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Ann Summers

Hailey Oversized Hoody


X Small = 6Small = 8-10 Medium = 12-14Large = 16-18X Large = 20-22XX Large = 24-26 It’s time to cuddle up and get cosy with Hailey.This velour hoody has an oversized fit and is perfect for those chilled nights at home.

Pumpkin Morph Mask Halloween Hood


Squash into this.

Our favourite of the root vegetables the Pumpkin Morphmask is a guaranteed success at Halloween parties this year.

Just don't try to make soup out of it.

Open Mouth and Eye Spandex Hood


This smothering and sexy black Open Mouth and Eye Spandex Hood stretches over the wearer's head with an opening for the mouth and eyes leaving them vulnerable to your every whim.

Skin-tight and super sleek this hood is a must-have for kinksters of all levels.

Open Mouth Spandex Hood


This smothering and sexy black Open Mouth Spandex Hood stretches over the wearer's head with an opening for the mouth leaving them vulnerable to your every whim.

Skin-tight and super sleek this hood is a must-have for kinksters of all levels.

Crochet Long Sleeve Mini Dress With Hood


Funky and urban wear this in the bedroom or with jeans for a cool club look.

G-string belt and jewellery not included.

Fetish Fantasy Spandex 3 Hole Hood


Fabulously kinky!This lycra 3-Hole Hood to help you to keep your submissive incognito.

Unlike other masks this is super comfortable.

The open-mouth and eyes hood is designed to stretch completely over your head, while the thin lightweight fabric makes breathing and hearing easy.

Best of all, your subject can still see and you still have access to their mouth!
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open-mouthed hood


This Spandex Open Mouthed Hood from the Fetish Fantasy range is supremely comfortable and easy to fit and wear, even for long lengths of time.A superb start into the world of masks and hoods, this completely unintimidating (to both Dominant and submissive partners) hood is made

Fetish Fantasy Spandex Open Mouth Hood


Open your mouth and close your eyes, I'm going to give you a big surprise!Lightweight and comfortable this new lycra hood gives access to the mouth only.

This hood won't block out light entirely but your vision is impaired so other senses will be heightened.

A fabulous hood giving opportunity to take advantage of the mouth……

Moulded Rubber Anatomical Hood with Eye & Nose Holes


A classic super-smooth comfortable fit Moulded Rubber Anatomical Hood with Eyes & Nose Holes in top quality seamless latex.

No mouth hole guarantees that even the most talkative slave will be silenced or at the very least muffled.

Nose holes assure easy breathing and eye holes allow the wearer to watch the torture as it happens.
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Lycra 3 Hole Hood


Stretch this hood over their head and let them enjoy the feel of skin tight, snug fitting lycra over their face.

The Fetish Fantasy Lycra 3 Hole Hood is ideal for those who love the tactile sensation of lycra on their skin, or to give you or a partner a completely different, anonymous look.


Enclosed Moulded Rubber Hangman's Hood


An extreme Moulded Rubber Hangman's Hood with Nose Holes in Black for those brave enough to go the whole hog.

Tiny pin nose holes allow breathing but the head and neck will be completely encased in smooth shiny black seamless latex.

To die for!

Hooded Fishnet Cupless Bodystocking


Get kinky in this hooded bodystocking.

With open cups and crotch access to all your assets is left open for teasing and pleasing.

G-string not included.

Leather Hood with Red Detail


Leather Hood with Red Detail in quality black leather with back lace for entry.

Shaped eye and mouth cut-outs are framed with red leather trim.

Leatherette Hood & Blindfold Set


Enjoy this well fitted Leatherette Hood & Blindfold Set.

The hood comes with an adjustable blindfold so that you can vary your sensory experience as you wish.

The multiple adjustable buckles gives this leatherette hood a very flexible fitting.

Not to mention the lace backing gives you complete control of the tightening.

The leatherette material provides a combination of durability and softness that is not going to disappoint! A unique hood not like most others.

Moulded Rubber Hood with Eyes Nose & Mouth Holes


This seamless hood is a great beginners hood for those who want to experience full latex coverage.

Small eyes nose and mouth holes in this mask allow easy breathing and sight whilst enjoying the pleasures of a rubber hood.
Simply Pleasure

Hoodlum 7.5 inch Realistic Dildo


Measuring in at 7.5 inches of ecstasy, the Hoodlum realistic dildo is every girl or guy’s everyday delight.

This toy is a bedside essential and we love the detailed design for a life like feel.The Hoodlum is designed for pure pleasur

Leather Dog Hood


Bow WOW!Degrade your sub into a dog instantly with this leather-like Dog Mask.

The dog-shaped hood is made from a leather-like material for a sexy feel and features a zipper across the muzzle to allow your pooch to plead! The Dog Mask is one size but fully adjustable via the lacing at the back.

Also features a classic bondage dog collar with studs and ring so you can attach a lead to take your doggie for a walk.

Leatherette Lace-Up Full Face Hood


The Leatherette Lace-Up Full Face Hood provides a fully immersive hood experience.

The mouth and eye pieces are designed with a zip to provide full control over the sensory experience.

When it's zipped tight there's no chance of catching any light! The lace backing gives you flexibility in the tightening of the hood.

The leatherette provides a beautifully thick aesthetically pleasing and comfortable material.

A fantastic all round hood!

Moulded Rubber Grill Hood


Moulded rubber grill hood with small holes around the nostril and eye area for minimal air intake and sight allowance.

Latex Hood with Eye and Mouth Perforations


Dark, dangerous and deliciously wicked Shiny latex bdsm hood offering sensual deprivation, however the perforations at the eyes and mouth allow just a hint of sight, smell and taste to permeate through, just enough to rouse the senses even more.

Available in two sizes, Medium and Large.To avoid rips and permanent stretching of your latex fetish wear be sure to trim nails or wear gloves when putting on latex clothing.

Use plenty of baby powder or silicone based lubricant to help latex slide on more smoothly.

Remove all sharp objects such as jewellery and watches.

Try warming your latex with a hair drier for increased elasticity.

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