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When was the last time you had sex?

Jb6969 Offline
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RE: When was the last time you had sex?

Just last night, after a week away and no opportunities. Although we did enjoy a little fooling around no release for either of us all week.

We purposefully went very slow to make it last although it was difficult to not get carried away. Started side by side after some lovely foreplay that had her just about cumming, slowly slipped inside her very wet and warm pussy. Mmm how I'd missed it. Then came turning her round to spoon her giving me excellent opportunity to pinch her nipples hard and play with her clit. All the while slowly and deeply fucking her from behind. Her wrists held in my free hand obviously.

Which then led to rolling on top of her from behind, which she loves feeling me in charge, holding her down and fucking her hard but still slowly. Safe to say I was edging inside her by this point, which was getting very difficult as she moaned and pushed her ass back up on to me.

And we finished together with her on top riding me, tits bouncing and head flung back. God damn she was flooded
23 Aug 2021 11:27
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RE: When was the last time you had sex?

We fucked about a hour ago an ended with hubby ramming me doggy style an bangin his load deep in my hole....fuckit I dnt ever get tired of it lol!
I'm havin my coffee now an goin to work soon.
When I got outta bed Yvie was havin her pussy eaten lol.


Enjoying my best sexy life!!Heart
14 Oct 2021 01:55
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