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Rupert Everett on the Today program

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Rupert Everett on the Today program

Listening to Today on Radio 4 on the school run and discussing Oscar Wilde with Rupert Everett 

After the actual plug of Mr Everetts latest performance in an a Wilde role (I wasn't concentrating on the specifics) the interview then turned to his sexuality and about being gay in the acting business

At the end of the interview John Humphries (for it was him) said "do you think there will be a time when you do an interview like this and nobody talks about you being gay?" 

Well you brought that up, John and it's only the media who are desperate to know if someone in the public eye is gay, straight or anything else. I certainly don't care one bit. I thought it was such a ridiculous comment

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11 Jun 2018 09:26
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