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Name One Thing That Turns You On Question 

Watershed Offline
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RE: Name One Thing That Turns You On

(02 Dec 2018 18:59)yurigagarin Wrote:  
(02 Dec 2018 17:51)Watershed Wrote:  
(23 Nov 2018 14:13)kingDoms_sub Wrote:  Men with beards
Skipping around. Punching the air.

I'd like to grow a beard like Shed's

But it wouldn't look half as good on me.

Plus I haven't got the six pack either.

I'm doomed !!

You are lovely, Yuri. But you know it's all Photoshop, don't you?
03 Dec 2018 10:10
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dom_husband Offline
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RE: Name One Thing That Turns You On

Yesterday's knickers (wife's obviously, not mine)

Carpe Noctim 
03 Dec 2018 11:36
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Diamond123 Offline
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RE: Name One Thing That Turns You On

Don't put yourself down Yuri

Luckily Mrs D doesn't like beards. Or six packs, she appreciates a whole keg

If you don't try it how do you know you don't like it?
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03 Dec 2018 19:15
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kingDoms_sub Offline
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RE: Name One Thing That Turns You On

Not so bothered about the 6 packs (although wouldn't say no either), I like something to hold on to and not exactly a skinny Minny myself.

Also like body hair in general. During our last swap the guy had hairy shoulders and I was actually holding on to it without realising hahaha. What a fucking weirdo I am.

What else turns me on.... Hmm... A guy with confidence who is sure of himself and can be in control of the situation.

05 Dec 2018 23:27
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Running Man Offline
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RE: Name One Thing That Turns You On

(03 Dec 2018 11:36)dom_husband Wrote:  Yesterday's knickers (wife's obviously, not mine)
I'll second that DH.
(My wife's knickers, not your wife's just to be clear.)
Thank goodness for those pheromones!

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum 
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08 Dec 2018 22:47
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