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Footie fuckin and sex games

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RE: Footie fuckin

(02 Jul 2021 23:57)Lady L Wrote:  I remember buying a sexy board game (as well as my very first vibrator! It was called "Lady Finger" and was pocket size meant to be kept in your bag.) from an Anne Summers party thrown by my boyfriend's sister. I was young and drunk and got carried away - well that's my excuse.
My boyfriend was in the forces and I told him all the things I'd bought, fully expecting a wild time when he next came home. I can't remember why, but we never actually played the game, but the Lady Finger got plenty of use!
Aw that's a shame you never got to play your game with him Lady L.
In his defence (pun intended), if it was a choice between rolling dice with you or bringing you to orgasm with your new vibrator, then I'd have a kitbag full of batteries and lubricant before coming to see you.

Nil Satis Nisi OptimumĀ 
04 Jul 2021 08:19
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