lasting adhesive, our electrodes are fully reusable.

Make sure you keep the plastic sheet the electrodes are initially stuck to and store them in a plastic bag to maintain the moisture.

These re-usable self-adhesive TENS electrodes may be rejuvenated by rubbing a little tap water into the gel surface.

Our self-adhesive Re-useable Electrodes are suitable for all electro sex appliances as well as TENS, STIM, FES and EMG applications.

Sacral Electrode Pads


Don’t be nervous; these Sacral Electrode Pads promise to be gentle with you...

unless of course you don’t want them to! Cleverly and innovatively crafted, they have been made to the finest standard and will not cause nipping or hot spots, which some others may.

Unique in shape, they boast a large surface area, which provides maximum contact with the skin, thereby allowing greater stimulation of the nerves.

Specially designed to transmit current through the sacral nerve, these electrodes are typically placed at the base of the spine and create a contraction within the pelvic floor.

This means that the shocking sensations are felt deep within the body.

You decide whether you want satisfying or sadistic! Ideal for those that are new to electrosex, these electrode pads deliver the same sensations, but without having to insert a toy inside the body.

Additionally, when used daily (not recommended if using on a high setting), these electrosex pads are reusable and can last up to 4 weeks.

Here at UberKinky, we back these Sacral Electrode Pads 100%.

To be used with an electro sex power box with 2mm pin connections.

Electrastim Electro Conductive Gel


For a bigger bang for your buck our Electrastim Electro Metal Conductive Gel 60ml will increase the electrastim sensation.

ElectraStim Conductive Gel 60ml



UberKinky Long Electro Sex Electrode


This reusable self-adhesive electrode pad leaves no residue on the skin and provides excellent conductivity for all of your electro sex needs.

Its unique shape gives you more variety in your electro sex play.

Because it is so long it maximises muscle contact for a more shockingly intense experience.

This multi-use sticky electrode can be used with your electro sex power box as long as you have a lead wire with a 2mm pin connection.

For best results these electrodes come on a cleverly designed protective storage cover which guides you in the best way to care for your electrodes – when storing away, stick your electrodes onto the side of the protective storage cover which says ‘on’ and not on the side which says ‘no'.You’ll want to play for a long time with this electrode!

ElectraStim Jack Socket TPE Renewing Powder



ElectraStim Electro-Conductive Electrode Gel 60ml


Get an extra buzz out of your external electrosex toys with this Electro-Conductive Electrode Gel from Electra Stim.

The ideal partner to Electra Stim sex toys and other electro play devices, smooth it over your toys to boost their tingling intensity.

Add the clear conductive gel to metal contacts on your external electro sex toys where advised and you'll benefit from increased conductivity and better physical sensation.

This 60ml tube will go a long way.

Suitable for external use only.

Ingredients: Aqua (water), Potassium Chloride, Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Glycerin, Ethyl Hydroxybenzoate, Ethanol.
Ann Summers

Electra Wet Look Dress


X Small = 6Small = 8-10 Medium = 12-14Large = 16-18X Large = 20-22XX Large = 24-26 This erotic slip dress has a high-shine finish and a close-cut, flattering shape.

Nipple covers included.

Perineal Electrode Pads


Don’t neglect the things that matter! And trust us; your perineum is absolutely one of them.

We’re sure that all of you UberKinksters know by now just how sensitive that little spot between your bum and your genitals is.

If not, where have you been hiding?! Well, these innovative electrode pads have been specifically designed to deliver some incredibly naughty nerve stimulation to it, and they certainly won’t disappoint.

These unique electrode pads feature a low allergy, conductive gel for applying to the skin.

This means there’ll be no hot spots or nipping, only the desired stimulation, whether pleasing, teasing or punishing.

Easy to attach and comfortable, they really are ideal for those just starting out on their electrifying escapade.

Plus, even when used daily (not recommended if using on a high setting), these electrosex pads are reusable and can last up to 4 weeks.

Try using one of these pads and a cock ring or urethral sound for intense prostate stimulation.Beginners; avoid sticky situations and get your hands on these Perineal Electrode Pads today!To be used with an electro sex power box with 2mm pin connections.

Electrastim Sterile Lubricant Sachets - Pack of 10



Electrastim 4 x Square Self Adhesive Pads



Electrastim Electrapads 50 X 50mm


With conductive gel to heighten your electrosex play these self-adhesive Electrastim Electrapads are perfect to but a jolt into your sex life.

50 x 50mm.

Requires electrastim control unit (not included)

E-Stim Systems Conductive Electro Gel



ElectraStim Uni-Polar Square ElectraPads (4 pack)


Worn out the Electra Pads that came with your Electra Stim unit? This pack of replacement pads will help you electrify your sex life again.

A 4 pack of self-adhesive pads pre-coated with long-lasting conductive gel to offer tingly below-waist play.

Simply plug this set of four electrifying pads into your Electra Stim Power Unit and place them on any part of your body.

The pads conduct the tingly vibrations wherever they are placed.

All you need to do is plug a set of 2mm pins from the Electra Stim unit into 2 of the pads and affix them to your body, or wear all 4 pads for extra fun.

Try using them as an electrifying couples sex toy, by placing one pad on your thigh and one on your partner's thigh, and experimenting with tingling touches and kinky kisses.

Please note: You need to wear 2 pads in order to complete the circuit in order for the electricity to conduct.

You may also use one pad and another uni-polar toy.

Electrastim Spare/Replacement Cable



Rimba Electro Stimulating Gel


By far the best Electro Stimulation Gel solution to give the optimum effect with your Electrical Sex and Electro Sex ToysThis Electro Stimulation Gel improves the conductivity of our electrical sex toys, giving you improved and intensified sensation.

If you are looking to maximise the affect of your electrical sextoy then this is the best electrical stimulation gel you can get! Regular users rave to us about the difference in performance - they highlight improved conductivity and more intense reactions when the Electro Stimulation Gel is used.

ElectraStim Replacement Cable


Has the performance of your ElectraStim Power Box started to peter out? It could very well be the cable! Your lead wires need to stay in tip top condition in order to get the best out of your electro sex play and when your unit is well loved, the wear and tear takes its toll on your lead wire.

Keep those electrical juices flowing properly by periodically changing out your lead wire for a new one with the ElectraStim Replacement Cable.

This original equipment replacement comes with 2mm pin connections to fit non only ElectraStim’s electrodes but any and all electrodes which come fitted with a 2mm socket.

It also comes with the special ElectraStim jack plug which will connect to all ElectraStim power boxes.

If you have a dual-channel electro sex power box such as the ElectraStim Flick EM80 then you should replace both cables every so often to get the absolute best out of your power box.

Zeus Deluxe Black Silicone Electrode Pads


Want to engage in some seriously shocking behaviour? Get your hands on the Zeus Deluxe Black Silicone Electrode Pads!Looking to turn up the power when it comes to electro sex? The Zeus Deluxe Black Silicone Electrode Pads are high quality electrostimulation pads with excellent electro conductive capabilities.

Because they’re made with body safe silicone material, they have lower resistance than most electrode pads so less ‘juice’ is needed to obtain the same results.

They disperse electricity with better results for improved electro sex pleasure and stimulation.

You can use the pair of silicone adhesive pads on their own with any electro sex power box (with 2mm connections) or you can use the included lead wire with any Zeus or most Rimba Electrosex power boxes.

The lead wire is a 2.5mm plug with two 2mm pin connections.

They’re guaranteed to turn you on!

Electrastim Electra Pads


With conductive gel to heighten your electrosex play these self-adhesive Electrastim Electra Pads are perfect to but a jolt into your sex life.

76mm x 15mm.

Requires electrastim control unit (not included)

ElectraStim 4mm to 2mm Adapter Kit


Picture the scene: You already own an e-stim power unit with a 4mm jack, but now you want to use a 2mm Electra Stim sex toy with it.

Disaster! Lucky for you, you bought the Electra Stim 4mm to 2mm adapter kit to overcome such issues...

You clever fox, you.

Gone are the days of being limited to only using matching brands of power unit and electrode together.

Now, thanks to Electra Stims innovative adapter kit, you can combine different brands of e-stim toy to enjoy the pleasure you want, without forking out for a whole new set up.

This particular adapter kit is specifically designed for using a non-Electra Stim power unit (with a 4mm output) with an Electra Stim accessory (which takes a 2mm pin input).

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