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Simply Pleasure

Mini Vibrating Nipple Pocket Pump


Suction and vibration combined give your nipples a thrill that will have you squirming in absolute pleasure.This Mini Vibrating Nipple Pocket Pump has a soft flexible bulb which delivers the suction stimulation to the nipple which is captured in the soft cup.

There is a powerful, multi speed bullet
Simply Pleasure

Pussy Pump


If you love the stimulation that suction brings, you are going to love this Pussy Pump.

Easy to use and supremely hygienic, simply place the cup over your vaginal area then use the hand pump to create the suction.

Ensure an air tight seal and the vacuum created within the transparent cup will make y
Simply Pleasure

Kinx Masseuse Firm Suction Nipple Pump


The simple route to suction sensation!This Kinx Masseuse Firm Suction Nipple Pump is delightfully easy and hassle free to use.

Simply place it over your nipple and then squeeze the soft bulb to create the vacuum within and hence the suction.

Enjoy the stimulation that suction provides.

This nipple s

Seven Creations 10-Piece Nipple Pump Set


With various sizes of ring and pump this Seven Creations 10-Piece Nipple Pump Set invites you into a world of erotic fun.

You should never forget the nipples this set heightens their sensitivity by pumping and constricting them to enliven any sexy situation.
Simply Pleasure

Vibrating Clit Pump


Combine the luscious feel of suction, with the powerful stimulation of vibration and then apply to your clitoris.

Lay back and enjoy the overwhelming climax that is certain to overtake you...

This Vibrating Clit Pump gives your clitoris the full attention it deserves, with a dual stimulation that is

Maximizer Worx VX1 Power Penis Pump With Vagina


The Maximizer Worx VX1 is a penis pump that uses a vacuum chamber complete with a trigger handle, a TPE soft sleeve that creates an airtight seal, and a cock ring.

The vacuum chamber is clear and is 2.68 inches in diameter and 8 inches in full length.

The pump can accommodate a penis length of up to 7.8 inches.

Try this easy to use and safe pump device to increase your penis length and girth and boost your confidence without any side effects! With each pull on the trigger handle, you can immediately notice a difference in the overall size of your intensely satisfying! To use the pump, insert your penis into the soft TPE vagina sleeve to create an airtight seal for the vacuum effect to work.

Using the trigger handle, you can increase the vacuum effect to create a harder and bigger erection.

To remove the pump, simply press the quick release valve on the handle to instantly relieve the pressure; use the cock ring that comes included to help maintain the erection and to prolong ejaculation creating an all round amazing experience!

Seven Creations Breast Enlarger Vacuum Pump


Want larger, fuller breasts without resorting to painful surgery?Our breast enlarger vacuum pump is a revolutionary new way to acheive the cleavage you've always wanted without painful and dangerous surgery - every girl's dream!The more you use it the better the results - simply place over your breast and pump.

The pump draws fat and fluids directly into the fat cells of the breast, causing them to enlarge and engorge, so you can see near-instant results.

Over a period of time, like with exercise, it's possible to trigger new cellular growth leading to a more permanent solution! It is also the perfect way to increase sensitivity; how you choose to take advantage of that increased sensitivity is entirely up to you...This technique is known as soft tissue expansion, and this kit includes everything you need to get started - a manually operated vacuum pump with a form fitting cup and the pump mechanism.

Enjoy ladies!
Simply Pleasure

Minx Clitoral Kisses Vibrating Pump


The clitoris is well known as the hot spot of female stimulation.

That's why we know you're going to love this Clitoral Vibrating Pump, offering you a new and quite frankly, astounding method of sexual stimulation that will send you to another dimension of pleasure.&n

UberKinky Airlock Clitoris Pump Kit


Allow us to air our opinion on our UberKinky Airlock Clitoris Pump Kit: turning BIG dreams into a reality.Crafted from fine quality, durable materials, this kit is built to last and delivers supreme suction and sensitivity.

Complete with a small cylinder that cups the clitoris perfectly for precision pumping, it is ergonomically designed with rounded edges, for maximum comfort and optimal seal.

Pressure is easily applied using the trigger pump, so you or your playmate can decide when enough is enough.

When the desired pressure has been reached, the attachments may be disconnected and the cylinder left in place.

Watch as your decidedly delicious clitoris swells with pride and becomes more and more sensitive.

When the cylinder is removed, you can take advantage of this sensitivity however you choose.

Why not engage in a little sadistic sensation play or brutal BDSM play? This kit even comes complete with a handy little black carry case, so you can take it with you wherever you go.Don’t be a sucker; get your hands on yours today!
Simply Pleasure

Doc Johnson Pussy Pump


The Doc Johnson Pussy Pump has a comfortable design that fits your body perfectly, enclosing the clitoris and the labia for maximum efficiency.

This pussy pump has a cup shape and makes the vagina more sensitive to touch and more responsive to pleasure.&

Vagina Silicone Pump


Feel more sensitive where it matters with this soft, silicone-edged pump.

Fits comfortably over the vagina.

Use the pump to deliver a strong suction that will increase sensitivity by drawing the blood to the surface of the skin.

For immediate air release and to tailor the pressure to suit, simply push the button.

Double Cup Manual Breast Pump


This pink manual breast pump set consists of two clear plastic breast enlarger cups that are worn like a bra.

Once fitted securely in place to form an airtight seal a simple manual vacuum pump is then used to draw the air out of the breast cups.

This causes the breast tissue to swell.

An electric breast pump model is also available.

The breasts will grow in size and sensitivity as blood is drawn into the area.

Gradually your breasts become more sensitive to stimulation.

You will see the difference as your breasts swell eliciting highly erotic sensations as they fill the cups right in front of your eyes.

Once the pressure is released your breasts and nipples will be left larger firmer and more sensitive to you or your partner's touch or mouth.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity and results.

Great for use on your own or with a partner especially when used in bondage and BDSM play sessions.

You will go wild as your partner squeezes nibbles and plays with your swollen breasts and ultra-sensitive nipples.

Go on see why pumping is such an erotic play activity.

Finger Grip Clitoris Pump


This Finger Grip Clitoris Pump will enlarge your clitoris making it incredibly sensitive to the slightest touch.

Vibrating Pussy Pump


Give yourself the greater gains of pleasurable sensations you’re after with the You 2 Toys Vibrating Pussy Pump.

This all in one pleasure dome is just what you need when you want to increase the size of your labia and intensify sensation.

The more you pump the more swollen your vulva becomes as it brings invigorating blood to the surface of your skin which helps to amplify any form of stimulation from the stroke of a feather to a powerful bullet vibe.

To enjoy a little pussy pumping play, simply place the anatomically shaped transparent cup over your vulva.

Now pump up the pleasure with the easy to use hand pump to find the desired negative pressure.

Now you’ll be able to watch through the transparent ABS plastic as your labia start to rise and swell with every pump.

It is definitely a horny sight for you and your partner to behold.

Soon you’ll experience an indescribable tingling sensation and the subsequent sex, masturbation or sensation play scene will simply feel out of this world! For added fun there’s a removable remote controlled egg vibrator so you can intensify the sensations and experience explosive orgasm after orgasm.

This incredible pussy pump is one not to miss! You 2 Toys have even included a sample of water-based lubricant to help create an optimum seal so you can enjoy your pumping pleasure right out of the box.

Maximizer Worx VX2 Accumeter Cock Pump With Vagina


The Maximizer Worx VX2 Cock Pump is a male enhancement system that consists of a precision gauge vacuum chamber trigger pump, a removable airtight seal and a cock ring.

The precision engineered vacuum chamber is clear for viewing progress measuring 2.68 inches wide, 11 inches in total length and accommodating 7.8 inches in penis length.

The included cock ring helps maintain your erection.

Developed as a safe, affordable, non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills, this handheld penis pump is the easy way to instantly enlarge your penis without any negative side effects.

Simply insert your penis into the vacuum cylinder tube, squeeze the trigger handle to increase the vacuum pressure which you can monitor with the gauge at the top of the chamber and watch your penis become larger! The soft TPE sleeve, designed to look like a vagina, forms a perfectly tight seal against the skin and creates a powerful vacuum inside the chamber.

When you have reached your desired size, simply push the quick release valve above the trigger handle to instantly relieve the pressure and youre ready to play! To prolong your erection and maintain your erection, slide the cock ring to the base of the penis after you remove the pump.

Double Cup Electric Enlargement Breast Pump


This breast pump is the perfect electric air pump machine for suction on your breasts.

The device will help titillate the nipple area ...

perfect for all sorts of play whilst ensuring they look their best.

Using new technology and design the twin cups create a superior suction.

The toy comes in a classy pink and is made from a body safe plastic.

They sit on the breasts comfortably and can be controlled from a connected remote.

It'll be sure to add a twist in all sorts of ways!

Finger Grip Nipple Pump


Bigger is better and more sensitive.

This Nipple Pump has a finger grip control that allows you to fully explore your limits or pleasure and pain.

Doc Johnson Pussy Pump


We won’t pussyfoot around; you need the Doc Johnson Pussy Pump! When it comes to sensual and sadistic satisfaction, this vacuum pump is in a league of its own.

Ergonomically designed and perfectly contoured to sit over the pussy with ease, this deviant device features a quick release valve and has been crafted with your safety and gratification in mind.

Perfect for beginners and pros alike, the squeeze bulb allows easily applied pressure, while the non kink hose means that what you see is what you get.

The innovative valve even allows you to remove the hose and pump after you have created the vacuum seal.

So, now you can enjoy that sensational suction for even longer.

Increasing sensitivity and blood flow, this innovative item can be worn without any annoying attachments.

So, prepare for mind blowing orgasms and unbeatable nerve stimulation.

Made from fine quality durable materials, this pussy pump is latex and phthalate free.

The edges of the cup are rounded for optimum seal and maximum comfort.

It’s just what the doctor ordered...

Butterfly Clitoral Pump Vibrator Pink


The Butterfly Clitoral Pump by CalExotics is an intimate accessory that helps stimulate feminine arousal and helps her reach a new dimension of ecstasy.

The luxurious device comes with a butterfly-shaped suction cup containing 50 thrilling intimate ticklers.

The product has an easy to use finger grip pump and a quick air releases valve.

The clitoral pump also boosts 4 intense speeds of vibration and is made of premium soft touch silicone.

It comes in a feminine contemporary packaging and makes a great choice for consumers who want to get more adventurous in their toy choices.

Pussy Pump - Rose Gold


Use this pump to increase blood flow to your most sensitive regions.

Simply adjust the cylinder so you can get a tight seal around your vaginal area.

A high level of pressure will be required to get a good seal.

We also recommend a good water based lube to help create that necessary seal to get a successful pump.

Easy to use, place the cylinder over your desired erogenous zone and squeeze the pump to draw blood into the area.

You will feel suction as your clit increases temporarily in size and sensitivity.

You can easily release the pressure in the cylinder by pressing the release valve on the bulb.

You can also detach the industrial grade acrylic cylinder from the pump with the simple clip system, leaving your clit suctioned up in the cylinder.

The kit will have 1 pussy cup, 1 hose and 1 hand pump.

Compatible with all types of lubricant.

Dimensions package 27 x 12, 50 x 8 cm Weight package 260 gram Product dimensions 53 x 11 x 8 cm Product weight 155, 00 gra...

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