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submissive lady

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submissive lady

just thought i would like to share with you all, submission with no rules fun with my then partner, i dont normally post to forums but here goes.

i am a Dom, for that i make no excuses, i have tried a vanilla lifestyle this isn't for me, i met jenny through a local club we chatted she told me she was submissive and was living a lie within her marriage, we chatted in length and decided to embark on a master slut relationship, we had many brilliant sessions but one stands out in my mind always and this is what i would like to share.

we were both going for a long weekend in glasgow we met in manchester piccadilly and jumped the train, i had requested her to wear a pencil skirt full seamed stockings and suspenders, a tight top no bra pref see through and a long coat, she wore black ankle boots.

when we got on the train she sat directly facing and opened her coat we chatted and i was becoming very aroused, i asked her if she was ready, the normal yes master was replied, there was a young lad sat further down the carriage alone headphones in staring out of the window. there where other people around but my focus was on this.

i told her to go and sit facing him, to be polite and keep her coat fastened, she immediately got up and asked him if he minded her sitting there, i was listening to them share pleasantries  thats when i sent my first text.

it read lick your lips slut, she smiled and complied i could see him visibly redden, i then told her to ask him if he had a girlfriend he said he did, i then commanded she open her coat she did i could see her nipples where hard through her top she was flushed and becoming very horny.

she then stretched her leg out on the opposite seat parted them slightly so he could see a hint of stocking, she then leaned forward placed a hand at the top of his leg and whispered something in his ear. i then received a text im going to fuck him is that ok master, i was so hard i replied yes slut.

she then stood up leaving her coat behind and walked towards the toilet as soon as she was there he followed, the anticipation was killing me i waited a good 15 minutes she returned grabbed her coat and sat opposite me smiling, she then opened her mouth to reveal a mouth full of your cum, i unzipped my pant she sucked me greedily using his cum as lube, i didn't take long she swallowed and lent back showing me her glistening wet pussy........the weekend was much the same fucking awesome.
16 Jan 2020 06:27
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RE: submissive lady

That's a great story UKS and there are presently 350 guests who, like me, could be enjoying your story.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
29 Jan 2020 22:20
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