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Flintshire girl at it again.

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Flintshire girl at it again.

1st time with Alan.
I had known Alan pretty much all my life save for the first ten years or so. We had lost contact for around 15 years but came across each other one day and struck up our friendship again.
Alan was having a tough time with his wife and came to spend the weekend with us.
He often did and was really seen as part of the family.
At this stage of our life we had been to a swingers club once and had a little play with some neighbours but nothing more than foreplay.
Anyway, we were all watching a film. Mrs F had put the kids to bed and was still in her daytime clothes, which as normal was a short dress, hold ups and a bra. You will see how she dresses on our Flickr page.
She had flashed plenty during the course of the evening but not in any way a sexual way just busy with kids etc. 
We had two two seater sofa’s in our lounge, me and Mrs F on one and Alan on the other. We were having a few drinks and trying to raise his spirits.
Mrs F left the room to get her nighty on, I stretched out on the sofa and nodded off.
When I woke Mrs F was sat on the other sofa next to Alan just watching tv. She asked to swap seats with me as she wanted to stretch her legs out, I refused and said I was going back to sleep.
Alan said to her you can put your legs over me if you like, she was wearing a nighty and dressing gown so quite decent. Mrs F put her legs across him and pulled a blanket from the back of the sofa over her legs, to make sure she was well covered.
I drifted to sleep (the whisky helped) but woke a short time later, they couldn’t see my face as the cushions obscured me. I lay there for a while deciding whether to get another drink or not when I heard a familiar sound.
Mrs F was moaning gently, and I could hear she was breathing hard. I shuffled about a bit, so I had a slight view. All I could see was that one of her feet was on the ground and guessed the other must still be on Alan, without moving that was all I could see.
I had no idea what was going on. Were they kissing, was she riding him? I was instantly aroused but also confused and jealous.
I lay still concentrating hard on her noises. I really didn’t know what they were doing but she was certainly aroused.  
This went on for around half an hour or so then Mrs F said she was tired and going up to bed.
I wasn’t sure what to do so after a few minutes I followed her up and asked her what had happened.
She explained that when she put the blanket over her legs Alan’s hand was already on top of her thigh albeit over her clothes, she didn’t mind and didn’t move it.
As time went on, he started gently stroking her leg, again she left him to it as it felt nice and was relaxing after her hard day.
He carried on stroking with her gown moving a little each time his hand moved up, to the point where he was touching her bare skin on her outer thigh.
Mrs F at this time had also pretended to fall asleep partly because she was enjoying it, but also because she wasn’t sure what to do. She thought if he thought she was asleep, he’d either stop or carry on thinking she didn’t know what he was doing. Either way it would be less embarrassing for them both in the morning.
Eventually his hand moved down to her ankle, his hand was moving up the inside of her legs slowly and gently pushing them apart a little more with each stroke
At this point Mrs F was getting turned on so made no attempt to stop him, he kept running his hand up the inside of her leg getting higher and higher each time, eventually her left leg slipped off the sofa leaving her wide open for him.
He took his time just stroking her inner thighs until eventually he reached her pussy and included that in the stroking. Mrs F was now very turned on and could no longer pretend to be asleep. She could feel her pussy opening and beginning to throb.
She was breathing heavy and had hold of his arm keeping it in the area of her pussy.
She could feel his cock harden underneath her.
After lots of stroking and teasing he reached her clit and started gently playing with it, moving it around and around then holding it between his fingers and gently pulling it.
She was now moving her hips around loving every minute of it. He slipped his fingers inside her, which was when she couldn’t hold her moans in and I woke.
She was very close to orgasm when she saw me move and froze, that’s when she said she was going to bed. She was concerned I’d be annoyed and make a scene.
I went back down and poured us both another drink. Alan never mentioned a thing. I went back up to Mrs F and asked her if she fancied any more, she said yes but it would have to be soon as she was very tired.
I went back down and asked Alan if he had enjoyed what he had been doing, he denied it at first but after I said it was fine, he admitted it. He said that he was stroking her leg because it was soft and felt nice and he thought we were both asleep. He said her leg had fallen open and he could feel her inner thighs were soaking wet, so guessed she must be liking it and went further.
I told him that she was happy for more, but we had to be quick.
We went upstairs and climbed into bed with her.
Mrs F pulled Alan straight on top of her and told him to fuck her hard and deep, I have to say it was a very strange experience to be lying next to them while they were fucking yet having no part in it.
He was kissing her like he’d never kissed a woman before, very passionate very hard, I could hear her moans escaping from between there joined lips.
Her legs were wrapped round his back and she was using her heels to pull him in deeper.
After a couple of minutes, he said he was going to cum and asked where he should do it? Mrs F said exactly where you are.
He carried on a little longer his thrusts getting faster and harder, the bed was now banging against the wall. Mrs F was covered in sweat her hair stuck to her face. She reached down and grabbed his ass pulling him in hard as he was cumming, holding hm there until he was completely finished.
I really was in a weird place, crazy, jealous, maybe angry, confused but god was I horny.
He then simply got off her grabbed his clothes and went to his room.
Mrs F was lying on her back legs still open breathing heavy. I could see in the little light there was that her clit was swollen and there was cum trickling out of her onto the bed. Her thighs were wet with sweat and their juices.
She looked and me and smiled and asked if I’d enjoyed that. I said I had but now it was my turn.
She put her hands between her legs and pushed her fingers deep inside her then put them in my mouth telling me to suck them clean. I did as I was told.
I went to move on top of her. She pushed my shoulder back down and said that was enough for tonight. If I wanted this then it wold be by her rules.
I was really annoyed by this; she had had sex with him but had said no to me!
I lay there with my heart racing thinking every kind of thought. I heard her fall asleep and she rolled over. I put my hand where she had been laying and felt the wet sheets.
I decided that this was obviously part of the fun for her. Leaving me horny and frustrated and that it would be best to play along with it. I had got a taste for this now and wanted more and so did they!
This started off a relationship with Alan and Mrs F that went on for years if there’s any interest I can tell you more a lot more!
27 Jun 2020 12:52
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RE: Flintshire girl at it again.

Another amazing story FG!
I loved every word of it and can fully understand the many different feelings you had. I'd be exactly the same if I was lucky enough to experience my wife and another man together.
That's right at the topos my sexual wish list by the way!

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
27 Jun 2020 14:25
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