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Bondara Blow Hole Vagina Penis Pump Attachment


Simply Pleasure

Mini Vibrating Nipple Pocket Pump


Suction and vibration combined give your nipples a thrill that will have you squirming in absolute pleasure.This Mini Vibrating Nipple Pocket Pump has a soft flexible bulb which delivers the suction stimulation to the nipple which is captured in the soft cup.

There is a powerful, multi speed bullet
Simply Pleasure

Pussy Pump


If you love the stimulation that suction brings, you are going to love this Pussy Pump.

Easy to use and supremely hygienic, simply place the cup over your vaginal area then use the hand pump to create the suction.

Ensure an air tight seal and the vacuum created within the transparent cup will make y

Vibrating Nipple Pump


Simply Pleasure

Kinx Masseuse Firm Suction Nipple Pump


The simple route to suction sensation!This Kinx Masseuse Firm Suction Nipple Pump is delightfully easy and hassle free to use.

Simply place it over your nipple and then squeeze the soft bulb to create the vacuum within and hence the suction.

Enjoy the stimulation that suction provides.

This nipple s

Seven Creations Silicone Advanced Clit Pump



BASICS Nipple Pump Set (6 Piece)


A 6-piece nipple pump set with everything you need for long-lasting, erect nipples.

The set includes 2 pumps and 4 pairs of nipple rings of varying circumferences for tailored stimulation and heightened sensitivity - whatever your size.

Select a suitable pump size and stretch your chosen nipple ring over the plastic end.

Squeeze the bulb and place the opening over your nipple, allowing the pump to gently suck your nipple into the cylinder.

Your nipple will begin to swell with sensitivity as blood is drawn to the area.

Keeping the pump attached, slide the nipple ring down towards your body and onto your nipple.

To remove the pump, squeeze the bulb once and hey presto, heightened nipple pleasure is yours.

Seven Creations 10-Piece Nipple Pump Set


With various sizes of ring and pump this Seven Creations 10-Piece Nipple Pump Set invites you into a world of erotic fun.

You should never forget the nipples this set heightens their sensitivity by pumping and constricting them to enliven any sexy situation.
Simply Pleasure

Vibrating Clit Pump


Combine the luscious feel of suction, with the powerful stimulation of vibration and then apply to your clitoris.

Lay back and enjoy the overwhelming climax that is certain to overtake you...

This Vibrating Clit Pump gives your clitoris the full attention it deserves, with a dual stimulation that is

Maximizer Worx VX1 Power Penis Pump With Vagina


The Maximizer Worx VX1 is a penis pump that uses a vacuum chamber complete with a trigger handle, a TPE soft sleeve that creates an airtight seal, and a cock ring.

The vacuum chamber is clear and is 2.68 inches in diameter and 8 inches in full length.

The pump can accommodate a penis length of up to 7.8 inches.

Try this easy to use and safe pump device to increase your penis length and girth and boost your confidence without any side effects! With each pull on the trigger handle, you can immediately notice a difference in the overall size of your intensely satisfying! To use the pump, insert your penis into the soft TPE vagina sleeve to create an airtight seal for the vacuum effect to work.

Using the trigger handle, you can increase the vacuum effect to create a harder and bigger erection.

To remove the pump, simply press the quick release valve on the handle to instantly relieve the pressure; use the cock ring that comes included to help maintain the erection and to prolong ejaculation creating an all round amazing experience!

Pussy Pump And Clit Pump



Seven Creations Silicone Pussy Pump



Nipple and Clit Enlarger Pump



Ultimate Vagina Sucker And Clit Pump



Ultimate Dual Breast Enlargement Pump



Seven Creations Breast Enlarger Vacuum Pump


Want larger, fuller breasts without resorting to painful surgery?Our breast enlarger vacuum pump is a revolutionary new way to acheive the cleavage you've always wanted without painful and dangerous surgery - every girl's dream!The more you use it the better the results - simply place over your breast and pump.

The pump draws fat and fluids directly into the fat cells of the breast, causing them to enlarge and engorge, so you can see near-instant results.

Over a period of time, like with exercise, it's possible to trigger new cellular growth leading to a more permanent solution! It is also the perfect way to increase sensitivity; how you choose to take advantage of that increased sensitivity is entirely up to you...This technique is known as soft tissue expansion, and this kit includes everything you need to get started - a manually operated vacuum pump with a form fitting cup and the pump mechanism.

Enjoy ladies!

Vibrating Clit Massager Pump


Simply Pleasure

Minx Clitoral Kisses Vibrating Pump


The clitoris is well known as the hot spot of female stimulation.

That's why we know you're going to love this Clitoral Vibrating Pump, offering you a new and quite frankly, astounding method of sexual stimulation that will send you to another dimension of pleasure.&n

Vibrating Clitoral Pump



Lovehoney Supreme Sensation Pussy Pump


Loose lips sink ships, and by "loose" we mean "aroused", and by "ships" we mean "whatever they want".

Arouse your lips and sink your favourite sex toy (or partner's body part) for orgasms aplenty with our Supreme Sensation pussy pump.

Now with two valves! That's right, we've taken our best-selling BASICS pussy pump and added an extra quick-release valve, a smaller chamber and detachable hose for even more versatility.

Now you can pump to your hearts content and detach the hose to leave the chamber in place without a dangly hose getting in the way of play.

Plus, when you're ready to remove the chamber you'll find a secondary release valve on the chamber itself, allowing you to remove it without reattaching the hose.

For the best suction and comfort, always coat the rim of the chamber with plenty of water-based lube before use.

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