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Helen's first visit to the Cum Slut Club

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Helen's first visit to the Cum Slut Club

Whilst shopping for a new vibrating Dildo in her favourite sex store in Nottingham, Helen saw a leaflet advertising for ladies who enjoyed being fucked to perform as cum sluts at an monthly upmarket cum slut club. Taking a leaflet she read it at home and decided to phone the answerphone number to find out more

The next afternoon a Bill Featherstone phoned. Helen knew he owned a posh boutique in Nottingham town centre.

"Helen Spencer ?" he asked.

When Helen identified herself he said he was calling regarding the Nottingham Businessmen's Club. That is what they called their monthly bukkake club.

He wanted to confirm that Helen was interested in spending a couple of hours with the members in return for a very generous payment.

She assured him that she was more than willing and he requested that Helen drop by his shop so he could finalize the arrangements.

They agreed to meet at closing time that afternoon.
The shop was deserted when Helen entered and when Featherstone appeared they exchanged greetings while Featherstone checked Helen out.
Helen was looking very sexy, hair and makeup done just so and wearing a short black dress with high heels. As the dress was very tight Helen had not bothered with any underwear.
"I wonder if I could have a better look at you?" Featherstone asked.
Helen knew he meant he wanted to see her naked.
"You may go into the backroom while I lock the doors." He suggested.
Helen went into the stockroom and begin to undress. She had just slipped off her dress when Featherstone entered the stockroom.
"Very nice." he said as she turned to face him wearing just her 5" high heels
"One more thing and the job is yours." he smiled.
He pulled down the zipper on his expensive trousers and reached in to pull out his erect hard cock
He wanted a blowjob from Helen in return for giving her the job. Helen smiled and dropped to her knees as he approached.
Opening her crimson lips Helen's tongue came out providing a ramp for his cock to enter her mouth. Expertly she allowed his cock to slide on her lower lip avoiding contact with her teeth as he journeyed into her warm wet throat. Her lips sealed about half the way down his shaft as Helen's tongue begin to caress his hard cock
Featherstone moaned and lurched forward driving the bulbous cock head against the back of her mouth. She gagged slightly and readjusted him to a more comfortable depth.
"Suck it you cheap little cum slut whore!" Featherstone moaned.
Quickly she fell into a pace where the head of Featherstone's cock was just entering her throat in rapid stabs allowing Helen to breathe between plunges. When she sensed he was close to eruption she tilted her head back to allow his spunk a direct path down her throat into her belly. Skilfully she did not lose a single drop of his precious cum. Helen continued to suck on his cock making it big and hard again, then she lay down on all fours so he could fuck her doggy style from behind.
As Helen dressed Featherstone told her the time and date she should be at a posh Nottingham hotel.

On the day Helen arrived at the hotel, and waited in the downstairs bar She was on her second Vodka and tonic when Featherstone arrived to take her to the room on the 5th floor. Suite 2005 was lavish. Furnished in white French Provincial with an elegant canopy bed.
There was a collection of about twenty guys already assembled in the room, all wearing expensive business suits. The occupants studied Helen as she entered to see if she was worthy swallowing their sperm. Featherstone instructed her to go into the washroom and put on the lingerie and heels he had provided.
All eyes were on Helen when she emerged from the washroom in her silk lingerie and walked over to the bed. The guys had removed their trousers and most were naked from the waist down preparing their cocks to cover Helen in cum.
Helen took her place on her back in the middle of the bed, and she was tied down and restrained so she couldn't move.
"Keep your eyes and your mouth open at all times." was Featherstone's final instructions.
"O.K. gentlemen, begin!" Featherstone invited.
The first splotch hit Helen's right cheek. It was warm and thick. The second her nose, dripping down over her nostril. The next found its mark and landed right on Helen's extended tongue.
As she swallowed her catch a downpour of white cum commenced. The thick sticky goo landed everywhere, mostly on her face and tits but some splattered in her freshly shampooed hair. A huge stinging glob hit her left eye.
"Take a break!" Featherstone said wiping Helen with a clean white towel.
The first volley lasted about ten minutes before the deluge of sperm subsided. The stench of cum filled the air as the coating of cum dribbled from Helen's curvy body.
They wiped the excess cum from her face and breasts.
Then Helen felt fingers probing her pussy. "I thought there is not supposed to be any penetration?" she looked at Featherstone.
"Don't worry, we will make it up to you." He assured her as fingers began to explore deep inside her. "What are you going to do to me?" Helen asked.
"Have you ever been gangbanged?" Featherstone grinned.
Helen had had a few threesomes but a gangbang was something else. "No." she answered. "Nineteen virile men's bare cocks!" Featherstone promised.
There was no use resisting, As Helen's first attacker mounted her, expensive cologne filled her nostrils as cock filled her dripping wet pussy
Spontaneously her pussy responded secreting love juices around the intruding cock. Helen's vagina stretched to provide space for his cock as it hardened inside her.
"Oomph!" the hard cock drove into her hole. She looked into the eyes of her first fuck, as her legs wrapped around his hips as she drew him deep inside her.
Helen eagerly fucked each and every one of them. Some cocks fucked her to orgasm whilst others just satisfied her need to be filled with throbbing cock and cum.

After Helen had dressed and was about to take her leave Featherstone handed her £500 in £20 notes. Another gentleman gave her the result of an unplanned whip-around, a further £1000.
As she left the hotel with her purse full of cash and her cunt full of hot sticky cum, Helen was already planning to ask Featherstone if she could be the cum slut at the next monthly meeting !!

'There are no strangers on this forum, just sexy friends you have yet to chat with '
27 Jul 2021 10:41
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RE: Helen's first visit to the Cum Slut Club

Yuri I love this story.
Takes me back to the days when I was working in London as a stylist and earning good money on the side being fucked by rich city boys-and not just one at a time sometimes. 

Carole. XX
27 Jul 2021 12:46
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RE: Helen's first visit to the Cum Slut Club

That is a great story Yuri. It is also one of my fantasies which made it extra good
27 Jul 2021 22:04
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