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Metal Dildo with Balls


For anyone who prefers pleasuring themselves in luxury this heavy duty metal dildo with removable balls is designed with such quality that it could be considered an ornament.

Its sleek and smooth aesthetic and removable balls means this product is perfect for all preferences and changing moods.

Balls or not this is a dildo to please.

Stainless Steel Dildo Ripper 4.5 inches


Top quality stainless steel anal insertable with 5 rings for ribbed sensations and eye watering pleasure!The Dildo Ripper butt plug could be used anally or vaginally; fill that hole and gorge yourself with the deliciously sized 5 inches of length x 1.5 inches of girth of this steel insertable.

Made entirely from body safe stainless steel for hygiene and lifetime-lasting enjoyment!

Brazilian Stainless Steel Dildo 4.5 Inches


Do you love the look and feel of cold, hard stainless steel? The Brazilian Stainless Steel Dildo comes with two tantilising textures to double your pleasure.

One side is a gently tapering ridged cone shape while the other side features three stimulating balls which will put a curl in your toes as each one slips in.

This side also works as an ergonomic handle for when you’re using the ridged side.

If you love temperature play then the Brazilian Stainless Steel Dildo has what you need.

Place it in a bowl of ice water or warm water to bring it up to your desired temperature and get ready for an unforgettable sexual experience!
Simply Pleasure

Rouge Garments Stainless Steel Double Ended Dildo 10in


Rouge Garments Stainless Steel Double Ended Dildo 10in
Simply Pleasure

Rouge Garments Stainless Steel Double Ended Dildo 10in


Rouge Garments Stainless Steel Double Ended Dildo 10in

Stainless steel Wand Dildo


Stainless steel Wand Dildo perfectly curved for precise insertion.

Mirror polished.

Can be used by either sex.

Cleaned easily but please don not use anything abrasive as it will damage the polish.

Temperature control by emerging in hot or cold water.

Comes in its own pouch for safe keeping.

Circumference of the head 4.

5 inches 10 inch in total length.

Temperature control for additional sensation.

Advised to be used with lubricant.

Total length: 10 inches long.

insertable 8 inches.


Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo 8 Inches


Simple, stylish and sophisticated.

The Njoy Pure Wand is pure, unadulterated pleasure in a well-designed package.

Make a direct connection with your G-Spot or Prostate with the perfectly curved Njoy Pure wand.

The Njoy Pure Wand is made in top quality 316 stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine making it an exquisite erotic work of art.On either side of this refined pleasure object you’ll find two bulbous heads; choose from 2.5cm or 3.8cm in diameter.

The specially designed curve allows you to relax as you pleasure yourself or your partner with superior G or P spot stimulation, no more contortionist moves!

Crowned Jewels Shaftsbury Titanium Dildo


Don’t be blue; get your hands on the Shaftsbury Titanium Dildo from Crowned Jewels today!Cleverly handcrafted from medical grade ‘commercially pure’ titanium, this delicious dildo boasts a stunning design that is body safe, hypoallergenic and nickel free.

Perfectly contoured to hit just the right ‘spot’, it can be used anally or vaginally and is easily warmed or cooled for tormenting temperature play.

With a scintillating single bulb at one end and multiple globes on the other, there is no shortage of stimulation when you have this titanium tool to hand.

Approximately 50% lighter than stainless steel, the titanium used is fine quality and built to last.

Made in Great Britain to the highest ISO standards, it has been created with safety and satisfaction in mind.

Whether you play alone or with a friend is entirely up to you.

It even comes complete with a handy storage pouch.

Remember to wash your toy after every use, either using a specialised toy cleaner or a mild soap.

Simply dry it off with a soft cloth.

And trust us; you never get shafted with Crowned Jewels!

Crowned Jewels Marylbone Titanium Dildo


Trust us; it won’t be England you’re thinking of when you lie back with this delightful, yet deviant dildo! Superbly hand-crafted with intricate attention to detail, this stunning toy is made using the finest medical grade, ‘commercially pure’ titanium.

Hypo-allergenic, body safe and supremely sexy, it has been polished to a sublime shine, so that it looks and feels incredible.

In addition, the beautiful blue colour of this Crowned Jewels Marylebone Titanium Dildo is absolutely mesmerising.

Approximately 50% lighter than stainless steel, it has been made in Great Britain to the highest ISO standards, and only makes use of titanium that has been thoroughly tested.

Easily warmed or cooled, you can even use it for some tormenting temperature play.7 stimulating globes tantalise the nerve endings whether used vaginally or anally, and the slight curve makes it perfect for targeted G/P-spot stimulation.

Play alone or with a friend, but be sure to clean your toy with toy cleaner or mild soap after each and every use.

You’ll never be blue with this Marylebone Titanium Dildo!

Crowned Jewels Farringdon Titanium Dildo


Looking for a dildo that’s fit for a king or queen? Then prepare to be royally fucked (in a good way), with the Crowned Jewels Farringdon Titanium Dildo! This Crowned Jewels Farringdon Titanium Dildo has been intricately crafted to look and feel simply sensational.

Luxurious, sleek and smooth, why not buy that someone special a supremely gratifying gift? Or you could just treat yourself! Perfectly contoured for G/P-spot stimulation, it is a versatile tool with four graduating globes at one end and a singular bulb at the other.

The body firmly grips the length of the dildo, providing new, unique and intense sensations.

Use vaginally or anally, and play alone or with a friend; the choice is yours!Made from medical grade ‘commercially pure’ titanium, this stunning instrument is approximately 50% lighter than stainless steel, is hypoallergenic, body-safe and nickel free.

In addition it has been manufactured to the highest ISO standards, with your safety and satisfaction in mind.

Highly polished to a supreme shine, this delectable dildo both looks and feels incredible.

The attention to detail doesn’t end with the product either; it comes with a supremely soft storage pouch and stunning packaging.

Remember to clean your Farringdon dildo after each use with toy cleaner or mild soap, and dry with a soft cloth; it’s important to care for your Crowned Jewels!

Njoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo 9 Inches


Fancy elevenses?!The Njoy Eleven is a luxuriously smooth stainless steel dream dildo for the discerning size queen! Your pleasure awaits and luckily, this one goes up to eleven! This magnificent sculpted dildo features a glorious bulbous head on each end and is curved in all the right spots.

Choose from the larger smooth end or the ridged smaller end.

Perfect for him or her, the Njoy Eleven stainless steel dildo seeks out your G-spot or prostate gland and massages it into submission.

This erotic work of art is cast in 316 stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine.

Try warming up your Njoy Eleven in a warm water bath or chill it in an ice bath for amazing temperature play.

The rounded ends and smooth exterior make insertion a breeze and the design allows for optimum grip and control.


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