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Bound to Please Clit Clamp


Here at UberKinky, when it comes to a well-maintained lady garden we like to say BLING IT ON BABY!The Bound to Please Clit Clamp will adorn your most intimate of areas with a pair of love heart charms.

Once in place this cute little clit clamp will give your clitoris constant pressure, which in turn traps the blood in the engorged tissue and makes it extra sensitive to the touch.

How you choose to take advantage of this increased sensitivity is entirely up to you! The added sensation of the tinkling charms will provide additional stimulation and fun as they move, not to mention act as a deviant decoration for your downstairs department.

Boasting a simple yet effective design, the Bound To Please Clit Clamp slides on with ease and gets to work right away.

Made from fine quality, body safe metal, it has been crafted with safety and satisfaction in mind.

It can even be warmed or cooled for tantalising temperature play.

An excellent surprise for your lover on a no knickers day, the Bound To Please Clit Clamp won’t disappoint!

Nipple Chain Peg Clamps


Be a little daring don these nipple clips and get all the attention you want! They'll make your nipples stand right up and grab the eye of all on-lookers.

There's nothing as sexy as pert tight nipples!
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Nipple Chain Clamps


These Fetish Fantasy Nipple Chain Clips are the perfect pick for pleasure seekers that love blurring the line between pleasure and pain.These nipple clamps invite you to explore bondage and tease your partner.

They’re simply attached to the nipple for increased

Bejeweled Blue Nipple Clamps


These Bejeweled Blue Nipple Clamps have a small Blue bell that looks as good as it stimulates your nipples.

Bejeweled Purple Nipple Clamps


These Bejeweled Purple Nipple Clamps have a small Purple bell that looks as good as it stimulates your nipples.

Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp


Fifty Shades Darker Just Sensation Beaded Clitoral Clamp Features: Beaded clitoral clamp creates a delicious pinch to intensify solo play, foreplay and sex Increases blood flow to the sensitive nerve-endings of the clitoris Nickel-free metal clamp and weighted beads Designed for women Comes with a satin storage bag Specifications: Material: Steel Barcode: 5060462633944 Waterproof: 100% Country of Origin: China Harmonised Code: 9019.



Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Black Metal Nipple Chain Clamps


Perk them up and pump up the pleasure!These Fetish Fantasy Nipple Chain Clamps are presented in a durable black metal to make a change from traditional nipple clamps and chains.

These nipple clamps are suitable for nipple play newbies all the way up to more experienced nipple thrill seekers.

Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Alligator Nipple Clamps


These nipple clamps from the fantastic Fetish Fantasy range have a simple design that deliver intense nipple stimulation, guaranteed.

The clamps have rubber coated tips to keep your nipples safe and in comfort, even throughout the firmest clamping experience.

Get the level of tight clamping that's r
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Japanese Clover Clamps


These nipple clamps combine years of research with nipple stimulation experience to bring you an easy and efficient way to maximise the stimulation you get from your nipples.

An often overlooked erogenous zone, nipples and their stimulation can provide you with a fantastic accompaniment to your sexu

UberKinky Enhanced Nipple Clamp


Clamp down on bad behaviour and nip naughtiness in the bud!This deviant device is for the nipple clamp connoisseur! Crafted from polished silver stainless steel, it consists of two solid bars with a curved inner, to secure the nipple and allow comfortable wearing.

The two 30mm pressure bars are fully adjustable via the steel ball screws attached at either end, so you can discover the perfect level of pressure needed to send tingles through your body.

Phthalates free and durable, this titillating tool will last you a lifetime with minimal care.

It can be easily warmed or cooled if you like to incorporate a little temperature play into your out of hours’ activities.
Simply Pleasure

Vibrating Alligator Nipple Clamps


Experience the full arousing potential of nipple stimulation with these Vibrating Alligator Nipple Clamps.

These attractive purple nipple clamps are easily adjustable using the screws on each one, meaning you can achieve the level of tightness that's perfect for you.

These clamps are suitable for al

Shiny Nipple Chain and Clamps


Shiny Nipple Chain & Clamps to enhance your nipples.

Our shining silver metal clips have a connecting metal chain.

Give a firm clasp to the nipples to adorn and add tension and pleasure to your nipple and breasts.

Gently weighty the chain adds tension on the nipple clips - looks great and feels great too! So if you're a woman who loves the feel of tension on her nipples then look no further, this sex toy is for you!

Kink Industries Adjustable C-Clamps Nipple Clamps


Great for beginners or nipple play prosThe Kink Industries Adjustable C Clamps come with a 1 inch thumbscrew to adjust the intensity of this devious set of nipple clamps.

The chain allows you to hang weights from it or give it a tug.

Just how far are you willing to go? Give the thumbscrew an added twist to really hear their cries of torment!

Stainless Steel Chained Tweezer Clamps


Heighten your nipple sensation with these Stainless Steel Chained Tweezer Clamps.

You can simply adjust the grip on your nipples by moving the Oring up or down the shaft while the chain adds decoration and give you or a partner something to pull on to increase stimulation.

Nipple Clamps with O-Ring


Nipple clamps with O-ring.

Bound to Please Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamp


When clipped to nipples, the these Squeezer Teaser clamps tighten as the chain is pulled, putting the wearer at the mercy of the pull of a chord.

Connected by a silver chain, the metal links also add sensory arousal when against skin.

Kink Industries Nipple Clamps With Bell


Your sub will be there with bells on with These rubber tipped nipple torturers are fully adjustable tweezer style nipple clamps with a difference.

Every time your sub moves, the tiny bell tinkles alerting you to their every move.

Simply place these nipple clamps on your slave’s anticipating nipples and slide the clasp up until the clamp grabs.

When you’re done, slide the clasp back down to release and allow the blood to rush back into the nipple.

Frisky Tickle Me Pink Nipple Clamp Tassels


Add a little fancy with your fetish play with the Frisky Tickle Me Pink Nipple Clamp Tassels.

These fully adjustable nipple clamps come with soft PVC tips for added comfort and grip so they’re great even for the nervous nipple clamp novice.

Each clamp comes with a built in bullnose nipple clamp style adjustment screw so you can dial in the pain with perfect precision.

You choose the pressure, start off gentle for a total beginner or really put the squeeze on your favourite little pain slut.

Each pretty in pink nipple clamp comes with a sweet pink tassel which will dangle enticingly from their nipples.

Every move they make will set the tassels in motion.

The Frisky Tickle Me Pink Nipple Clamp Tassels set would fit in perfectly for a pretty little princess or for a pretty sissy sub and will fit on both male and female nipples.

Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps


What better way to give someone a piece of your heart than to clamp it painfully to their nipple.

The Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps are fully adjustable soft tipped nipple clamps with an adorable heart pendant dangling from the end.

Each heart features a tiny keyhole so it’s perfect for the person who holds the key to your heart.

These easy to use nipple clamps have a simple screw-adjustment design for precision pressure so you choose how gentle or harsh they bite.

Each nipple clamp comes with vinyl coated tips which allow for a comfortable and more secure grip while the red lacquered heart accent dangles enticingly from each end.

Their heart may just skip a beat when the clamps are removed allowing blood to rush into the poor suffering nipple.

The Master Series Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps are the perfect gift for that sadist (or masochist!) who likes to put a little love in with their pain and pleasure.

Nippleicious Milana Nipple Clamp Jewellery Dangles


These stunning Milana Nipple Clamp Jewellery Dangles are a dream come true!Designed in a dream-catcher style, these dazzling dangles boast vibrant beaded tassels to ensure all eyes are on those amazing assets.

With intricately handcrafted charms, the innovative nipple jewellery not only titivates, it titillates too.

Enhancing cleavage and making the nipples stand to attention, they increase sensitivity and provide unique and sublime sensations.

How you choose to take advantage of the heightened sensitivity is up to you! Perhaps a little deviant pinwheel play? Similar to clamps and clips, but less intense, these tantalising tassels are perfect for those that are new to nipple play and wish to add a little beauty to their brawn.

Cleverly designed, these nipple dangles feature an elasticated cord, which is gentle and comfortable, yet durable.

In addition, a sliding bead allows you to add as much or as little pressure as desired, and a small bead prevents the cord from being pulled through the sliding bead when not in use.

Adorned with stunning glass beads, Milana promises not to disappoint, whether buying for yourself or a friend.

So, nip inferior play in the bud and get your hands on these Nippleicious Milana Nipple Clamp Jewellery Dangles today!

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