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Dressed for success

yurigagarin Offline
Indefinable !!


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RE: Dressed for success

(23 Dec 2018 22:23)Wolfman Wrote:  
(21 Dec 2018 09:47)yurigagarin Wrote:  Found this old thread from way back when, and I can't help but wonder if
Wolfie ever found himself an outfit to dress up in !

But I believe the original question is still a relevant one:

Are there ladies and gents on the forum who enjoy dressing up for sexy fun and games ?

I'd totally forgotten about this gem of an old thread, alas no, I never did play dress upĀ Sad

Well it's never too old for a youngster like you Wolfie !

Unfortunately the time for me to don stockings and suspenders has long gone
I'm afraid !!

"There are no strangers on this forum - just sexy friends you have yet to chat with !"
23 Dec 2018 22:55
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