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MMF Fantasy Chats

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MMF Fantasy Chats

Hello. I really like talking to other straight guys about friendly MMF fantasy scenarios and would like to see if anyone else wanted to explore this more.

My profile on the main site has a bit more info about the kind of thing I'm looking for, so check it out and feel free to drop me a line if you think we might be on the same page.

I'm 45, progressively minded, in relatively good shape, live in the UK, looking for someone similar.
30 Nov 2020 14:35
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dreamworld1234 Offline
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RE: MMF Fantasy Chats

... i always denied my feeling.. now im ok saying i want a gay relationship to see how being with a guy feels ... its rather odd accepting you want to taste a guy ,,, its rather feels like a woman and a man making a guy cum together it could be a physiologic issue perhaps its him knowing a woman is not disgusted knowing a guy has tasted another man... i found that i was always suggesting to a woman i was bi to see her reaction, now i don't no more.. i just feel its just me .. i have begun seeing a guy he's always been gay never been with a woman, he askes what's a woman feel like, a woman been asked what's it feel like when a guy cums whilst he's in your mouth... like anything if you are attracted sexually to him its so much more emotionally horny .. knowing its his cock, you just let him cum.. my man feels thick and sweet, i love the kind of silky texture his manly musty taste kind of like shampoo.. hes an attractive guy slim sexy hips... i would love to feel the sexiness seeing her pleasure you, then both her and me.. i felt vile once after being with a guy.. now i feel so relaxed letting go, knowing how to please a guy and wanting a guy in the same way a woman wants a guy feels horny... I'm ok about knowing i want a guy now romantically, i don't now more seek a woman's approval about sexually wanting a guy.. i split up with ex wife 3 years ago she cheated so we split... i moved out and text once saying i had a gay relationship 20 years ago she hasn't spoke since and denied me seeing our children.. to her she must be revolted... yet she cheats.. why be ashamed of being bi/gay when bi gay woman are open about having sex.. i have slept with a good few women one ffm and stumbled upon 5 men screwing a mans wife .. i just watched for 2 mins bit weird.. i have always been shy sexually with woman eg am i big enough lol.. mm they always ended out of breath lol .. with a guy i feel different and never felt shy sexually yet despondent not close.. time passed so different now with a guy i totally accept him sexually and love knowing i swallow him.. because its his cum.. i may always find woman attractive tho i know i want guy .. its a turn on thinking about a woman wanting to share a dick together just having him in our mouths then feeling him pulsate then the warm rush as the guy orgasms.. just that one mmf lol.. im with a guy.. i cant feel connected as in closeness... tho im relaxed with him sexually and making him cum today was so submissive.. knowing i want this sexy mans sweet cum love swallowing him still have his taste
28 Aug 2021 03:41
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