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Strict Leather Padded Bondage Blindfold


Keep your lover in the dark with this Strict Leather padded blindfoldBondage and sensation play is more than magnified when you can't see what's coming.

This super comfortable yet effective blindfold is made with high quality leather and will complete your leather restraints collection.

The elastic band stretches to fit any slave's naughty head.

Blindfold Whip & Handcuffs Kit


Spice things up in the bedroom with this beginners S&M kit that includes a pair of black furry metal handcuffs one black satin blindfold and one small leather black tassel whip which measures 44cm long!

Leather Padded Blindfold


Supress your senses with the Leather Padded Blindfold.

This blindfold brings a striking looks with the all black leather great for completing looks and matching other bondage items.

It also demonstrates some luxury with padded sections this way you can enjoy some form of comfort it's perfect for those who love some restraint but not the extreme form.

Blindfolds are great for supressing senses by eliminating your ability to see temporarily your other senses will heighten meaning you feel orgasmis pleasure that much more.

Leatherette Hood & Blindfold Set


Enjoy this well fitted Leatherette Hood & Blindfold Set.

The hood comes with an adjustable blindfold so that you can vary your sensory experience as you wish.

The multiple adjustable buckles gives this leatherette hood a very flexible fitting.

Not to mention the lace backing gives you complete control of the tightening.

The leatherette material provides a combination of durability and softness that is not going to disappoint! A unique hood not like most others.

Leather Head Harness with Ball Gag and Blindfold


The ultimate head restraint the Leather Head Harness with Ball Gag and Blindfold.

Complete your bondage experience with this fantastic item containing a leather ball gag head harness and blindfold every kinky experience you could ever want in one! Use the buckle fastenings to adjust the size of this harness and get a fit that feels comfortable for you.

If you're a hardcore fan of bondage this head restraint is perfect for you!

Bound to Excite Blindfold & Gag Head Harness


BOUND TO EXCITE Blindfold & Gag Head Harness This Bound to Excite Blindfold and Gag Head Harness sits on the head firmly.

The straps are designed to fasten around the head in all the key points.

It has a minimalist style compared to most head harnesses.

The adjustable metal buckle at the back of the harness gives you full control.

The blindfold and gag doesn't restrict most of the face giving a perfect blend of restriction and sit in the mouth and on the eyes which provides a secure fastening.

The style doesn't restrict most of the face giving a perfect blend of restriction and freedom across the face.

Leather Blackout Blindfold


This one is for all those sensory deprivation lovers.

A totally encapsulating experience this blindfold also goes over the nose to minimise the sense of smell.

With no ability to see whatsoever your submissive will be completely under your control and be left anticipating your next move.

The padded area around and underneath the eye is to ensure there is no light getting in when being worn.

The double velcro strap ensures a very tight and secure fit to no matter where your kinky session takes you this blindfold will not be coming off.

Judy Lingerie Body Blindfold Black


The black lace body with delicate pattern detail comes with a scintillating g-string attached and a subtle revealing lace blindfold for ultimate seduction.

If you aim to please then this certainly will hit right on target.

Large Padded Leather Blindfold


Send your sub off to a relaxing floaty place with our Large Padded Leather Blindfold.

This padded leather blindfold is large enough to cover the eyes completely as well as the surrounding area.

The lush padding allows the blindfold fill in all the gaps to block out all the light without being too tight.

The sensation of the blindfold itself is lightweight so soon your sub will forget it’s even there and concentrate on what you’re doing.

This large padded leather blindfold is a must for sensation play scenes.

With your sub’s sense of vision removed their remaining senses will then come alive.

Even the gentlest touch will become intensified.

Keel this luxurious large padded leather blindfold in your gear bag and you’ll find you’re reaching for it again and again.

Leather Internal Penis Gag Blindfold & Collar Set


Quality studded black Leather Internal Penis Gag Blindfold & Collar Set each fastens with adjustable buckle strap.

Sturdy collar has metal O-rings internal penis gag is approximately 7cm long and blindfold is slightly padded.

blindfold size length: 69cm wide: 6cm adjustable length from 52.5cm to 63.5cm collar size length: 54.5cm wide:5cm adjustable length from 39cm to 47.5cm

UberKinky Ball Gag Leather Head Harness with Padded Blindfold


Stay in complete control with the all in one UberKinky Ball Gag Leather Head Harness with Padded Blindfold.

This supple leather harness holds a padded blindfold in place over the eyes and keeps it from slipping.

The padding helps to block out all light around the edges for an increased amount of sensory deprivation.

By depriving your sub of any and all visual cues all other sensation especially the sense of touch, will be intensified for a sensation play scene that leaves them floating on air.

The blindfold fits comfortably around the nose and attaches at the back with an adjustable buckle.

The chin strap sits under the chin for added security as it holds the ball gag securely in place.

The silicone ball gag is removable and can be used on its own if you so desire.

It also has a fully adjustable leather strap with buckle closure at the back.

The third strap goes up over the centre of the forehead over the back of the head and attaches to the ball gag strap for added stability.

This lightweight leather head harness will keep your sub silent and in the dark so you can do as you please.

Leather Lace-Back Hood with Detachable Blindfold & Gag


This beautifully fitting Leather Lace Back Hood with Detachable Blindfold & Gag features mouth and eye cut-outs and adjustable back lacing.

The leather mouth piece and mask are completely detachable via adjustable buckle side straps.

The mouth piece has a two inch gag inside for added fun.
Simply Pleasure

Bodywand wand blindfold silky restraints garter vibrating cock ring Ho


The Bodywand Honeymoon Set is perfect for naughty newlyweds.

This set has a bondage inspired theme and features silky restraints, a bling blindfold with a ‘Just Married’ design as well as a lace garter.

You’ll also get a USB rechargeable vibrating wand and a vi

Leather Dog Hood with Detachable Blindfold


Leather Dog Hood with Detachable Blindfold ears zip up mouth buckle fastening collar with O-ring lace up back and detachable blindfold.

Obey your master's comman in this submissive costume.

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