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Glow Tip Anal Douche


Now there's no excuse not to have the highest levels of personal hygiene at all times, resulting in a more enjoyable sex life for you and your partner.

This safe and easy to use anal douche is not only highly efficient at keeping you pristinely clean, it also features a glow in the dark tip meaning

Ultimate Douche


Introducing the ultimate douche.

Get your spring clean feeling with this perfect douche a great size for all users and super durable with its plastic material.

The interchangeable nozzles allow you to switch up the cleaning sensations and also get a different type of clean great for those who love to be as clean as a whistle.

If you're interested in using a douche this one is a great place to start at with for great value you get the perfect experience and more!

Glow In The Dark Anal Douches


Grab yourself a Glow in the Dark Anal Douche.

This anal douche is perfect and easy to use for everyone.

With a glow in the dark tip as well it is perfect for exploring your kinky side when the lights are off! Perfect for those people who prefer to get frisky in the dark and keep the curtains closed.

This anal douche has a great capacity for cleaning with the handheld buld being the perfect size to hold securely whilst in use.

A tapered nozzle for easy and comfortable insertion.

A classic with a twist that you'll definitely love.

Perfect Fit Ergoflo 5 Inch Plastic Douche Nozzle


Go with the flow, with the Perfect Fit Ergoflo 5 Inch Plastic Douche Nozzle!Anal about cleanliness? Well, for no fuss no muss in all of your anal activities, this Ergoflo douche nozzle is a must.

Be anally prepared for absolutely anything, including; fisting, stretching, anal sex and other types of perverted play.

Getting clean has never felt so dirty! Alternatively, get your fill of that intense gratification douching has to offer and simply enjoy the sensation as that gentle stream of liquid fills up your guts.

This deviant douching device is compatible with the Ergoflo Pro, Director, Extra and most flexible shower hoses.

At 5 inches in length, it will gently stretch you out and fill you up whilst offering a delectable deep clean.Smooth, slightly flexible and with a rounded tip, the Ergoflo 5 Inch Plastic Douche Nozzle slips in with ease and is compatible with all of your favourite lubes.

Made from fine quality ABS plastic, it is non-porous, phthalates free and easy to clean.

It is even FDA registered.

The ergonomic design means that it will attach easily to your chosen douche or shower system and it is discreet and portable, making it great for gratification on the go.

Clean up your act; get your hands on the Perfect Fit Ergoflo 5 Inch Plastic Douche Nozzle today!

Glow Clean Douche


The Glow Clean Douche is the perfect douche for in the dark fun.

This douche has a glow in the dark nozzle that helps you to navigate your hygiene easily and conveniently.

This douche has a slim nozzle that's easy to insert and the nozzle can be unscrewed for thorough cleaning and easy filling.

This product is free from latex and phthalates and the waterproof design allows you to use it in the shower also! This douche is great for use before and after anal sex and we love the simple design that makes it perfect for beginner users and pleasure pros.

Blue Classic Anal Douche


A classic in every anal collection the anal douche.

This anal douche comes with a coloured blue bulb and a white spout.

the spout itself is tapered for comfortable insertion this also makes it easy to manoeuvre once inside.

The bulb of this douche holds a good capacity typically you wouldn't need to fill this douche more than once for a thorough clean.

Douches are a must when it comes to anal play they're great not only for cleaning but can leave you with some more than pleasurable sensations.

Easy Clean Anal Douche


Practice anal sex without the worry of any messy endings with the Easy Clean Anal Douche! Effective and simple to use, this anal douche has a soft, squeezable bulb that holds approximately 225ml of liquid.

The nozzle is made from firm plastic that has an insertable length of 2.25 inches and a girth of 1.25 inches and can be easily removed from the bulb for cleaning.

To use this anal douche simply squeeze the bulb until most of the air is removed from the bulb, submerge under water and release the bulb.

We recommend using room temperature water to avoid any unpleasant sensations while using the anal douche.

Then cover the nozzle and your anus with some water-based lubricant, squeeze slightly until the water is slightly coming out and then gently insert into the anus.

Once you have squeezed as much water as you can, remove the douche gently while still squeezing to prevent the liquid from going into the bulb.

Hold in the water for around 2-3 minutes or until you can feel pressure building then sit down on the toilet to expel as much water as you can.

Repeat this process until the water being expelled is completely clear.

2 sachets of lubricant are Included to help you with your first time using this anal douche! If you want to advance into more areas of anal play then this Easy Clan Anal Douche is an absolute must for your collection!

California Exotics Ultimate Douche


It’s the Ultimate Douche! No, we’re not talking about that guy who parks his ridiculous looking car in three parking spaces.

It’s the easy to use, easy to clean hygienic douching system from California Exotics.

Inside you’ll get a refillable bottle and two interchangeable douche nozzles.

The California Exotics Ultimate Douche is travel sized and perfect for anal sex prep on the go.

When you need the ultimate clean before your anal adventures, reach for the California Exotics Ultimate Douche.

Large Classic Bulb Anal Douche


Discover your new favourite the Large Classic Bulb anal Douche.

This anal douche demonstrates all the must-have features of a great douche.

An enlarged bulb to contain enough capacity to clean up in just one use an easy to hold and used rubber bulb and a tapered insert that is thing enough to reach around and get a thorough clean.

If you are looking to purchase an anal douche this item is a great place to start for those who are inexperienced and equally just as good for the pros.

BuzzPinky The Mighty Douche Anal Cleanser


Buzz Pinky The Mighty Douche Anal Cleanser The Mighty Douche Anal Cleanser, Maximum Capacity for the perfect Flush.

Our pink and black striped anal douche will help you keep clean and ready for action.

The ball is 128.

5cm, which contains a volume of 224ml, and the 6cm tube is easily filled with an Instant Connect Nozzle.

The Mighty Douche is made from body safe silicone and looks rather groovy in a 60s The Prisoner kind of way.

You could have it as an ornament and nobody would ever guess! Who said keeping clean couldnt be stylish.

Extra Large Booty Cleanse Anal Douche


If you enjoy a lot of anal play then an anal douche is going to be your best friend.

Making sure that there wont be messy after your anal play session is quite simple with the Extra Large Booty Cleanse Anal Douche.

The nozzle is made from flexible yet firm plastic that has an insertable length of 4.75 inches and a girth of 2.5 inches.

It has ridges around the tip of the nozzle with small holes which cause the water to sprinkle out in all directions.

The large bulb is made from soft rubber, it is easily squeezable and it holds more liquid for fewer reapplications.

The best way to use this anal douche is by squeezing the air out of the bulb and submerging the entire douche into water that is at least room or body temperature, then release the bulb so that it is filled with water.

We recommend rubbing a water-based lubricant onto the nozzle and around the anal entrance to ease insertion.

Once inserted, squeeze the bulb to release the water into the anal cavity.

Remove when you feel that all the water has been released then hold the water for around 2-3 minutes or until you feel a lot of pressure building.

Sit over your toilet and expel the water.

Repeat this process until the water runs clear.

Make sure to add this anal douche to your collection to make your next anal play session more enjoyable!
Simply Pleasure

Kinx Whirling Multi Tip Douche


Get completely clean and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing it.This whirling spray douche is an essential if you enjoy anal stimulation from either toys or a lover.

Easy to use, simply fill the large bulb with water, insert the nozzle and squeeze gently to relea

Travel Douche


Durable Compact Travel Douche - helps to promote clean bacteria free sex, supplied with a free drawstring velvet travel bag, for the maximum discretionA steady fountain of water massages as it gently cleanses.

Our new rectal syringe offers the following: Neat compact size, ideal for travel.

Anal Spout - removable spout attachment ensures even dispersal of cleaning fluid or water.

Hard Syringe - Durable bulb and shaft delivers fluid quickly and easily every time.

Use the spout, or just the syringe, for the most effective inner cleanliness ever.

Easy to use, neat size and very efficient - an essential for relaxed, care-free play with anal sex toys.
Simply Pleasure

Kinx Ultimate Travel Clean 5 Piece Douche


Get cleaner that you've ever been and have the complete confidence to indulge in the sexual liaisons of your dreams at any time.

The Kinx Ultimate Travel Clean 5 Piece Douche has everything you need for perfect personal, intimate hygiene.

This set contains:* 2 Litre Folding Douche Bag with plastic h
Simply Pleasure

Perfect Fit ErgoFlo Impulse Compact Anal Douche


The ErgoFlo Impulse is perfect for spontaneous anal douching and features a compact design that makes it great for on-the-go cleaning and travel.

This anal douche is compact enough for discreet storage, too.The ErgoFlo Impulse is ideal for une

Gleaming Jack Fist Aid Douche


You'll be glowing after you experience the Gleaming Jack Fist Aid Douche.

Let this anal douche join your ranks and become a great asset to your anal cleansing ritual.

Specially designed to thoroughly clean your anus you can count on this douche whenever you need it for worry-free pleasure in every situation.

If you are unfamiliar with douches they are a great tool when considering anal play use them before or after whatever your preference is.

A necessity that you definitely need in your collection.

Nexus Simple Anal Douche


Discover the Nexus Simple Anal Douche and get consistently amazing results.

The sleek design of the nozzle for this douche is slightly tapered to give maximum comfortability this also makes it easy to move around and really all areas whilst inside.

The simple design allows effective and intimate cleaning perfect for before and after anal play.

A tactile high-quality rubber bulb and smooth plastic nozzle make the product quick and easy to operate so even if you are a novice with anal douches this one is great for you!

Pipedream 5PC Portable Douche


Durable, compact and easy to use, this five piece enema kit is portable, easy to use and it has a 2 litre capacity! The 19th Century French used enemas up to four times a day.

Enemas were thought to improve the complexion, add vigour and cure impotence.

Herbs were mixed with water as too was tobacco, which would give the person a rush to which they soon became addicted.

Today coffee enemas are widely used in clinics and by people wanting to perform deep cleansing routines and rid the body of compacted waste matter.

Coffee enemas have featured as a main stay of the cleansing routine in the TV programme Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses - achieving great results! Whether you have an enema as a method of detoxing the body, to achieve maximum anal freshness or for anal play and pleasure, this five piece enema kit is all you need.

There's nothing better than a slow warm stream of water into the rectum, or by the prostate and it's easy with the UberKinky Enema Kit.

Whirling Spray Anal Douche


Helps to promote clean bacteria free sex! Our Whirling Spray Douche offers two methods of anal douchingYou can have the whirling spray which delivers a steady fountain of water that massages as it gently cleanses, or a probe which directs water high into the anus for effective cleansing.

Durable shaped dome tip that sprays a circular fountain of cleansing water giving you massaging pleasure and the ultimate in hygiene.

The soft pliable rubber bib creates a firm seal between the pieces, so no water leakage.

Durable flanged tip easily draws the cleansing fluid (we recommend warm water) for you to cleanse the anus effectively.

Soft pliable easy-pump bulb for a fast and steady flow.

Perfect Fit Ergoflo 8 Inch Silicone Flex Tip Douche Nozzle


Clean up your act when it comes to anal play, with the Perfect Fit Ergoflo 8 Inch Silicone Flex Tip Douche Nozzle!Want to make sure you’re well prepared for every anal eventuality? This douche nozzle from Perfect Fit promises you a deviantly deep clean for whatever anal activity takes your fancy.

Whether that be fisting, stretching, anal sex or any other perverted play, your backside will be as clean as a whistle and ready for its close encounter.

Of course, we can all appreciate how delectable douching is as a standalone activity, and this douching nozzle is just the right size to gently stretch you out and really give you your fill of salacious satisfaction.

Promising to guide that liquid to just the right places, this particular nozzle is a firm favourite at UberKinky.Compatible with all standard shower hose threads, as well as the Ergoflo Pro, Director and Extra, the Ergoflo 8 Inch Silicone Flex Tip has been ergonomically designed for ease of use.

Simple to set up in an instant, it merely screws in place for leak-proof douching as and when the need arises.

Made from the finest quality silicone and ABS plastic, this douche nozzle is non-porous, phthalates free and easy to clean.

The rounded tip aids gentle and comfortable insertion, while the graduating size ensures a satisfying stretch.

With just the right flex to follow the contours of the body with ease, this Silicone Flex Tip Douche Nozzle is a douching dream come true!

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