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Hello again

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RE: Hello again

(16 Jul 2021 06:53)Jb6969 Wrote:  
(31 May 2021 10:36)Jb6969 Wrote:  try to keep this "healthy and fun" rather than what things had become. Less messing myself up and more being myself.

Healthy and fun is so difficult for me to achieve with regards to this stuff. It's a slippery slope towards all the self destructive crap that goes round in my head, things I used to do with the excuse that I wasn't getting any sex from home. Clearly now though that's not the case, and all I'm doing is destroying myself.

It's fantastic that your lovely wife has discovered her sex drive Jb and reading about your activities has given me a hard on more than once I'm happy to say.
But don't forget, fun though it may be to share and discuss the naughty stuff on here, real life must come first 100% of the time.
Take care my friend.

Nil Satis Nisi OptimumĀ 
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16 Jul 2021 15:49
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RE: Hello again

I have also enjoyed your very vivid stories of the new sexual experiences you and your wife have indulged in.

But, as Mr RM said, real life definitely needs to come first.

Take care and stay safe
16 Jul 2021 23:23
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