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life like sex dolls

cheshirecat Offline
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life like sex dolls

Just wondering what everyone's take is on the latest ( I imagine, very expensive) sex dolls. I have just seen a video clip of a guy with one. They are a fantastic, near work of art, but creepy as fuck in my view. Now I am very very highly sexed (some of you may have noticed) man, but I don't think I could get turned on enough by a piece of latex, to maintain a hard on. I love the warmth, and response, of a woman, I want to hear the signs and moans, when I turn the TV over (haha joking about that bit), I mean during sex. And I want her to lie to me about me having the biggest cock she has ever seen (that bits true). Anyway what does everyone think, could 3 stone of latex replace your real life partner for 20 minutes ? I await your replies with bated breath
02 Jan 2019 16:47
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RE: life like sex dolls

I'm with you. I'd rather use my hand and imagination

Although years and years ago when I was single I did purchase a blow up doll just to see what it was like. Really not great - and it wasn't the lack of being realistic, it was the lack of response

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
02 Jan 2019 19:15
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Voshigirl Offline
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RE: life like sex dolls

Remember this thread, in ten years these dolls will be giving you the feedback you want.

But I agree they are creepy.

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02 Jan 2019 21:19
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RE: life like sex dolls

Cannot see the appeal and yes they are creepy, now a real android male or female, in the right proportions, maybe!

Talk to me I don't bite, well often  Muffdive
02 Jan 2019 21:50
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Running Man Offline
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RE: life like sex dolls

I've seen one or two of these recently and I have to agree that they are really fucking creepy to look at.
For me, it wouldn't matter how brilliant any electronic or synthetic stimulation may be, as it wouldn't be nearly as erotic or loving as the tender touch of a human being; a real, live person!

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
17 Mar 2019 21:07
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