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Chastity - Steel Cock Cage


Visually intriguing device for the chastity lover who wants to stand out from the crowd! The Steel Cock Cage is a new addition to our already bustling range of chastity devices, and is made from ultra shiny chrome plated steel.

Incredibly and deceptively lightweight, the steel bars surround the penis in stripes, to provide ventilation, comfort and to allow cleaning.

The Chastity Steel Cock Cage features an effortlessly easy fitting system, which uses a single secure through-pin and two pins fixed onto the cage.

Lightweight, strong and unique are what make this steel cock cage an ideal buy for any chastity chap.

Bird Cage Chastity Device


Trap him in this Bird Cage Chastity Device.

This classic device is perfect for anyone looking to get involved with chastity items.

Them smooth stainless steel curves and encapsulates the penis and is locked with a padlock.

Will you dominate him into submission or make him beg for mercy?

Asylum 6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage


Introducing an intense Asylum 6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage.

This cock cage is definitely a step up from any other you've seen.

Featuring a 6 ring design to detain your prisoner and a locking cock ring this chastity device is intense.

Yet it only gets more thrilling with a 9cm urethra tube insert! Definitely one for the extremists.

Leather Male Chastity Belt


Be denied temptation with this solid leather male chastity belt.

With a four strapped pouch for ultimate restriction and a chunky waist belt you will be powerless to express your sexual desire.

With adjustable straps to the rear and waist you can be guaranteed restrictive comfort at its best.

Easy to wear with the tightening of a few straps you can be prepared for whatever is asked of you.

Leather Buckle Corset Chastity Thong


Restrain yourself with this deluxe Leather Buckle Corset Chastity Thong.

With four fully adjustable cock straps and a hole for the balls you can be assured of maximum comfort with ultimate restraint.

The waist strap secures nicely and is fully adjustable.

The Cage Chastity Device


Cage your animalistic instincts, with this innovative male chastity device from UberKinky!This simple chastity device leaves your penis locked in an elegant egg shaped prison complete with two padlocks.

One padlock keeps the device safely secured onto the body, while the other allows your Keyholder to open the cage door to tempt and torture your penis before locking it back up for safe keeping.

The bars of this penis prison are spaced far enough apart to allow everyone to peek in but there’s definitely not enough room for escape.

Unique in design and crafted from fine quality steel, The Cage Chastity Device is durable and built to last.

The construction allows for optimum hygiene and air flow, as well as easy urination whilst your sentence is served.

Because this cage can be easily opened with its hinged design, it’s great for play as well as long-term chastity wear.

Prepare for your cage to be rattled as you’re teased and denied in this device!

Spare Ring for Holy Trainer Chastity Device


Are you a happy Holy Trainer chastity device owner but need a new ring? Perhaps you bought your device and you wish you had picked up the next size up or down.

Now you can replace your cock ring with ease.

This spare ring will fit your Holy Trainer Chastity Device Version 2 and comes in clear or black.

Choose from 36mm, 40mm, 45mm or 50mm for the perfect fit.

San Quentin Chastity Cage


Keep your cock on lock down with the San Quentin chastity device.

Are you a hardened fan of steel chastity? Do you enjoy keeping your cock behind bars? The San Quentin chastity cage keeps you chaste with maximum security.

The prison bars give you a look but don’t touch appeal.

Its unique shape keeps your penis pointed downward meaning you’ll still be able to urinate but you will most likely be doing it sitting down, just for that little bit extra humiliation.

Chastity - Steel Cock Case


One of our more visually-enticing chastity devices, it's no wonder that the Steel Cock Cage is a real best-seller.

Featuring a medieval-look design, it is made from lightweight stainless steel with a chrome finish which is highly polished to create not only a beautiful device, but to ensure it does not cause chaffing or irritation when worn.

The cock cage and hinged cock ring with padlock provides optimum comfort and security, and features a generously sized hole at the front to allow for urination.

Each Chastity Steel Cock Cage comes as standard with a padlock and three keys, as well as the cock cage and three hinged cock rings (40mm, 45mm and 50mm).

Kinky Chastity Cock Ring with Stimulaters


Enjoy the Kinky Chastity Cock Ring with Stimulaters.

If your man needs to behave this is the perfect item to put him in! Cuff yourself into this Kinky Chastity Cock Ring and understand a new type of sexual experience that will give you all sorts of sexy pleasure.

This thick steel cuff is designed with spikes on the inside to add a more intense form of bondage to the piece.

The internal diameter is 1.75inches wide and with the internal stimualters there is no room for and misbehaving!

Meo Male Chastity Dildo Harness


This is amazing; imagine keeping him locked up while he serves your every need.

With this Leather Male Chastity Dildo Harness you can receive all the pleasure you deserve and more while keeping him chaste and frustrated.

The soft leather portion is shaped perfectly to fit around most chastity devices and the 50mm inner diameter steel ring will accept most flared base dildos.

This strap on harness features two straps which pass around the testicles and over his buttocks; thus leaving his back end free for play too.

The included cock ring can be changed out for other o-rings with the popper studs at the back.

(Please note: chastity device and dildo are not included).

CB3000 Chastity Cage Only - Clear


The CB3000 chastity device is a fantastic product for people who want to experience male chastity.The material used for the CB3000 is an extremely durable polycarbonate.

This means that not only is this male chastity device strong, but it’s also lightweight, adding to the overall comfort.

For additional comfort, we suggest using baby oil or a silicone based lubricant after showering.

This can be applied to the penis with a cotton swab to allow the penis to have a little bit of freedom inside the cage.

Ergonomically designed, the CB3000 cage features multiple air holes for ventilation and hygiene purposes, as well as a urination slot.

Comfortable and secure, the CB3000 Chastity Cage certainly looks the part and is a fantastic choice for long term chastity wear due to its discreet nature.

Note: This cage is only compatible with the new updated U rings.

Solid Metal Chastity Device


Keep him on total lockdown with the Solid Metal Chastity Device.

Get ready for the next level of submission with this amazing chastity device.

This stainless steel cage with clip fastening is a winner a device you certainly don't want to miss out on this! Will he earn his release or will his punishment continue outside the dungeon.

Master Series Asylum - 4 Ring Locking Chastity Cage


The Asylum Chastity Device offers a chance to keep your man from obtaining a full erection Imagine having your male partner under your total control to the point where you can arouse him but he wouldn't be able to obtain a full complete erection.

The Asylum Chastity Brace is designed to make sure he doesn't achieve a full erection.

To use simple place his cock into the cage and close the base ring around his balls.

There's an included lock and key to keep things completely secure.

The removable urethral insert has a threaded screw-in base and a cum-thru hole for long-term wear.

The stainless steel material is non-porous hygienic easy to sterilize temperature resistant impact resistant and offers long-term value.

Asylum Chastity Device Set: (1) 4-ring or 6-ring cock cage (1) base ring (1) removable plug (1) comfort hinge tube (1) lock (3) keys Asylum Chastity Device Specs and Benefits: Size (Small/Medium): Cage: 4 inches in length 1.

3 inches in diameter; Urethral spout...

Spiral Stainless Steel Male Chastity Device


Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Spiral Chastity Device we decided to make the same great chastity device in body safe stainless steel! Our original Spiral Chastity Device was made from iron which is prone to rust if not cared for properly so we’ve gone out and updated the design.

We still offer both styles so you can wear your iron one for short term chastity and your stainless steel one for long term.

The spiral design of this chastity device allows you to see the goods but keeps them out of reach.

You’ll love the light weight build, some have said they forget they are even wearing a chastity device at all! You’ll receive the new updated spiral chastity device in body safe stainless steel, a padlock with two keys and three cock rings 40mm, 45mm and 50mm.

Note: The video mentions that the inner diameter of the cage is 35mm.

The cage of the spiral chastity device now has an inner diameter which measures 39mm.

Jail Chastity Cage with Large Anal Intruder


Take kinky to a whole new level with this masterful 50mm Jail Chastity Cage with 40mm Anal Intruder.

With a 50mm ring for you to slide yourself into and a 40mm ball for some cheeky pleasure this contraption is guaranteed to dominate and control you.

Master Series Stainless Steel Chastity Cage Upgrade


Wanting a fresh new look for your favourite CB-X chastity device? Do you long for the rigidity and security of a metal device but prefer the comfort of your CB3000, CB600, CB6000S or Curve? The Master Series Stainless Steel Chastity Device Cage Upgrade adds extra weight to your chastity device as well as durability and security.

Simply slip the smooth stainless steel cage onto your existing CB-X base and click on the padlock.

The locking pin hole is compatible with the updated oval shaped locking pin.

The abundance of vents and extra wide hole at the tip make this device ideal for extended wear.

The durable stainless steel material is non-porous and resists rusting, so it is easy to clean and care for.

Are you ready to experience the incredible restriction of steel?Note: The Master Series Stainless Steel Chastity Cage Upgrade works with the newer style 3-pin CB-X chastity devices with an oval locking pin, sold separately.

CB6000, CB3000, and The Curve are trademarks of A.L.

Enterprises, Inc.

This product is distributed by XR, LLC and is not manufactured by, sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with A.L.

Enterprises, Inc.

Master Series Solitary Extreme Confinement Chastity Cage


If he’s getting out of line, then you had better put his cock in solitary confinement.

This stainless steel chastity device is extremely constricting meaning he won’t even be able to attempt an erection while he’s locked up due to the cramped conditions.

You’ll be forced to hear his cries about prison overcrowding but since you hold the keys he will simply have to plead his case for an early release.

Whether you let him out for good behaviour is up to you! At the end you’ll find a large hole which will allow the wearer to urinate freely through and to help keep things clean.

With this stainless steel chastity device, you will receive two cock rings- 44 and 50mm (1.75, 2 inches) in inner diameter.

Lock him in for the long haul and keep the keys for a solitary confinement sentence he won’t soon forget.

Master Series Solitary Plus Extreme Confinement Chastity Cage with Cum-Thru Plug


How’s this for a penial institution! The Master Series Solitary Plus Extreme Confinement Chastity Cage with Cum-Thru Plug will make short work of putting a naughty penis on complete lock down.

This intensely constricting stainless steel chastity device will keep their cock in cramped conditions while the through hole penis plug will push his submission even further.

The smooth metal shaft will slide comfortably down his urethra with the gently rounded edges and plenty of sterile sounding lube.

While the penis plug is in place he will be able to urinate or, if he dares to attempt it, to ejaculate through the plug.

The short cage keeps his penis from getting engorged as it keeps it completely confined in close quarters.

With this stainless steel chastity device, you will receive two cock rings- 44 and 50mm (1.75, 2 inches) in inner diameter.

Lock him in for the long haul and keep the keys for a solitary confinement sentence he won’t soon forget.

Metal Penis Head Chastity Cage


Give in to the ultimate male restriction with the Metal Penis Head Chastity Cage.

This high-quality 2-inch penis cage is designed for only the tip of his penis.

With style in mind this device has a smooth metallic shine and a padlock fastening that fulfils all your fantasies.

The user will enjoy the sense of yearning that builds up with the feeling of restraint while the key hold enjoys their control.

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