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Ever been too tired to fuck?

mikki Offline
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Ever been too tired to fuck?

Iv been doing long hours lately.
Working every day from 3.30am to nearly 10 at nite helping Yvie and hubby at home with the harvest .
Thing is I'm knackerd-we all are.
I'm gagging for a fuck but I'm so bloody tired.
Thought we were going to screw last nite but just wanted to sleep in the end.
Ever wanted something so bad but just havent got the energy for it?
Sorry for the random post. 

06 Sep 2021 11:58
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BBWLovers7` Offline
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RE: Ever been too tired to fuck?

Been there all too often
06 Sep 2021 13:15
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Hovis Offline
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RE: Ever been too tired to fuck?

Not such a random topic.

Yes, we have been too tired, times I recall are when we have planned a rendezvous, after a long days travel, then found we are just not in the right frame of mind when the opportunity arises.

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06 Sep 2021 19:49
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