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Inflatable Medium Butt Plug


The Inflatable Medium Butt Plug is an amazing treat for the pleasure inclined.

The butt plug has an insertable length of 4.25 inches and an adjustable size from 5.6 to 7.75 inches of girth at its widest point.

With a few easy squeezes on the pump, you can find your perfect size and go all out on your pleasure mission! The plug is made from a PVC material so be sure to use plenty of water-based lubricant before play.

Zeppelin Inflatable Butt Plug


The Kinx Classic Anal Zeppelin vibrating inflatable butt plug gives you complete control of your anal play - it also delivers an intense buzz that reaches your innermost erogenous zones for incredible pleasure.

This butt plug is tapered to the tip for easier insertion and the quick release valve ensures that you can deflate it whenever you need to for a quick and easy adjustment in size.

This inflatable butt plug has a multi-speed design that gives you plenty of choice.

You can work your way from a slow setting all the way through to the fastest vibration playing at the pace that suits you.

The soft pneumatic pump action bulb allows you to increase the size of your butt plug gradually and easily.

The simple On / Off button allows you to switch your toy's vibrations on and off with ease.

A flexible tube connects the hand pump and the butt plug giving you effortless movement and flexibility to be as comfortable as possible.

The materials include latex PVC and ABS.

This toy is phthalate free for safe regular pleasure and is compatible with water based lubricants.

Fanny Hills Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug


Introducing Fanny Hills Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug.

Anyone who is a fan of anal play is going to love this combination inflation and vibration does it get any better?! This butt plug has a specifically designed bulb that inflates the soft latex surface of the butt plug to get the thickness you desire.

All while the multi-speed vibrations enhance the pleasure you'll soon discover this combination to be your favourite.

Grab yourself this butt plug and you'll be reaching out for it in every kinky session you have!
Simply Pleasure

Throbbing Dong Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug


Get anal stimulation in the right size for you with this inflatable butt plug.

In a penis style, this plug feels sensational both inserting into your anus and also when sat inside you.

Simply use the bulb hand pump to pump it up to the size you require once in position.

At the base there is a suctio
Simply Pleasure

Expanding Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug


This vibrating butt-plug means you can enjoy anal stimulation especially tailored for you! This ultimate-combo toy means you will experience titillating vibrations along with some added stretch.

An expanding vibrator butt plug like this is the ideal warm-up for larger anal toys.

So, if you&

Colt Inflatable Butt Plug 3.7 Inches


Expand your anal horizons with this awesome COLT Expandable Butt Plug! Consists of black latex butt plug and red hand pump with connection hose.

After insertion of your inflatable butt plug, simply inflate until you're filled up to your limit.

The expandable butt plug also has an easy purge valve, so once you're pumped up to the max, just press the valve and the pressure will be released.

Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug 3.9 Inches


Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug - How big can you go? Crafted from super hygienic latex, this shimmering maleable inflatable plug is both safe - with the added safety hilt and comfortable to use - which means you can relax and enjoy the sensation! Gently inflate it to a whopping 150 mm diameter for added stimulation! The plug when inflated gently adds pressure and added sensations to his prostate (for a shattering orgasm), together with the multispeed vibrations this really is pleasure overload in the anal department!

Small Moulded Latex Inflatable Butt Plug


Transform your anal play with the Small Moulded Latex Inflatable Butt Plug.

This plug brings something new and exciting to anal play with a handheld pump to get your desired fit you'll always get the bst sensations.

This plug is moulded with latex perfect for smooth insertion and even better with some lube to smoothly guide you in.

Shaped with a tapered design this plug comes to a rounded tip not only is this a great sensation but makes it easy to use also.

Inflatable Ball Butt Plug


This pump-up butt plug inflates through use of a bulb pump and is ideal for solo use or that ultimate extra fun with your partner.

The feelings of pleasure experienced from the internal pressure applied by the ball shape of the butt plug is something you simply connot get from regular butt plugs.

Inflatable Ball Butt Plug with Foam Core


This pump-up butt plug inflates through use of a bulb pump and is ideal for solo use or that ultimate extra fun with your partner.

The feelings of pleasure experienced from the internal pressure applied by the ball shape of the butt plug is something you simply connot get from regular butt plugs.

The foam core provides an extra layer of sturdiness for those who will accept no compromise in their play.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Sphincter Stretcher Butt Plug


Searching for something to really fill a hole? Look no further than the Inflatable Sphincter Stretcher from Fetish Fantasy Extreme! Expand your mind AND your ass, and open yourself up to a whole new world of anal possibilities, with this inflatable butt plug from Fetish Fantasy.

Featuring a tapered tip to facilitate easy insertion, the Extreme Inflatable Sphincter Stretcher is perfect for those that are new to anal stretching and want to prepare their ass for bigger and better things.

Of course, it also feels incredible as it tantalises the sensitive nerve endings located in the backside and delivers a satisfying stretch.

Wear during sex or masturbation for greatly intensified gratification and turn on the multi-speed vibration if you demand the ultimate buzz! Ergonomically designed, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Sphincter Stretcher is easily inflated using the medical-style ball pump, enabling you to retain complete control over the pressure.

Featuring a flared base for safety, you can have confidence that your plug won’t get lost in the moment and, in addition, the quick release valve will release pressure at the touch of a button.

The attached remote is easy to operate and controls the powerful pulsations with a mere twist of the dial.

Experiment with the varying speeds and functions it has to offer, and discover just why we love this extreme butt plug so much! To ensure you get really ‘wet’ and that things always run smoothly, add plenty of water based lube!

Inflatable Butt Plug


Create a feeling you'll never forget with the Inflatable Butt Plug.

Easy insertion begins with the plug being able to seriously reduce in size squeeze and fold it to the width of the material.

Insert the deflated plug and then pump it up using the hand pump you'll experience fantastic sensations as you feel it fill you up inside.

Use the hand pump and outlet valve to help stimulate both him and her! If you're into anal sensations you'll love the exploring the different sensations with this type of toy.

Don't miss out grab it now!

Large Black Moulded Latex Inflatable Butt Plug


This large pump-up butt plug inflates through use of a bulb pump and is ideal for solo use or that ultimate extra fun with your partner.

Expand Extra Large Inflatable Anal Butt Plug


Grow your anal toy collection with the sensational Expand Extra Large Inflatable Anal Butt Plug.

Take anal play to the next level with this butt plug not for the faint-hearted this plug is definitely for experienced users although if you're feeling confident this could be for a beginner! This impressive plug expands inside the anus providing a full feeling with an incredible stretch adjust the size to your liking and get an orgasmic experience every time.

The smooth plug comes to a tapered round tip for easy insertion.

Use the handheld pump and get started with your new kinky toy!

Malesation Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug 1.7 Inches


Get pumped with the Malesation Inflatable Vibrating Butt PlugHow big can you go? This handy inflatable butt plug is made from body safe silicone for a hypo-allergenic thrill ride you won’t soon forget! Stick the suction cup base to any smooth surface and hop on.

Now pump up the pleasure with the easy to use hand pump.

Once you’ve got your fill, now have a go at the seven thrilling vibration speeds available for an anal experience you won’t soon forget! The Malesation Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug is an anal enthusiast’s wet dream come true!

NS Novelties Renegade Men's Pleasure System With Inflatable Butt Plug 3.54 Inches


This is one sex toy for men that does it all.

The Renegade Men’s Pleasure System from NS Novelties was designed to give you the most personalised fit possible.

Made from body safe silicone, ABS plastic and TPE you’ll enjoy stretching yourself to your limits in comfort.

The cock ring will ball harness stretches to fit any sized man and will give you a good firm perpetual grip which simply feels amazing with every thrust during sex or masturbation.

The raised centre puts the perfect amount of pressure on your perineum (your taint if you prefer) for a constant exterior prostate massage.

The inflatable butt plug features a solid core which allows for easier penetration.

The size and shape is specifically designed to target your eagerly awaiting prostate gland for an intensely pleasurable prostate massage.

Don’t stop there, using the removable pump hose you can pump up the pleasure and feel the filling sensation of the inflatable butt plug as it swells inside you.

Once you’ve found your limit you can remove the inflation hose and the plug will stay inflated.

Once you’re done experiencing the most fulfilling men’s pleasure system around, simply press and hold the deflation button at the base and the butt plug will begin to deflate.

LateX Men's Briefs with Inflatable Butt Plug 4.3 Inches


Slip into these latex pants and find out their secret within.

Perfectly positioned in the crotch of these luscious latex pants you’ll find a built in inflatable butt plug.

Simply lube it up, slip it in and attach the inflation hose.

Now pump up the pleasure with the easy to use hand pump (included).

Start off slow and you’ll experience all the pleasure that anal stretching has to offer.

When you’ve reached your limit, simply use the built in release valve to release the pressure.

These latex pants shine up bright with latex shine so you can look as good as you feel.

To avoid rips and permanent stretching of your latex fetish wear be sure to trim nails or wear gloves when putting on latex clothing.

Use plenty of baby powder or silicone based lubricant to help latex slide on more smoothly.

Remove all sharp objects such as jewellery and watches.

Try warming your latex with a hair drier for increased elasticity.

​​​​​Size Waist (inches) Chest (cm) Hips (cm) Full Body (cm)Small 30" - 32" 86 - 93 90 - 97 166 - 173 Medium 33" - 34" 94 - 101 98 - 105 171 - 179 Large 36" - 38" 102 - 109 106 - 113 177 - 184 X Large 40" - 42" 110 - 117 114 - 121 182 - 188 XX Large 44" - 46" 118 - 125 122 - 129 185 - 191​​​​​

Master Series Accordion Inflatable XL Anal Plug


Master Series Accordion Inflatable XL Anal Plug Fill them up with this inflatable, accordion style anal plug from the Master Series.

Take your anal play to the next level with this sizable plug that expands inside you, for an amazingly full feeling and an incredible stretch.

The smooth rubber plug expands with each squeeze of the pump and quickly deflates with the pressure release valve.

The smooth end comes to a tapered tip, for easy insertion and targeted stimulation.

The slightly flared base ensures easy removal.

Length: 10 Inches Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner Insertable: 9 to 12 inches Diameter: 2.

5 Inches Circumference: 8 Inches Colour: Black Flexibility: Very Material: Skin Safe Rubber Brand: Master Series Him or Her: Both Main Features: Smooth Rubber

Strict Leather Male Harness with Inflatable Butt Plug 4.5 Inches


This fully adjustable harness from Strict Leather is made from high quality leather and fits waist sizes 29-40 inches! The latex butt plug fits in seamlessly into its own pouch.

Once inserted into a hungry butthole, squeeze the bulb to make it grow.

It starts off at 4.5 inches in length and is 1.5 inch in diameter.

Comfortable enough for long term wear, it comes with three lockable buckles and a built in 2 inch cock ring.

There's no escaping from this harness!Note: To assemble and wear the harness, you will be required to remove the bulb and feed the butt plug until it goes through the hole in the leather pouch.

The butt plug has a firm internal core making insertion easy.The crotch piece at it's maximum (and will need a padlock to hold it in place) measures up to 72.5cm (28.5 inches).

The waist to cock ring strap is 14.6cm (5.75 inches) and the cock ring is 50mm inner diameter

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