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Through-Hole Penis Plug


Gently stretch your urethra and open it up to the delights of penis plug playWith its smooth, tapered tip and gently sloping shoulder, this through hole penis plug is a sensuous penis plugging pleasure.

The through hole design allows the wearer to urinate or ejaculate while wearing.

Great for beginners and loved by the experts, the Through-Hole penis plug is a vision in body safe stainless steel.

Be sure to pick up some sterile lubricant and glide this penis plug on home.

Lightweight Stainless Steel Penis Plug


Sleek and sophisticated, this lightweight stainless steel penis plug’s tapered tip starts off measuring in at 5mm and gradually increases to a 9mm diameter.

One you’ve reached this apex the diameter gradually decreases for an exquisite sensation as it slides in and out of your urethra.

The through hole design allows you to urinate or ejaculate while wearing your lightweight stainless steel penis plug while the built in ring keeps your penis plug from going in too deep.

Albert Penis Plug


For all you cock stuffing experts this Albert Penis Plug is the bestMade from body friendly stainless steel it offers a generous 55mm of insertable length and a handsome 18mm steel topper that ensures the plug sits and adorns your penis.

It is well designed, easy to insert and remains securely in place.

We think the Albert Penis Plug is awesome especially when playing cum control & piss control games.

Remember to lube up with VeryDeep Sterile Sounding Lubricant

Spur Penis Plug with Glans Ring


For all you penis plug lovers this is a beautyHand crafted in body friendly steel with a tapered tip to help you ease it in then couple that with a ring that fits tightly around your glans to hold the plug in place and give your cock a hard firm head, add a 7mm ball to stimulate your frenulum and The Spur is perfect!Inner diameter of the glans ring is 27mm

OpenZZ Penis Plug


How wide can you go? This body friendly stainless steel penis plug has a wide opening at 7.5mm and thru-hole of 5mm for ultimate stimulation.

For kinky urethral play the Open ZZ Penis Plug has two sections with a wider area at the tip to gently stretch the urethra before inserting the 31mm length for some unique urethral sensation play!

Silicone Dipstick Penis Plug


The Silicone Dipstick Penis Plug by Sport Fucker has 8 pleasure nodules and a glans ring to bring a whole new dimension to your cock and ball play.

Made of stretchy silicone the glans ring with fit most sizes and the plug extends 3.5"/9cm into the penis giving you internal and external pleasure! Silicone penis plugs are perfect for those not yet ready to graduate to our metal penis plug collection.

Piss Play Penis Plug - Black


Explore new frontiers of your favourite appendage with the Sport Fucker Piss Play Penis Plug.

Unlike metal sounds this 100% medical grade silicone sound bends to resistance making it the perfect toy to start exploring the joys of penis plugs.

Sounding is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing fetishes among men and why not? Here's a plug to use with a friend - or on a friend! The hollow shaft of this plug allows for ejaculate and urine to pass through meaning you can wear this plug for extended periods of time with the added benefit of prolonged orgasms.

Spade Drop Penis Plug with Glans Ring


Delve in with your deepest desires with the Spade Drop Penis Plug with Glans Ring.

As you slip this undulating penis plug into your urethra, each wave will send intense stimulations as your penis swallows this wand deeper and deeper.

You will actually feel the walls of your urethra stretch and relax around the four spade shapes.

Once this penis plug passes past your piss hole, the glans ring will slip over the head of your penis to give you a good firm grip as a glans ring.

This glans ring will intensify sensation as it perfectly frames your penis in body safe stainless steel.

What more could you want from your penis jewellery?

Oxballs Meat Balls Chastity Device


Keep your meat and balls in check with the soft and blubbery Oxballs Meat Balls Chastity Device.

If you’re a fan of the Oxballs super soft Cock Cage Cock-Lock then you may also like the Oxballs Meat Balls.

This easy to use chastity device can make play time torturous and fun.

The larger ring on the Meat Balls sits comfortably around your ball sack as a ball stretcher which gives you a gentle yet constant persistent tug.

The smaller ring loops around the head of your cock to hold it pointing downward.

Your cock is now held helplessly in place and with your hands tied there is no escape! As you get aroused the Meat Balls grips just behind the head of your cock and gives your ball sack a gentle tug every time you feel your meat throb.

It simulates the sensation of a greedy hand grabbing your junk.

The soft and squishy pure platinum silicone material is blubbery and stretchy enough to stretch into place yet gives you enough grip to feel amazing.

This specially formulated silicone material is non-porous, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic so this toy is definitely safe for your boys.

To use the Oxballs Meat Balls Silicone Chastity Device simply turn the Meat Balls so the flat end is facing upwards and position it so that the smaller ring is facing away from you.

Now stretch the larger ring marked BALLS with both your hands and slip it over your ball sack so that it sits between your body and your testicles.

Now stretch the smaller ring marked MEAT and slip the head of your penis through this hole.

When you’re done playing you can wash your Oxballs Meat Balls in warm soapy water and leave to air dry.

If you would like to sanitise your toy you can boil it, soak it in 10% bleach water or run it through the dishwasher.

The Guardian Anti-Pullout Device for the Holy Trainer Chastity Device


Do you love the look and feel of the exquisite Holy Trainer chastity device yet think it could be just a little more secure? If you or your Keyholder are concerned about the possibility of pullout then the Guardian Anti-Pullout device for the Holy Trainer may be what you’re after.

Made from delrin plastic, a tough material known for its high strength and rigidity the Guardian is built to last a lifetime.

It is non-porous, hypo-allergenic and completely body safe.

The Guardian Anti-Pullout Device for the Holy Trainer snaps into place underneath the cage with the rubber fingers resting along the top of the tube.

Then when the tube is slipped into the ring, the tabs catch the ring and tip the insert square to the tube, pushing the rubber pins down and capturing the insert.

These rubber fingers will press against your penis if you try to pull out leaving you completely trapped until it’s time for release.

The Guardian Anti-Pullout Device for the Holy Trainer Chastity device fits both Version 1 and Version 2 of the Holy Trainer AND it fits both the regular and the short cage so you can be sure your cock is on total lock down.Note: The Guardian does NOT fit the Master Series Rikers Chastity Device, we’ve tried.

The Orgy Stick Penis Plug


Ride the waves of infinite pleasure with The Orgy Stick Penis Plug.

Made from stainless steel, the initial four balls challenge your urethra with delicious popping sensations as each ball passes the entry.

The long central shaft gives you a short break before three more balls stretch your urethra to its limits.

Can you take The Orgy Stick all the way to the hilt? The fun doesn’t have to stop as the through hole design allows you to urinate or ejaculate during play.

The Orgy Stick Penis Plug is a work of art you will want to insert time and time again.

Holy Trainer Chastity Device Magic Locker with Key


Have you lost the key or Magic Locker to your Holy Trainer Chastity Device? Now you can easily replace your lost key with an official replacement key with magic locker.

This set will fit all version two Holy Trainer chastity devices.

You’ll receive two keys and one magic locker for use with your Holy Trainer Chastity Device.

Smooth & Deep Penis Plug


The Smooth and Deep is a long smooth penis plug for deep down cock stuffing.

It's ideal if you've experimented with the regular length penis plug and now wish to progress to something longer.

We manufacturer our penis plugs from medical grade stainless steel, each Smooth and Deep plug is individually crafted and polished to a mirror shine.

This fantastic beginner's penis plug has a maximum width of 8mm.

As with all UberKinky penis plugs we ensure a nice safe round insertion tip for ease of entry.

The loop is free swinging and provides a good grip as you move the plug in and out.

Undulating Penis Plug


This beginner's penis plug sends undulating waves of pleasure through your urethra.

Tapered for easy insertion, this stainless steel penis plug is perfect for penis plug beginners.

It has an undulating shape which helps stimulate those ultra sensitive nerve endings in your urethra as it slides back and forth.

The end features a ring pull so there’s no risk of your penis plug getting lost.

Three Tiered Penis Plug


Three tiers for three levels of exquisite pleasure! The Three Tiered Penis plug is slightly longer than the average penis plug but is graduated for enhanced sensations, once lubed up with VeryDeep try slipping it into the urethra and masturbating you will love the feel of it deep inside you and due to it's thru-hole design you can cum without removing it!

UberKinky Ripple Penis Plug


Discover an all new kind of ripple effect!This stunning Ripple Penis Plug will really get your juices flowing! Made from body safe stainless steel it feels simply exquisite as your urethra is gradually opened up and stimulated by its unique ripple design.

Completely hollow, there’s no need to remove it when you want to urinate or ejaculate either, thus you can experience the sensation for longer! The tapered tip makes for easy and gentle insertion, while the graduating layers feel simply sensational as they slip inside.

Complete with a finger loop, the UberKinky Ripple Penis Plug can be removed quickly and easy when the need arises, and ensures that your tantalising tool doesn’t get lost in the moment.

Supremely shiny, this perfect plug looks just as good as it feels and promises to stimulate your cock from the inside out.

So, enjoy unique sensations and a gentle yet satisfying stretch as you plug up your penis!

Straight to the Point Penis Plug Stretcher


You’ll get Straight to the point with this tapered penis plug!Starting off small for even the most nervous of beginners, the Straight to the Point Penis Plug Stretcher graduates smoothly for a gentle urethral stretch.

How deep can you go? Be sure to use plenty of sterile water-based lubricant and slip this penis plug down your urethra.

The ball on the end works as a handy grip as you sink deeper and deeper into stimulation overload.

At its widest point, it measures in at a full 10mm.

Are you up to the challenge?

The Devil's Pitchfork Penis Plug


The devil is in the details with the Devil’s Pitchfork Penis Plug.

The spiralled shaft of this graduating penis plug will send scintillating sensations through your penis.

This stainless steel penis plug looks and feels like a tapered screw as it drills deep and gives your urethra a gentle stretch the further it goes.

This devious stainless steel penis plug starts out at 8mm but things escalate quickly to a maximum diameter of 11.4mm.

The through hole design allows you to urinate or ejaculate freely when the time comes.

The Pogo Stick Through Hole Penis Plug


Get plugged into sensation overload with the Pogo Stick Through Hole Penis Plug.

You’ll relish the popping sensation as each of this exquisite penis plug’s eleven stainless steel balls passes through your piss hole.

You’ll ride the river of perpetual stimulation – as you plunge deeper within, each ball gently stretches your urethra as it slithers on down.

Think you’ll be able to insert this undulating penis plug all the way up to the hilt? The through hole design allows you the freedom of urination or ejaculation without having to stop play.

The enlarged ball at the tip measures 11.6mm and keeps the penis plug from going in too deep.

8 Ball Through Hole Penis Plug


Get ready for a bumpy ride with the stainless steel 8 Ball Through Hole Penis Plug.

Slip this rippling penis plug in slow and deep and experience the rush as each ball pops past your urethral opening.

You’ll feel every ball as it gives your urethra a generous stretch.

Can you reach the top where the three balls await to provide you with stimulation overload? At the top you’ll find a handy ring to allow you to guide this penis plug with pin point precision.

It also prevents you from slipping your penis plug in too deep.

The through hole design allows you to urinate or ejaculate while you’re enjoying the exquisite build of the 8 Ball Through Hole Penis Plug.

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