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Helen Spencer's Cleaning Adventure !

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Helen Spencer's Cleaning Adventure !

Following the terrible mess Helen Spencer had made when she drove her car into their office window she was keen to placate the owners without getting her insurance company involved or her husband finding out. The owners were Jerome and Will, two young brothers who owned a successful IT company, and shared a top floor penthouse apartment on the outskirts of Nottingham.

But they were not happy. Their office had been left in a right mess, and an expensive porcelain figurine had been smashed. It wasn't looking good until out of the blue Jerome came up with a proposal.

" Tell you what Helen, we both like you and find you sexy - and we don't want you to get into more trouble, so what about you clean our apartment for us naked one time while we watch, and we'll forget all about the damages ?"

Helen was shocked, but really needed to get out of the mess she found herself in.

" I can't possibly do that !" she protested, " but what if I clean for you just once dressed in my red bikini and heels ?" she offered.

The brothers thought for a moment, then agreed.

" Okay Helen, we want you here with your duster looking your sexy best at 10:00 am tomorrow"

The next day Helen arrived on time, and Will ushered her into the bathroom to change while the brothers waited expectantly in the lounge.

Stripping naked Helen put on her tiny red halter neck bikini which just covered her nipples and pussy, and slipped on her stiletto sandals with the 5" heels. Going for the slut look to impress the brothers she also put on her slut gold anklet. A comb of her hair and an application of red lipstick to match her nails bikini and Helen was ready to clean !

With a deep breath, Helen tottered into the lounge, where the two brothers were waiting, both dressed in shorts and tee shirts.

" Damn Helen, you look hot !!" exclaimed Jerome, " I told you there was a sexy body under those clothes Will !! "

Helen felt herself getting quite hot and excited and said " right boys where shall I start ?? "

For the next hour the brothers had Helen busy cleaning all over the apartment, reaching up on tip toe to clean doorframes and bending over to clean skirting boards etc,
Several times Helen's nipples popped out of her bikini top, until eventually she took the top off and let her breasts swing free, to the obvious delight of her audience !
Her Bikini briefs also kept sliding inside her wet pussy, and her pussy lips were proudly on display on both sides of the tiny triangle of material.
Helen was also quite turned on and moist by the fact that several times she had noticed the boys stroking their erect cocks inside their shorts as they watched her display her charms.

Finally Helen stood in front of the brothers, sweaty, and virtually naked apart from her tiny red briefs and her heels.

"Right lads, the place is spotless. I've done what you asked, are we done now ??"

"Not quite" said Will, "there's just one more thing you need to do for us "

He walked behind Helen, and cupped her breasts in his hands, tweaking her nipples really hard, making her gasp with pleasure, while Jerome pulled off Helen's soaking wet briefs and began to push four of his fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy. They both played with her body, until Helen's body shook with a massive orgasm.

Carrying her to the sofa, they both stripped naked and both took turns in licking and fingering Helen's widespread pussy, while she she eagerly deep throated each of their massive cocks in turn.

" I think she's about ready for our party piece now " said Jerome.

Will helped Helen to her feet , and as she put both arms around his neck, he gently picked her up and lowered her pussy onto his erect cock. Jerome quickly moved behind her and after coating his erection with lube, he easily pushed his massive prick deep inside Helen's receptive arse, so that her legs were splayed out wide.
Working together the two brothers began to thrust their cocks in and out, bringing Helen to one screaming orgasm after another as she felt both huge cocks spreading both her holes wide, until finally almost as one they both shots massive loads of cum inside her.

After they had all showered and dressed, the brothers said the damages had all been paid for and the matter was closed

Helen was not so sure however.

" I don't think I've paid off the debt fully yet, I'm definitely willing to pay off some more for you, if you want "

And as Helen stood up to go, she turned to Jerome and with a twinkle in her eye she said :

"Jerome, if you've got any other friends who want me help pay off my debt, bring them along !!! "

'There are no strangers on this forum, just sexy friends you have yet to chat with '
01 Aug 2021 14:36
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RE: Helen Spencer's Cleaning Adventure !

I loved reading this Yuri.
Got me feeling very born-again!!
02 Aug 2021 08:43
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