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My latest flashing

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My latest flashing

I decided to continue with my flashing and after discussing possibilities with my hubby we agreed on a new car test drive.

We scoped out a few dealerships & found one with a young salesman.I nipped in & arranged a test drive with him for the following day.

I wore my shortest mini skirt & white blouse,no bra or panties.

When I entered  the showroom the salesmans eyes nearly popped out of his head.

I got behind the wheel,making sure that my mini skirt had ridden up a lot,well,as much as it possibly could,I sneaked a peek down & could see that with a little bit of a wriggle my pussy would be peeping out,as it was a bit chilly my nipples were very erect & protruding,the poor salesman kept sneaking a peek at me & I noticed him looking at my pussy.

Each time I changed gear and took my foot of the clutch I made sure that my legs were as open as I could make them.

We stopped in a layby to chat about the car & I "rested" my hand in my lap,with my fingers touching my pussy.I could tell that the salesman had a hardon,so I reached for the glove box to have a look then let my hand fall onto his by now very hard cock.

I think he was a bit shocked,so I took his hand & placed it on my pussy,pressing his finger into me,then kissed him,my tongue slipping into his mouth.

I took his cock out from his trousers & lowered my mouth over his cock,licking & sucking him.

I told the salesman that I wanted his cock & cum inside me,we nipped behind the hedge next to the layby,I bent over & guided his cock into my aching pussy,he was pounding into me while he frigged my clit,I told him to finger fuck my ass which he did,it wasnt long before we both cum,his spunk shooting into my soaking wet pussy.

I knelt in front of him & licked his cock & balls clean.
we got back into the car & returned to the showroom,funnily enough we never did talk about me buying the car.  

08 Mar 2019 10:13
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RE: My latest flashing

That's a bonus he won't be mentioning on his tax return

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
08 Mar 2019 19:02
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