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Age difference Question 

LonePiner Offline


Joined: Aug 2019
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RE: Age difference

I have a thing for older women. Im 55 now, for the last few years I have been dating and having sex with ladies in their 70s and 80s.
To be honest they are usually very easy to get into bed. Im having regular sex with one 86 year old.
Love it.
11 Aug 2019 18:59
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RE: Age difference

Hello Lonepiner, nice to see you here. You maybe one of the lucky one that manage to get through the fault in the website.

Of course it could be the fault is fixed nevertheless our other problem has not been.

Most of us have moved to a new website. http://Www.uksf2.co.uk

Time to leap to http://www.uksf2.co.uk
12 Aug 2019 18:06
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