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Realistic Thick Fat Inflatable Dildo


This Realistic Thick Fat Inflatable Dildo is the perfect addition to your collection if you want something that is completely different.

It is fitted with a pump that dramatically changes the size and feel of the dildo, going to a maximum of 6 inches of insertable length and 5.5 inches in girth at its widest point! Made out of a PVC material, the dildo keeps its shape and remains firm while being pumped up, not to mention it is completely waterproof so you can use this in the privacy of your own bathroom!

Extreme Inflatable Thick Fat Dildo


The Extreme Inflatable Thick Fat Dildo is the toy you want if you are looking for some extreme girth sizes! The dildo is made from a flexible, body-safe, PVC material and comes equipped with a small pump which you use to push air inside the dildo to customise the girth to however you want it.

The dildo has an insertable length of 6 inches and an adjustable girth of 5.1 inches to over 12.5 inches at its widest point! This toy is waterproof so you can also safely use it as part of your water play and enjoy the amazing adjustable girths it can provide you!

Realistic Inflatable Dildo


Uninflated this dildo measures 6 inches in length and 5 inches in girth but inflates to over 8 inches long and 7 inches in girth.

Inflates using an attached hand-pump.
Simply Pleasure

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Ass Blaster Dildo


Pump up the volume of your orgasms with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Ass Blaster Dildo! This large size dildo is not for the beginner or the faint at heart.

Made from PVC and vinyl the Inflatable Ass Blaster Dildo is ready to stretch and fill you entirely, to a level previously unimagined.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Ass Blaster Dildo 9 Inches


Looking to expand on your anal stretching gains? Then pump your way to perfection, with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Ass Blaster Dildo!The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Ass Blaster swells with pleasure with just a few pumps.

You’ll soon feel full to capacity as this black PVC and vinyl inflatable dildo slowly stretches your anus to its limits, while the gentle curve stimulates your prostate gland or G-spot.

This lifelike dildo looks and feels just like a real penis.

The realistic texture and slightly ribbed shaft will provide you with pure pleasure every time you play.

Once inserted, it can double in girth as it expands to extreme widths.

Just how far can you go?When you’re done with your lifelike inflatable dildo simply release the pressure with the safety valve found in the inflation bulb.

So, when your bum is hungry for a toy with incredible gains, reach for the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Ass Blaster!

Trinity Vibes 11 Inch Inflatable Dildo


Looking for a dildo that grows with your inner most desires? The Trinity Vibes 11 inch Inflatable Dildo is designed to fill you up and satisfy your greed.

This textured inflatable dildo has a realistic look and feel, right down to the well-defined coronal ridge.

Fans of anal stretching will adore how this dildo expands on all sides.

There is no solid core so to enjoy your inflatable dildo simply give him a pump or two to give him a more firm feeling, lube him up and insert.

Once you’ve got your inflatable dildo inserted now you can enjoy a gentle stretch as you pump up the pleasure using the built in inflation bulb.

When you’re done just press on the pressure release valve to safely deflate your dildo.

Trinity Vibes Inflatable Suction Cup Dildo 6 Inches


Go from oh to WHOA with the Trinity Vibes Inflatable Suction Cup Dildo.

You’ll enjoy the thrill of pumping up the pleasure as you use the hand held pump to inflate the dildo and watch the fun grow.

Place the suction cup on any smooth surface and you can enjoy your inflatable dildo for hands free fun.

You’ll gain girth as well as length for a thorough anal stretch.

When you’re done simply press the button on the air release valve and your inflatable dildo will gently spring back into shape.

Master Series Ravage Vibrating Inflatable Dildo


Pleasure them with this heavy duty inflatable vibrating dildo.

It inflates more and more with each squeeze of the hand pump.

The ridged shaft and bulbous base grows for customised fullness.

The grenade style bulb allows you to easily adjust the size and find the perfect fit.

You can quickly deflate the dildo by pressing the quick release button at the top of the valve.

Take it up a notch with the addition of powerful variable speed vibration for an extra memorable sensation.

Showing Products 1-8 of 8