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Looking for one or two experienced Masters

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Looking for one or two experienced Masters

38 years old married woman is looking for one or two experienced and attractive dominant males not older than 50. I want to be whipped, spanked and being physically and sexually dominated without torture. The presence of my husband is mandatory.
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27 Jul 2020 14:19
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RE: Looking for one or two experienced Masters

Good afternoon

Where to start. My name is Ron, if we play and when I’ve earned your trust and respect I like to be called Sir.
I’ve been a Dom most of my adult life. The majority of my subs have either been married or in a relationship.

Before we even get started along this road. I have a few questions.

First where are you based. I’m in Hampshire.

Secondly I would need some sort of limits along with a safe word.

I hope this is acceptable to you both
30 Dec 2020 14:20
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