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Couple (M/F)

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RE: Threesomes

Me and my wife, love it. Our sex after is so amazing
28 Jul 2020 18:23
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RE: Threesomes

(28 Jul 2020 10:06)Lacy80 Wrote:  My partner is wanting to introduce other people into our sex life, I’m all up for fantasies and I enjoy talking about it during sex but I’m worried it will ruin our relationship! I’m not sure if I could handle watching him have sex with another female and visa versa wether he would be ok with me doing it, I’m open minded, I think it’s just a shock as we’ve only fantasied about it, any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
My wife and I have discussed this on many occasions, both in the heat of passion and in the cold light of day.
She had no idea how long I'd coveted this desire and was really quite shocked when I explained how desperate I was for it to happen.
We are now at the stage where IF we can find the right man, then my lovely wife will certainly consider making this happen.
Now we just need to find the right man.
Fingers crossed.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
29 Jul 2020 12:25
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