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Carefully Selected Porn Clips

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RE: Carefully Selected Porn Clips

(16 Dec 2018 08:06)cheshirecat Wrote:  Me too, I often look for women who are the same size, shape, hair etc as Mrs CC. It is also a bonus if I can find a male in the clip, who I know she would find attractive, that would be generally a white male, early 20,s up to 40 ( shit that rules me out !) Short hair, tattoos, muscular, (great, I'm back in again ☺️), tanned, and with a nice sized cock ( no comment).
I also like to see them doing it missionary, with her legs wrapped around his back, and her looking straight into his eyes. I am not into the cum on face shot , I prefer to see them shoot onto her pussy, thighs, or stomach. This all obviously takes me back to our swapping days.
We are like two peas in a pod CC.
I too will look for a man who I'm sure my wife would fancy enough to fuck who, by complete coincidence, sounds very similar to the men you search for in such videos.
In terms of where he cums, my wife loves me to watch me shoot my load all over her tits so I guess that would be the perfect end to the perfect film.
Now I just need to turn that into a homemade film!

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
16 Dec 2018 18:47
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