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CB-X Chastity Cage Disposable Locks


A 10 pack CB-X Chastity Cage Disposable Locks for use with the CB-X line of male chastity devices these numbered tamper-proof locking tags are completely metal-detector friendly perfect for airport security.

Simply remove the metal padlock from the device being used and replace with one of these plastic versions before travel - they're numbered to make it easy for you to keep track ensuring that the one he left with is the one he comes back with.

UberKinky Numbered Chastity Locks


Looking for a simple way to keep your cock locked without the absolute confinement and commitment of a metal padlock? The UberKinky Numbered Chastity Locks are single use plastic tamper evident padlocks which are individually numbered for top notch security.

Once locked in place, give your Keyholder the number printed on the lock so that they have a record.

They will know if you’ve broken the tamper evident seal and tried to escape.

When worn with a polycarbonate or silicone chastity device, these lightweight plastic locks won’t set off metal detectors when going through airport security so you can enjoy (or suffer) your chastity sentence even as you travel.

These locks are perfect for the nervous novice to try out their chastity devices; the plastic material makes it easy to break loose in an absolute emergency, with your Keyholder’s permission of course!
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Kiotos Mini Fucker Metal Hollow Penis Plug


This Mini Fucker 9mm stainless steel penis plug is the perfect toy for enhanced penis pleasure.

It makes him more sensitive to touch, giving him a more intense orgasm and heightened feeling.

This penis plug is inserted into the urethra for maximum penis sensitivity.

It f

50mm Cock Ring for Spiral Chastity Device


By popular demand! This 50mm cock ring is compatible with our Spiral Chastity Device item number 81487.

Made from the same material as the spiral chastity device, be sure to dry your 50mm cock ring completely after washing and before storage to prevent rust.

Silicone Penis Plug with Pull Ring


Discover new pleasures with the Silicone Penis Plug with Pull Ring.

A penis plug may be a new concept to you or you're already a big fan of the items well this product is perfect for everyone! The silicone material makes this item very comfortable to use great for a first time user but it also means it's easy to clean after use.

Use the pull ring to easily remove the plug.

Please take necessary precautions when using this product and take things slowly if you're a beginner.

Chastity Device Spacers For CB6000 - Oval Hole


Now you can prevent ball escape and increase your security while locked up in your CB6000 chastity device!In this set, you'll get 4 different sized spacers with an oval hole ranging in size between 2cm, 1.75cm, 1.5 cm and 1cm.

The oval shaped hole fits your CB6000 locking pin perfectly.

The smaller the spacer, the smaller the gap between the cage and the ring, which reduces the possibility of a testicle popping out VERY painfully! If you have issues with night time erection pain while sleeping in your CB6000, use a larger spacer for the added room.

Made from fine quality and lightweight polycarbonate, these Spacers are durable and built to last.

If you need a little more room in your chastity device and you've got the oval style pins, this is the spacer set for you.
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Kiotos Sperm Stopper Metal Penis Plug with Glans Ring


A sperm stopper is a sensational pleasure pick that really powers up your play potential.

This toy has been designed especially for extra penis stimulation, and acts as a plug that delivers intense internal sensation.

This sperm stopper features a glans ring that slips o

Male Chastity A Guide For Keyholders


Lucy Fairbourne's Male Chastity - A Guide for Keyholders is an ideal book for men and women beginning to explore chastity play.

This book provides a soft approach to the sometimes daunting world of male chastity.

Non-threatening and female-friendly this book is ideal for first time keyholders who want to learn about and understand male chastity.

AL Enterprises Chastity Spacers - Round Hole


Just want a little space? Give yourself some room in there with this set of five spacers in assorted sizes to ensure that your chastity device is comfortable and the best possible fit!These spacers come with a round hole and are fitted onto a round locking pin.

You must use a spacer with your chastity device, otherwise you will pinch your scrotum between the cuff ring and the tube.

Start with the largest spacers and adjust to the correct fitting.In this pack, you'll receive 5 spacers with a round centre hole measuring 2.8mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm and 9mm.

They are each made from durable plastic, which is non-porous, phthalates free and easy to clean.

Long Metal Penis Plug With Pull Ring


Rigid to perfection discover the Long Metal Penis Plug with Pull Ring.

If you're looking for an extra kind of kink penis plugs could be your answer.

This one is definitely for those with some more experience when it comes to pain pleasure and necessary cautions should be taken before inserting this plug.

The metal shaft is rigid and contains multiple bumps adding a little extra sensation with every movement made.

Metal Penis Plug with Drain Hole


Sleek and sexy the Metal Penis Plug with Drain Hole.

If you're interested in penis plugs this one is a great place to start its sleek design is smooth and fairly comfortable to insert although it is still very important to take the necessary safety precautions when using this product.

This penis plug also features a drain hole perfect for the more experienced players who are looking to wear this item for long periods of time allowing urination and orgasm.

If you're feeling kinky you need this item in your life!

Medium Metal Penis Plug with Pull Ring


Rigid to perfection discover the Medium Metal Penis Plug with Pull Ring.

If you're looking for an extra kind of kink penis plugs could be your answer.

This one is definitely for those with some more experience when it comes to pain pleasure and necessary cautions should be taken before inserting this plug.

The metal shaft is rigid and contains multiple bumps adding a little extra sensation with every movement made.

Curved Metal Penis Plug with Drain Hole


Curved Metal Penis Plug with Drain Hole.

It's approximately 1cm at the widest insertable point.

Chastity Locking Pins


A set of three Chastity Locking Pins to fit the updated CBx range of chastity devices.

Attach the chastity tube to the cuff ring and a suitable gap is created with the use of the spacer (this prevents a pinch on your scrotum between the Cuff ring and the tube.) Start with the longest locking pin and adjust its size for comfort and security.

Four oval shaped locking pins are included to fit the CB6000, CB6000S.

CB3000, and The CurveThese are not round, they are oval shaped

Lightweight Steel Penis Plug


Lightweight Steel Penis Plug 5cm tube with hollow interior complete with pull pin to get it out fast!
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Kiotos Cockpin Tapered Metal Penis Plug


The Cockpin stainless steel penis plug is pure penis perfection.

This plug is tapered to the tip for easier insertion and gives you a graduated design that delivers pleasure at your own pace.

With a shapely tip and 4 lusty levels of sensation, the Cockpin 60mm penis plug

Depth Charge Penis Plug - Red


Explore new frontiers of your favourite appendage with the Sport Fucker Depth Charge Penis Plug.

Unlike metal sounds this 100% medical grade silicone sound bends to resistance making it the perfect toy to start exploring the joys of penis plugs.

Sounding is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing fetishes among men and why not? This solid sound is like a rollercoaster for both of your heads at once! After you take your time and work it deep down into your shaft you will need to brace yourself for the sensation overload your brain and penis are about to feel as you pull it out.

Each of the 13 bumps will send your pleasure sky-high as your internal man-nerves react to the ultra-smooth ride.

The ridges on the handle ensure a solid grip when theyre all lubed up.
Simply Pleasure

Kiotos Three Stage Penisstick Textured Metal Penis Plug


This three stage penis stick is the perfect pleasure pick for those looking for gradual satisfaction.

This penis plug is inserted in stages, allowing you to pace your pleasure for pure penis perfection.

This penis plug features a super sleek stainless steel design.


Master Series Detained 2.0 Chastity Cage


Wearing a penis cage outside the house can be very exciting.

Unfortunately most penis cages are made of metal which means you can hear them when you move.

Also they are visible through your clothing.

The Detained 2.0 penis cage is the perfect solution to this problem.

This cage is made of rubber which is soft and stretchable and doesn't make any sound while wearing it.

Also the cage won't be visible under your clothing.

The inside of the cage is napped for a great stimulation of the glans.

The cage also has a small hole at the front so you don't have to take off the cage when you need to use the restroom.

After use the cage is easy to clean with water and a mild soap or a toy cleaner.

Thru Hole Penis Plug


The Penis Plug gently stretches the urethra whilst giving the wearer immediate and pleasurable sensationsMade of body friendly stainless steel, this Penis Plug gives the him a pierced look without having to pierce his penis.

It has a hole throughout which allows for extended wearing because the wearer can both pee and cum without removing the plug.

Furthermore with safety in mind it has a steel ring to help prevent over insertion and to allow for easy removal.

Ideal for beginners and those wishing to experiment with urethral play.

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