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THRUST Pro Elite Layla Realistic Vagina and Ass 3kg


Feast your eyes (and everything else) on Layla, a spreadeagled vagina and ass masturbator.

Bury yourself inside either of her textured twisting tunnels, for deep immersion and a real-feel ride to climax.

With the ever-ready Layla by your bed there's no need for lonely late-night knuckle-shuffles.

And if you're feeling adventurous, try introducing her to your lover during couple's play, for a non-intimidating third party to inspire creative role-play and intimate games.

Liberally lubricate your chosen love tunnel before play for cushioning pushing and divine glide.

Boss Doggy Style Realistic Ass & Vagina Vibrating Masturbator



Boss Spread Eagle Realistic Arse and Vagina Masturbator



Utensil Race Proof 008 Realistic Vagina Masturbator


Get to know Japan's sexiest AV actress intimately, with a male masturbator modelled on Hibiki Otsuki's vagina.

Experience the look of the adult star's vagina then plunge on in to experience a canal brimming with bumps and nodules for extreme pleasure.

Plump lips welcome you in and envelope your penis.

Within, a protruding G-spot lies inside the textured canal and is perfectly positioned to massage the tip of your penis.

Boasting a textured 3D canal with separate chambers, enjoy an array of sensations with every stroke.

Plunge further to discover suction-creating ribbed folds that caress your length.

Finally, you encounter the textured back wall, whose bumps provide a perfect end to the pleasuring sensations.

With every inch devoted to your pleasure, this masturbator will deliver on its pleasure promise again and again.

This expertly designed male masturbator comes with a 60ml bottle of specialist lube to increase sensation for an even more mind-blowing experience.

Horny Quella Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 3.2kg


A personal trainer that won't be concerned with your reps, she is there to help you through the kind of strenuous activity that doesn't require a gym.

This 5"7 big-breasted, brunette bombshell is just waiting for you to dive in.

Fully crafted, from her beautifully detailed 3D Rotocasted head and lifelike feet and hands, to her hard, aroused nipples and satisfied smile that urge you further, Horny Quella'll have you hot and horny in no time.

Plunge into five inches of lifelike pussy, ready and open for you, and let her internal nodules massage you to orgasm.

Then, when you're ready to go again, flip her over to experience her tight ass, stretching around you with every thrust.

Her vagina and ass are easily removed for cleaning and independent use, and feature a nodulated tube for extra stimulation.

To heighten arousal even further, slip the included love egg vibrator into either orifice to experience tantalisingly good sensations and an out-of-this-world climax.

Utensil Race Proof 005 Zhang Xiao Yu's Realistic Pussy Masturbator


Squeezing teasing pleasing is the 005's raison d'être, and it takes its task seriously, with its hyper-realistic petal-soft skin crafted with the intimate parts of Zhang Xiao Yu and a deeply textured internal canal with 3 distinct simulation zones.

China's top ranking nude model Zhang Xiao Yu has a stunning face and a pussy to match, perfectly captured by Japanese brand Utensil Race.

Made with double layer technology, the outer side is a Skin Feel material while the inner layer has a special pink material, providing higher friction and an incredible suction feeling.

Plunge your length past the soft pussy lips into the incredible inner canal, set with realistic bumps and twists designed to bring you to a hard and fulfilling climax.

Coat your penis and the toy in a generous helping of water-based lube for maximum pleasure and satisfaction.

THRUST Pro Elite Katya Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator 4.7kg


Resembling the softest skin, Katya feels lifelike to the touch and is adorned with super realistic detailing including lovely lips and a petite penetrable anus.

Enjoy downward-facing fun in a steamy solo session or introduce to your couple's play.

Inside each canal you'll experience an array of stimulating textured nubs, grooves and ribbing to enhance sensations.

Explore her lush vagina measuring a tiny 0.

25 inches in width, or mix things up and take her from behind in her petite 0.

1 inch ass opening.

Katya is best used with a water-based lubricant for the most authentic experience.

Always clean after use and leave to dry before using a renewer powder to keep Katya in the best condition.

Vital stats: Toy dimensions - 12.

59in x 11.

22in x 8.

26in (32cm x 28.

5cm x 21cm) Vagina internal length - 6.

5 inches (16.

5cm) Vagina canal width - 0.

25 inches (63mm) Ass internal length - 6.

5 inches (16.

5cm) Ass canal width - 0.

1 inch (25mm)

Boss Laidback Realistic Arse and Vagina G-Spot Love Doll


Simply Pleasure

Madlin Moon Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll


The Extravaganza Madlin Moon love doll is a bit of a free spirit.

This girl loves to give as good as she gets and her perky breasts make her a curvy companion.This inflatable sex doll delivers pure pleasure when it comes to solo play.

She has a realistic anus and vagina and is fr
Simply Pleasure

Fresh Innocence Larissa Realistic Pussy & Ass


Larissa is ready and waiting, with innocence ready to be taken as only you know how.

Teach her how to please you, with her two realistic love entrances that welcome you in and tightly massage you into bliss.

The Fresh Innocence Larissa is a dual orifice masturbation device for men, with a vaginal an

Boss Ride Realistic Arse, Vagina & Mouth Love Doll



Boss Realistic Arse, Vagina and Mouth G-Spot Vibrating Love Doll - 19.5 Inch


Simply Pleasure

Kimmi Lovecock Realistic Sex Doll


Combining the latest technological advancements as well as a beautiful styling that is sure to seduce from the first glance, we proudly present the Kimmi Lovecock Realistic Sex Doll for your immense personal pleasure.

She is 5 ft 2 and measures in at a perfect 36-24-34.Kimmi's 3D head has a detailed

Kimmi Lovecok Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll 3.2kg


Are you looking for the next step in love dolls? Kimmi Lovecok has it all.

Fully-crafted from her face to her hands and feet she has pivoted arms, a pair of voluptuous breasts with real feel nipples and a lifelike pussy and ass for authentic pleasure.

This sensual doll has beautiful detailing.

From her flowing blonde hair and fluttering realistic eyelashes to her carefully painted finger and toenails, you can't fault this 36-24-34 sex bomb.

Her realistic face with carefully painted detail enables you to connect with Kimmi on a different level to other, more basic love dolls.

Kimmi has built-in realistic pussy and ass made from Loveclone - an ultra-real feel material that makes her tight entries feel amazing.

Plunge into either to experience a 5 inch depth that stretches around you with every thrust, massaging you with hundreds of intense pleasure nodules.

To top her off, Kimmi comes with her own bullet vibrator situated in a secret pocket inside her for even more thrilling adventures.

A gentleman always uses lube, so be sure to stock up on plenty and be generous for the best time with Kimmi.

Leticia Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 2kg


Turn your dreams of gettin' down and dirty with a dark haired vixen into reality with Leticia, the realistic sex doll.

With her textured vagina, tight ass and beautifully detailed face and body get ready for seriously lifelike pleasure.

Plus, she vibrates! Once inflated, Leticia's bountiful breasts stand to attention, punctuated with 2 soft, real-feel nipples for supremely lifelike play.

Lick, flick and pinch her nipples as you play to accelerate excitement.

Alternatively, use your hands to pull or stroke her long flowing hair, or grip her lifelike hands and feet in various positions to imitate real-life intimacy.

To heighten arousal even further, slip the included vibrating love egg into either orifice to experience tinglingly good sensations and out-of-this-world climax.

Leticia (like most ladies) likes it wet, so make sure you use plenty of water-based lube during play.

Boss Trio Realistic Arse, Vagina & Mouth Vibrating Love Doll



Bondara Romping Realistic Ass and Vagina Masturbator


Simply Pleasure

Eileen Sue Realistic Vibrating Vagina & Ass Inflatable Kneeling Se


With her lifelike size, the Eileen Sue Extravaganza love doll is designed to tease and please.

This doll comes in a kneeling position – simply add imagination for the ultimate intimate experience.The Eileen Sue love doll is anatomically correct with a cheeky chamber for you
Simply Pleasure

Antonya Vidra Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sitting Se


The Antonya love doll is a classic beauty that can’t wait to entertain in your bedroom.

This doll features all the curves you need for the naughtiest nighttime treat.

This inflatable sex doll is a delight when it comes to delivering pleasure.

She features perky breasts with
Simply Pleasure

Lexi Tyler Realistic Vibrating Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll


If you love lashings of luxury, it’s time to meet the lovely Lexi Tyler.

This Extravaganza love doll is a delight when it comes to delivering pure pleasure and you’ll be smitten with her super sexy curves in seconds.This love doll is made from phthalate free materials

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