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Dee1965 Offline
the female side of Mr and


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I have taken up flashing.
My hubby drives me along the motorway & I pick a truck that I tell him to pull alongside,then,while we are level with the driver I expose my tits,open my legs & let the driver see me fingering myself,play with my clit & even slip a dildo inside me,which I then lick clean.

With the lovely warm weather I decided to get a bit more daring.

I put on my mini skirt,no panties and a thin jumper,no bra.

I went for a walk through our local park & noticed a young lad,I think 18-22 age range,I will call him Tony as I dont know his name,looking at me so I "accidentally" dropped my handbag,well I had to turn my back to the lad & bend over to pick my bag up,knowing that he could see my pussy,I had my legs apart at the time.

I casually strolled over & sat near to Tony,I told him how clumsy I was for dropping my handbag all the while I knew that my erect nipples were very noticeable and he kept glancing at my tits,trying not to be too obvious about it.

A plan popped into my head which I decided to follow up on.
I told Tony that I had locked my keys in my car and asked if he could help me out,he readily obliged me so off we went to my car,which was only about 5 mins away and in a secluded part of the car park.

When we got to my car I again "accidentally" dropped my hand bag so again bent over to pick it up.

Tony went to try my car door,which would not open,I reached around him to grasp the door handle,making sure that my hand stroked across his bulging jeans,well I did apologise,well who wouldnt?

I couldnt resist it any longer so I kissed Tony,my tongue slipping into his mouth,his hands went straight to my tits,while mine went for his cock which I got out of his jeans and started to wank,Tony slipped his hand under my mini skirt & slipped a couple of fingers into me.

I went on to my knees & took Tony into  my mouth and gave him a  hard sucking  blow job while cupping his balls,he exploded into my mouth.It was then that Tony told me that he had never been given a blow job before.

I kept sucking,licking & wanking Tony's cock until he became hard again,then I turned around,bent over with my legs wide apart,I grasped his cock & pulled him into my soaking wet cunt,he started to fuck me like there was no tomorrow,I had to place his hand on my pussy and tell him to play with my clit while he fucked me.

It was a quick fuck,we both came at the same time.
I turned around,got on my knees & licked Tony's cock clean.then kissed him,slipping my tongue into his mouth again.

I got into my car,blew Tony a kiss & drove away.

I told my hubby what I had done & was soon taken to bed & fucked a few more times.

Next time I am going to have a stranger fuck my ass & if there are 2 guys I plan on having oral and anal with both of them.

God what a slut I am turning into.
27 Feb 2019 15:38
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Diamond123 Offline
Diamond Moderator


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RE: Flashing

Good to know you made good use of the nice weather

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
27 Feb 2019 18:51
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upforitplease Offline
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RE: Flashing

What a great story, x
01 Mar 2019 21:42
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