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Tongue piercing... worth it?

DrFunke Offline
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Joined: Nov 2013
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Tongue piercing... worth it?

I've always been interested to know if tongue piercings are all they're cracked up to be... Never got head off a girl with a piercing so wanted to know what others thought about it?

Do girls appreciate it? A good before and after story would be good proof I guess since technique is obviously important.

28 Nov 2013 15:49
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Piercedguy Offline
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RE: Tongue piercing... worth it?

The OH seems to like mine! No really, it works well on the nipples and for some low down munching. I've never had a BJ off anyone with a tongue piercing so I can't really comment.

I do like having it but some times it's a pain in the arse.
28 Nov 2013 20:27
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