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Pornhub Hawaii Missle Alert

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Pornhub Hawaii Missle Alert

I happened across some great statistics from Pornhub earlier

Last January Hawaii erroneously texted all of its citizens telling them a ballistic missile was on the way and to seek shelter immediately. A short time later they were told it was a mistake. 

Pornhub (whatever that is, never heard of it myself of course) went back to look at their access logs from Hawaii during that time. It's interesting reading. 

When the alert when out usage plummeted to 23% of normal activity as everyone had something else on their minds other than porn. Except of course for those die hards who decided to go out in a blaze of glory wanking themselves silly (I probably would, to be fair)

After the all clear, viewings jumped to about 50% higher than before the alert. Presumably having lived through something like that the first thing you want to do is relax. Either that or people were about to have end of the world sex when the all clear came, so they had to work out their frustrations on their own

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14 Dec 2018 19:36
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