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wife's first proper boyfriend (not me!)

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wife's first proper boyfriend (not me!)

This is basically the story of how my wife lost her virginity to her first 'proper' boyfriend. He was older than her and she has told me these details and I thought I would put them into a story because I get really turned on by her sexual past.....enjoy it (she did!)

Nicky and Phil entered the bedroom excitedly, they both knew what was going to happen, they fell on the bed kissing and touching exploring each other, Phil’s hands were very quickly inside Nicky’s knickers feeling and probing, he quickly found her hole and he slipped a finger inside her moist pussy, Nicky liked this, she reached for the bulge in Phil’s trousers and was pleased to find his throbbing prick in her hand, it was hard and warm, she moved her hand up and down the shaft , this made Phil kiss her harder and push his tongue deep into Nicky’s mouth, they snogged and enjoyed each other's intimate parts for a few minutes before Phil wanted to get Nicky’s beautiful big breasts out of her bra., they stopped what they were doing, undressed and slipped into the bed, Phil was kissing Nicky passionately and enjoying squeezing Nicky’s tits and rubbing her nipples with his thumb, making them erect, he then sank down onto them sucking each nipple in turn, They continued kissing with tongues and enjoying the feeling of skin against skin, Nicky cupped Phil’s hairy balls and squeezed them gently, Nicky was very wet between her legs and was ready for her first penetration by a hard long warm prick and Phil knew this too, his cock was aching to feel Nicky’s tight wet warm virgin box around his big prick, Phil reached down and took a condom from his jeans pocket on the floor and tore it open , Nicky watched as he rolled it expertly down the shaft of his cock, she was soaking wet with anticipation. Phil kissed her full on the mouth, his tongue pushing in and out as he moved on top of Nicky, spreading her legs as he did so, he enjoyed the feeling of her boobs against his chest, Nicky could feel his dick probing her hole, she desperately wanted him inside, she felt her first cock slip into her virgin fanny, it felt good, big and powerful going right up inside, pleasuring her pussy, then Phil went up onto his hands and pumped away, fucking her harder and harder, it did hurt slightly but it was nice, his hand went down and grabbed Nicky’s bum cheek, squeezing it he pulled her open more and pushed right up inside her cunt, Nicky felt the tingling of an orgasm approaching and the thought of Phil shooting his load made her explode, Phil’s thrusting sped up as did his breathing, he was thrusting deeper and deeper into Nicky’s virgin hole when suddenly the feeling changed slightly for Nicky and Phil, the change pushed Phil over the edge, he groaned with pleasure as his hot seed shot out of his cock into Nicky, she felt his prick spasm inside her, he seemed to be coming for ages which was great, the warm feeling inside her was heaven, Nicky’s legs naturally opened to let Phil come right up her, they both realised that the condom had split and the sensation of natural penis in vagina was amazing, they laid there, kissing, Phil was still moving slowly in and out enjoying the last spasms of orgasm inside Nicky and letting the last drops of semen ooze from his now softening prick. Nicky could feel it withdrawing as it shrunk, it was strangely pleasurable and she could feel a trickle of warm spunk dribbling from her crack down towards her bum, Phil went up onto his knees sucking Nicky’s nipples as he did so, Nicky looked at Phil’s cock, it was still quite big but not rock hard as it had been, wet with both their juices, Nicky felt down between her legs and she was very wet, the condom had split and Phil’s spunk was all over her fanny, slippery and silky....they were both looking forward to the next time. 
02 Dec 2013 21:21
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RE: wife's first proper boyfriend (not me!)

What a great short story that covered everything I would like in a story about losing one's virginity.
Especially about one's wife.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
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22 Mar 2019 20:49
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RE: wife's first proper boyfriend (not me!)

Great story.
24 Mar 2019 21:37
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