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Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Training System


No matter if you are a ball gag beginner, or a kinkster who is more used to the delights of mouth gags, this set is ideal for all on the fetish spectrum.

The Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Training System has three different sized, breathable ball gags which connect to the head strap by way of popper faste

Cheek Retractor Dental Mouth Gag


Use this unassuming looking device to spread their mouth open and give you unrestricted access.

The comfortable cradles on either side slide easily over all lip sizes.

Once you release this device, the U shaped support bar will push the cheeks out of the way, so they are unable to close their lips.

Incredibly simple and extremely effective, this versatile piece is a unique and exciting twist on speech restriction and traditional gags.

Measurements: 4.

5 inches outer width, 3.

35 inside width, 3.

5 inches in length Material: Plastic Color: Blue

Leather Plastic Ball Gag


A twist on a classic the Leather Plastic Ball Gag.

This yellow plastic ball gag is a serious piece of kit to indulge your darkest BDSM desires in.

Using a plastic ball allows this item to be fairly light weight allowing the usbmissive to hold it in their mouth for longer.

Combine this ball with the leather strap and you have an incredibly comfortable piece of kit that allows you to enjoy bondage play without any discomfort.

Use the buckle at the back to fasten a tight fit.

Sex & Mischief Solid Ball Gag


Silence is golden, but it’s never been so sensual with the Sex & Mischief Solid Rubber Ball Gag Silence your slave and you won’t hear anything more than a whimper out of them as they writhe in their bondage restraints.

This fully adjustable solid rubber ball gag is made from soft rubber and it attaches with a fully adjustable vinyl strap in the back.

Beginner's Ball Gag


Don't say a word! Teach your lover the meaning of submissive in no time with this naughty beginner's ball gag.

You're in control over when your lover can or can't speak.

The firm rubber gag fits snugly in your mouth and adjusts easily with sturdy nylon straps and rings.

Comes complete with a free mask.

One size fits most.

Penis Ball Gag


Make a statement without saying a word with this playful Penis Ball Gag.

The soft penis-shaped gag is perfect for beginners and fun for everyone.

The sturdy leather strap adjusts to fit any shape or size giving you instant control over when and how often your lover speaks.

Its a real mouthful!

Leather Beginners O-Ring Gag


Open wide with this Leather Beginners O-ring Gag.

A great way to get involved in gags and bondage play is with this item.

Designed specifically for the smaller mouth or a beginners mouth so no matter what your gag abilities are this one will work for you.

The leather strap provides a comfortable fit alongside the adjustable buckle at the back so you can be sure to have a comfortable kinky experience.

The perfect item for domination and submission play.

Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Breathable Gag Purple


Add color and excitement to your love life, either surprise your partner or get into role-play with your partner with the Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Breathable Gag Purple.

This cute little gag system is no joke, it fills your mouth, stretches it and induces a feeling of helplessness that comes with bondage, resulting in total submission.

It features adjustable strap made from high quality leather and is 10 in length to fit most head sizes.

The kit includes a breathable gag and comes with a free satin love mask as a prop to your Sub and Dom fantasy love games.

Male Adjustable Ball Gag


Male Adjustable Ball Gag A ball gag made especially for males, the Male Adjustable Ball Gag offers an effective gag and fits to most head sizes.

The ball and the strap are made tough to suit to mens personality and can be used by both first-timers and old timers.

It will muffle out any other sound than some distinct moans indicating that the experience is pleasurable for the bound person.

It can be secured to head by an adjustable strap and is built keeping in mind the needs of male users.
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Breathable Ball Gag


Exert your control over your willing and lucky partner, with this Breathable Ball Gag from the Fetish Fantasy range.

All your kinky fantasies can be realised, and with such astounding ease.

If you or your lover have wished to experiment with ball gags, this is the best place to start.This ball gag i

Solid Red Ball Gag


The classic Solid Red Ball Gag.

Not only is this gag perfefct for keeping your submissive silent but it also fulfils the kinky dreams of every gag fanatic.

Styled to live up to many fantasies this gag is perfect for creating an atmosphere of cinematic pleasure.

This Sex & Mischief gag will leave your submissive only their thoughts contemplating what pleasure awaits them.

Use the buckle fastening at the back or the gag to adjust to a size that works for you.

Breathable Ball Gag


Demand some silence in the bedroom with the Breatheable Ball Gag.

Perfect for those who love wearing gags for long durations of time or those who are new to experiencing gags.

The breatheable ball has many holes throughout its surface allowing you to breathe without compromising durability.

The stylish vinyl strap is perfect for completing the look of your kinky outfit.

Use the buckle fastening on the straps to adjust the gag to a size that fits you best.
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Ball Gag


This rubber ball gag is perfect to silence them during your kinky pleasure sessions.

The Fetish Fetish Fantasy Beginner's Ball Gag consists of a rubber ball which is placed between their teeth while the head strap is fastened securely to keep it in place and your willing subject quiet.

The nylon hea

Leather Ball Gag Chin Harness


Explore new gags with the Leather Ball Gag Chin Harness.

This serious piece of kit is the perfect addition to any bondage play.

If you're into gags this one is certainly an upgrade from your last and will definintely be your next favourite! Indludge your darkest BDSM desires as you get your submissive to wear this gag.

The chin strap and the main strap are both adjustable by a buckle fastening so you can get the most secure fit possible.
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spider Gag


This Spider Gag is the mouth gag that keeps your willing submissive's mouth wide open and also adds a kinky look during your fetish roleplay.

From the Fetish Fantasy Extreme range, this mouth gag has a steel ring that fits inside your partner's mouth, between their teeth to keep their jaw wide open
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Penis Ball Gag


The Penis Ball Gag from Fetish Fantasy is a mouth gag that is suitable for all, from beginners to those who love the sensory stimulation from kinky ball gag use.

The mini penis is made from a firm but flexible rubber material and fits into the mouth, while the external portion is a smooth concave.

Fetish Fantasy Penis Ball Gag


Give them a real mouthful, with the Fetish Fantasy Penis Ball Gag! Does your sub know it’s rude to talk with their mouth full? The Fetish Fantasy Penis Ball Gag is a penis shaped rubber ball gag to help keep your sub silent.

The soft rubber material gives your sub something to suck on while you dish out the punishment and torment.

The sturdy adjustable head strap will fit most people with ease and the phthalate free mouth gag gives them something they can really get their teeth into.

With the appearance of a ball gag at the front, but with a little added depth to it, this gratifying gag remains small enough for comfort, and is perfect for those that are new to quiet time.

The eye catching blue will simply add to the aesthetics in your play.They’ll be gagging for more!

Sex & Mischief Breathable Ball Gag


This seductive ball gag sure is a breath of fresh air! The Sex & Mischief Breathable Ball Gag will silence your partner with the hollow two inch diameter ball.

Simply strap the ball gag in place with the fully adjustable strap and your sub’s mouth becomes immobilised until you decide they’ve earned the privilege of speech.

When things get heated, the holes found around the surface of the hollow ball gag will allow your sub to breathe through their mouth as well as their nose.

This playful little breathable ball gag is perfect for beginners but even the pros can be found using this handy gag.

The ball itself is made from body safe ABS plastic and the metal hardware used in the construction is nickel free.

This means it’s safe to use on those who have nickel sensitivities.

Fetish Fantasy Breathable Ball Gag


Take control with the Fetish Fantasy Breathable Ball Gag.

This fully adjustable breathable ball gag comes with a non-toxic rubber ball surrounded by holes which allows your sub to breathe through the mouth when the action heats up yet keep them silent.

This bondage ball gag was designed for your submissive’s comfort so there’s no need to stop things mid scene for a ball gag break.

The top quality adjustable strap fits comfortably around your sub’s face and you can use the buckle at the back to adjust the size for a perfect fit.

Perfect for beginners or for intense scenes which can leave your subby breathless, this ball gag is a must for any well-equipped gear bag or dungeon wall.

Add to their pleasure and peril with the free satin blindfold included with your ball gag.

It will certainly heighten the mood and keep them guessing.

Faux Leather Ball Gag


You'll absolutely love this Faux Leather Ball Gag.

In high quality faux leather this sexy and stylish gag features a 4cm ball and an adjustable strap to fit anyone you desire.

Gags are great bondage items to take things to the next level if you are looking to buy your first gag this one is great with its small gag its perfect for beginners.

Use the buckle fastening on the end of the gag in order to adjust the size so it fits your comfortably.

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