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Pjur Analyse Me Concentrated Anal Spray



Pjur Backdoor Anal Spray 20ml Lubricant


There is also an intimacy spray to cater to the special requirements of more vigorous anal intercourse.

pjur BACK DOOR anal comfort spray is the extraordinary anal care product with high grade panthenol and aloe vera.

These two ingredients make the skin more elastic, for more relaxed enjoyment of harder anal sex without pain and no lidocaine or benzocaine.

It moreover makes using larger sex toys more enjoyable.

The ingredients are the same as those in pjur analyse me! spray, but in higher concentration.

Compatible with latex condoms.

Relaxation spray for intensive anal sex In higher concentration, with high-grade panthenol and aloe vera Reduces sensitivity Application2 to 4 sprays per application will suffice.

First, spray the product on your forearm to test for any incompatibility.

Do not use in case of an allergic reaction.

Do not spray on open wounds.

Insider tip Combine pjur BACK DOOR spray and glide for perfect anal sex enjoyment.

Ingredients: Propyl...

Relaxxx Anal Spray


UberKinky says RelaxXXX!Now you can enjoy your anal experiences pain free, with this fantastic anal spray from RelaxXXX.

Unlike some other anal sprays, this formula, with its all natural ingredients, relaxes your anus without dulling sensation so that you can still enjoy all that anal sex has to offer.

Completely compatible with condoms and lubricants, the bottle offers a huge 30 applications and is super easy to use - simply spray on, relax and enjoy the ride! Containing skin soothing ingredients, including Aloe Vera, there are also long term benefits of using RelaxXXX Anal Spray.

The formula is light and non-greasy but offers long lasting effects, and the spray form means that it is quick and easy to apply.

All it takes is a couple of sprays several seconds before you play for this fast acting formula to get to work.

You can even use during or after penetration if so desired.

Additionally, it is condom compatible, so you can stay safe while you play.

We think it's great!

RelaxAN Anal Relaxant Spray 20ml


Help ease muscle tension and enhance pleasure during anal sex with this relaxing anal spray.

The calming and moisturising formula aids the relaxation of your anal muscles for fun and stress-free play.

Apply 2 to 3 sprays to the anal area in advance of sexual intercourse and massage it into the skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, Glyceryn, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis, Malva Silvestris Extract, Hypericum Perforatum Extract, Laureth-9, Phenoxyethanol, Butylparaben, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben

Pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Spray


Pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Spray for a more comfortable anal experienceThe Pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Spray is an extraordinary liquid containing ingredients such as Panthenol which supports the suppleness of the skin, increases elasticity, reduces sensitivity and lightly desensitizes the anal sphincter enabling you to enjoy anal pleasure!Simply apply two to four sprays to the appropriate area, and allow to absorb for a few minutes.

Perfect for use with the Pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide lubricant!

Natural Anal Relax Spray 25ml


Finally a totally natural Relaxant Spray to make sure your anal play is comfortable and supremely enjoyable!We all know that it is vital for you to be relaxed to enjoy anal play, the second tip is to take your time, and it has to be done really S L O W L Y! So often we can be nervous of any initial pain and stinging, but by using this Natural Relaxant, it helps to naturally relax the anal sphincter muscle, making penetration a lot easier meaning you to get to enjoy the sensations even more.

It doesn't numb you up like some sprays and creams can do - what's the point of that if you can't feel anything? It merely relaxes the muscles for easy penetration.

Safe and sound.

pjur Back Door Anal Comfort Spray 20ml


The key to better anal sex is being totally relaxed.

A task that's easier said than done for some, this anal comfort spray does the job for you.

Unlike many anal enhancers which contain aneasthetic, this one uses panthenol for relaxation without numbing.

Apply two to four sprays to the appropriate area and allow to absorb into the skin for a few minutes.

The active ingredient, panthenol, sets to work increasing elasticity and reducing sensitivity for maximum pleasure.

A safer alternative to numbing agents, this relaxant is perfect for first time anal and enables both partners to enjoy the best experience.

Follow up with your favourite anal lubricant and get ready for some fun! Lidocaine and benzocaine free! Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Laureth-4, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Alcohol denat., Panthenol, Mentha Piperita Oil.
Simply Pleasure

Bathmate Control Prolonger Desensitizer 7ml


Bathmate Control Prolonger extends pleasure when you need it most and is formulated from natural ingredients only for a safe, regular option.

This prolonging gel for men can be applied long before pleasure, and works just when you need it to./p&g

Meo ExtreMeo Anal Relaxing Spray 30ml


Can anal sex be enjoyed pain free? No need to reach for the poppers, Extremeo Anal Relaxing Spray will allow you to lie out your biggest anal fantasies for unrestrained anal sex.

Perfect for butt sex all the way up to fisting and extreme dildos, ExtreMeo Anal Relaxing Spray features a special combination of skin nourishing ingredients to help you ease into anal play.

Simply spray one or two bursts onto the anus and allow it to absorb.

Your muscles will relax as you prepare for your anal adventures.

ExtreMeo is suitable for anal beginners and for the more seasoned pros who enjoy fisting, anal stretching and huge dildos.

ExtreMeo doesn’t numb your bum, it simply decreases the painful sensitivity of the sphincter muscle so you’re free to feel every minute of your posterior being penetrated.

Best of all ExtreMeo Anal Relaxing Spray is skin friendly, fat free and water-soluble.

Note: ExtreMeo is not compatible with latex condoms

Relaxxx Anal Spray for Women


Specially formulated, and completely natural!Now you can enjoy all the pleasure that anal sex has to offer with this fantastic spray by RelaxXXX.

Formulated especially for women from purely natural ingredients, it helps to relax your sphincter for easier entry without dulling sensation so that you still get full enjoyment from your experiences.

With a slight anaesthatising effect to make penetration more comfortable, we think it's fantastic.
Simply Pleasure

Pjur Backdoor Anal Comfort Spray Transparent 20ml


Pjur Backdoor Anal Spray is formulated especially for more rigorous anal play.

It contains high grade panthenol and aloe vera - two ingredients that make the skin more elastic, allowing you to enjoy more comfortable sex.


Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray


Do you prefer spraying rather than applying a product manually? You will be glad to know that we have a small selection of intimacy spray precisely for that purpose.

pjur analyse me! anal comfort spray is an exceptional care product applied in the anal area that helps the skin to relax for enjoyable anal intercourse.

High grade panthenol and aloe vera make the skin and tissue more elastic and counteract oversensitivity in the anal area with no lidocaine or benzocaine.

Compatible with latex condoms.

Relaxation spray for anal sex With high-grade panthenol and aloe vera Reduces sensitivity pjur analyse me! anal comfort spray for relaxed enjoyment.

Application Only a few sprays needed per application.

First, spray the product on your forearm to test for any incompatibility.

Do not use in case of an allergic reaction.

Do not spray on open wounds.

Many fans combine pjur analyse me! spray and glide for even more enjoyable sex.


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