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My 1st Sensual Naturist Massage

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RE: My 1st Sensual Naturist Massage

(16 Apr 2019 21:29)Berkscountryboy Wrote:  What a great story wow the whole experience sounds amazing I think I might try the website myself love the idea of a skin on skin massage
Oh yes BCB, such a massage is a wonderful experience, especially when the masseuse is one's lovely wife.
I'm blessed with a wife who has the touch of a goddess when it cums to stroking and caressing my most intimate parts.
And....it doesn't cost me anything.
(Unless you count decorating or mowing the lawn as payment for services received. In either case, she gives great value for money).

Nil Satis Nisi OptimumĀ 
19 Apr 2019 11:09
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