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Keeping it up

mikki Offline
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Keeping it up

Im just wondering if anyone on here uses or knows of any natural supplements that might help me to maintain my sex drive and staying power.
Im now in my early 50's and although i dont seem to be doing too badly at the moment im aware of theĀ  possible effects of ageing on my sexual appetite!
Since meeting our new friends ive used "V" -which has helped me enormously-but i dont want to become reliant on it and im not sure about any long term effects it may have due to over use!
Im a relatively fit guy -very active and eat a fairly good diet but if any of you folk know of anything extra i could try then i'd be grateful if you would let me know.


Mikki-always horny
Carole-lady in the street-whore in the bedroom!
21 Nov 2018 11:08
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cheshirecat Offline
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RE: Keeping it up

Sounds to me like your doing all the right things Mikki. Good diet and staying healthy seems to be the key. Also the' use it or loose it' motto, is a good one to live by, sounds like you are using it plenty, so that's that one covered too. I certainly wouldn't waste money on anything with a name like ' Dr Wang's whopping erection treatment' . (Apologies to Dr Wang if you are reading this)
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21 Nov 2018 15:41
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RE: Keeping it up

I often joke with Mrs D about getting something from the vending machine in the gents if we go to a pub. Never done it yet

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
21 Nov 2018 19:16
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