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Ballistic Metal Excalibur Series Billet Tapered Cock Ring


The idea behind the Ballistic Metal Excalibur Series Tapered Cock Ring design was from a customer request, which the boffins at Ballistic Metal brought to life.Since its inception, this work of art made from ultra-light weight billet aluminium has been a best seller and has adorned the cocks of some seriously satisfied men.

This tapered design and raised rounded edges just makes sense, as the two different diameters in one ring makes for a great fit and feel.

With six sizes to choose from you are sure to find your size and enjoy a metal cock ring with proper fit and comfort.

With a 3 mm size difference between the two ends it's as if you’re getting two rings in one.Simply slip this aluminium cock ring over your cock and balls and enjoy the amazing gripping experience as it holds your erection firm.

As it’s made from solid aerospace quality billet aluminium, each cock ring comes with a brushed satin finish.

The Tapered Cock Ring is an exquisite piece of erotic jewellery and it’s sure to catch more than a few glances.Note: The diameter listed in the drop down box is the SMALLER of the two diameters of each cock ring.

Metal Cock Ring with Dual Ball Anal Probe


Introducing the Metal Cock Ring with Dual Ball Anal Probe.

This toy is a pleasure palace you'll achieve orgasms like none before! The metal cock ring starts the sensations with a rigid texture it will restrict your blood flow and intensify your orgasm.

Attached to this ring is a metal arm that reaches around to the anal probe.

This probe is also metal and is made up of two balls slightly different in size for different pleasure sensations.

A great toy that you'll be reaching for time and time again.

Steel Cock Ring Set with 3 Pieces


A size for all occasions with this Steel Cock Ring Set with 3 Pieces.

Large ring (6cm internal diameter 24cm outer circumference).

Medium ring (5.5cm internal diameter 22.5cm outer circumference).

Small ring (4cm internal diameter 18cm outer circumference)

Metal Cock Ring with Anal Ball Intruder


Metal Cock Ring with an internal diameter of 4cm and a 40mm internal intruder.

Perfect for those hard play scenes with your Mistress!

Steel Butt Plug Cock Ring


Introducing the incredible Steel But Plug Cock Ring.

This heavy duty item is not for the faint hearted but will certainly provide you with the orgasm of a lifetime! The cock ring itself measuring an internal diameter of 5cm is attached to a metal arm measuring 10cm which is then attached to a metal butt plug.

Each element if this item is heavy in weight smooth in feel and cool to the touch making it the perfect item to bring you all sorts of pleasurable sensations.

You won't want to miss out on this one!

Crowned Jewels Earl's Court Titanium Cock Ring


Don’t go through life with tunnel vision; allow us to open your eyes when it comes to the Crowned Jewels Earl's Court Titanium Cock Ring!Sensationally handcrafted by skilled artisans, this cock ring is made from the finest quality, fully tested, ‘commercially pure’ titanium.

Hypoallergenic, body safe and nickel free, it feels supremely gentle, even when worn by the most sensitive of souls.

Additionally, because it’s approximately 50% lighter than stainless steel, there’ll be no worries weighing you down.

It has been manufactured in Great Britain to the highest ISO standards, so you can be sure that what you receive is built to the finest standard possible.

Beautiful in blue, this stunning cock ring looks as good as it feels.

Ergonomically shaped and flawlessly contoured, the Earl's Court Titanium Cock Ring is designed to tantalise the nerve endings and give the cock a gentle squeeze.

Increasing firmness, stamina and sensitivity, as well as enhancing orgasm, this cock ring will show off the ‘full package’.

Buy as a luxurious and gratifying gift, or give in to your own temptation; either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Now, if you can think of one reason why you shouldn’t; fire away!

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